Best Time to Get Married in Cape Town

Close to, I would say every second enquiry,
people ask “What’s the best time to get married in Cape Town?”
And It’s really not a question I can answer anymore. Initially, I mean, let’s talk about
ten years ago, it was so easy to answer. It was November ’till the end of April. That’s
it. Now, I think with global warming and other
factors, it’s really – September is great, you can go up to May, June, which is actually
Winter months. Everybody obviously is always gonna say Summer.
I don’t recommend December – It’s too packed. It’s full of tourists and it’s not as private
and relaxed. I love the months of October and April for
weddings. October because it’s the beginning of season, so vendors and venues are quite
eager to get going. I am definitely getting more clients that
are interested in end of March, beginning of April. It’s a lovely time of year, it’s
still warm but it’s not boiling hot and it’s not yet freezing cold winter. If you’re looking at a Winter wedding you
can probably look at dates between June and August We have some stunning Winter weddings in Cape
Town. The weather is sometimes amazing, even if it’s not we still have a really sunny day
even if it’s cold. It’s still beautiful, still a lot of wine tasting to be done and a lot
of the venues and suppliers will give favourable pricing for Winter weddings. You can make a venue look absolutely beautiful,
you can find a venue with a fireplace. You can light loads of candles and lanterns and
just make it look really romantic. If you plan for bad weather, if you plan for
imminent weather I promise you, it won’t happen. But when you ignore that factor, that’s when
you have trouble. And my sad thing with some couples is they travel from the UK, they’ve
got 80 guests from all over the world attending their special day and then it’s raining. That
breaks my heart, because they can have their wedding in the UK then, in a hotel boardroom
with no views. And I would say, your job as a wedding planner or wedding coordinator,
is to actually ensure that plan B is even better than plan A. And it is possible with
everything we have on offer here in Cape Town and South Africa.

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