The neighbors is wave goodbye Ferry Arrived in Germany and of course it is raining It is only left leg so no worries This is the right way Oh daim she is going FAST Maria having homesickness and looking
how far it is to Porto Look here Thats our goal.
We are here We are almost half way. Wonder if it will go faster to bike home instead? Just reached 96km, we have 4km to go, need to go 100km, otherwise we can´t start look for camp place We are heading straight for some bad weather Looks kind of serious I can tell Woh woh woh My helmet! No no no F#!% HELL Never seen so much rain! What a celebraition on our 500km day.
“Nice” ending on day five 98,5km. We have 1.5km to go. Flat tire Maria is taking a shower Almost clean Bike fixed. Hope it will work Now we fixed the tire but we also realise that we bring wrong sparepart tire We bring three extra tires but none of them fits. Today is not a regular day because it is breakfast and you can choose between honey and strawberryjam Could it be better? I said #%¤& Germany ARGGH I just want to drink wine and bike through vineyards. Look here, %¤#¤ Erik is really a bad biker Dusseldorf I really like.
We are NOT in Dusseldorf It is more than 40km left to Dusseldorf.
You realise how slow this is going? Dusseldorf? This must be Dusseldorf? NO, we are in Dussburg. You can´t read a singel #%¤¤ word on the map. Welcome to Dusseldorf Thank you very much Happy Midsummer We celebrate that with breakfast in the bed Electric bikes, #¤”% Countrymark Germany/Belgium/Nederlands Ah, were is this hole? #¤%%¤ Paris – here we are. Distance to Paris is 1250km for those who wonder. Hello yes.
Notredam – Check Eiffeltower – Check We bought a harmonica and also? Cassoa? Really? I must be cursed, this can´t be true I hate tires They should roll for five days at least. We have bought two new tires Because we NEVER give up. We will never surrender to the tires
even doh if it sometimes feels like you going to die. If I come to heaven I hope it will look like this. 37 degree. Tomorrow 37 degree. I´m sitting here and preparing todays dinner. Ravioli A bottle of wine. Pre-dinner I offer some cokies. [TRAIN SOUND] Alrigt, lets GO! The ROLLING Band. Maria go solo. [SOUNDS FROM MARIA] We singing through the roads of EUROPE The flies are eating me all the time. 2000km! Day “2000km” check. We sleep here with this sunset. They chasing you! Have you slept good Maria? No It is things that itches all over. and it is super warm. and sticky and wet at the same time. Marias best friend. The clock is four the here´s an update . The two noble bikers Erik & Maria countinue their way straight through France Ap ap ap, wrong turn. We want to announce that the two bikers are lost We are lost.
We are lost. We have to turn back. Easily happens when Maria is on the phone. 90km bath. My fourth shower on this trip. That is approx one shower per week. Bayonne – CHECK! We switched navigationpilot so now we are kind of exactly right THERE. It is possible to dispute were we are, but we are kind of THERE. Avivowa IKEA Going to buy kaviar. Look what I found. Kaviar! And you also bought KNÄCKEBRÖD. Have you seen this? Yees! I seen it, here they come! First look of mountains So daim beautiful! PYRRENESE!
So beautiful! We have been waiting for those mountains for two weeks. Good morning to the Pyrenese and good morning to the Caviar. Pyrenese with caviar. Wonder which view is the most beautiful? Pyrenese day one. We are biking in green landscape hills, mountains morning mist, cows spotted horses and these fantastic hills There is more to come. NOTHING can stop me! That was tough. Look there. The biggest flag evah. We are in Spain. No more “Bonjour”
No more “Bonjour”, insted we say “Hola”. “Hasta la downhill” She brakes just in front of me Erik he turns, he pass and now he is leads The first mountain – CHECK. Now we going to climb the second mountain First mountian was only 900m now we going for a 980m climb. Any last words? Just do it. PYRENEES Avrage speed Five 6km/h It is a party here. It is a Sunday party, I´m starving but it is Sunday party. Up we go. I like the warnings that it is steep, then you know you are on the right way. Finally reached Burgos! When life gives you lemos Make lemonade! Flattire leauge
Maria 4 – Erik 3 BIKEPOWER! Three pling, do you know what that means? We have biked
3000km – CHECK! That is SICK. 3000km on 29 days. Hahaha THAT is SICK. Can I get a cookie? You can get three cookies. Here it is. The highest top in Trancoso. Including two sweaty bikers from Sweden. What is our next adventure you think? I have some craving to just continue biking… In total: 3030km
29 days
178 hour saddletime Thanks to all wonderful people along the way.
Thanks to mother earth for this beautiful planet. Special thanks to:
Oscar and Tatiana for their beautiful wedding! Quote from trip:
“Just turn the pedal” Oscar and Tats wedding – Quinta da Alegria I do it, I do it for the movie. Okay okay.


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