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Billy Bush is now officially a single man.The new host of Extra and his estranged wife Sydney Davis have finalized their divorce, according to The Blast The couple shares three children: Josie, 19, Mary, 17, and 13-year-old Lillie. A judge signed off on a settlement package filed by the former couple on Thursday Spousal support, child support and child custody arrangements weren’t detailed ‘due to the parties’ mutual desire to maintain her and his respective rights to financial and personal privacy,’ according to documents Sydney, 45,  filed for divorce in July 2018 after being separated from the 47-year-old TV host for 10 months They were married for 20 years.  Share this article Share They split around a year after the infamous Access Hollywood tape of the TV host and now-President Donald Trump leaked and went viral on social media  The ‘Grab em by the p***y’ video cost Billy his job as anchor of NBC’s Today Show just two months into the role  Bush, who is a part of a political dynasty that includes two former US presidents, reportedly received a $10million settlement  A source close to Billy claimed at the time that the scandal was not the reason for the divorce ‘They have been together for 20 years. Like all marriages, [there are] ups and downs, and it takes work,’ the source told Page Six ‘There is no specific reason.just having been together for a long time and trying to work through a marriage nothing more, nothing less.’ Meanwhile, Billy has returned to TV as host and managing editor of the rebooted series Extra, briefly called ExtraExtra, which moved from NBC to Fox on September 9 Ahead of his comeback, he admitted he had considered changing careers.’I was like, ‘OK, now what?” he said earlier this month  ‘Maybe I’ll be a butcher. No, I’m bad with knives. Maybe I’ll go to law school? No, you’re too old for that And then I just realized this is really what I’m good at. It’s what I love, darn it Open that door and let me back in.’He said he owns his behavior – laughing and not pushing back against coarse remarks – and isn’t interested in playing the victim Still, he said the irony that the person who controlled the conversation caught on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape became president of the United States isn’t lost on him (He told Fox’s ‘Good Day New York’ that Trump never reached out to him). NBC, which owned ‘Access Hollywood,’ played its role, ‘but I’m the one that paid,’ he said ‘Once you get through the depression and break down and you’re at the lowest of the low, you slowly come out and you realize, ‘wow, I’m glad that’s behind me,” he said ‘It’s like going to the gym, you know. ‘Oh, I hate going and I don’t want to work out, but when I come out it’s like OK, I feel pretty good ‘ And I feel stronger for the experience, although I’d never want to relive it again ‘Extra’s executive producer, Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey said she’s thrilled to have Billy on board  ‘There’s not a person I’ve ever talked to who didn’t say that he got a raw deal,’ she explained ‘Life is about second chances.’     

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