BEST Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Decorations | Top 5 Bling Wedding DIYs

now all I have to do is tack this round
candle holder to the top of the vase and I’m going to do the same I’m going to
use some e6000 and a half glue now I’m going to glue the floor home with some
hot glue right here on top of my candle holder and then start my arrangement and here it is and he took me about 30
to 35 minutes to make so all right it’s ready to go now let’s put it on and see
Hilux left this little part here without any flowers so I’m able to do it under
here the approaches from totally Bassel totally no pun intended
totally gave it the touch that I need it to look amazing this is a beautiful
centerpiece I’m going to be painting my for picture
frames with metallic silver spray paint and I’m going to be painting four of the
glass my 12 is based in my shortest base with looking glass silver only going to be adding blue to these
three sides because this front size is actually the slot where the cards are
going to be going into if you take a look closely there’s a height difference
here so this is where the cart are going to go into I already added the e6000 and
I’m going to add some hot glue so you can buy faster ideally you will only use e6000 to glue
this together but you will have to leave a leather bound overnight but for the
purpose of this video I’m going to use both a 6000 and my hot glue gun I’m going to use double-sided tape perfect now I’m going to start stacking
the boxes right on top I just finished aligning the diamond wraps on each box
to make it look like it’s one thing what a pain in the behind that was so the
best thing for you to do is just to place the diamond wrap IDN wants to
stack the boxes together that totally would have save me some time and effort I’m going to add some hot glue to the
corner so I decided to leave the one Christo
with the ornament in the inside and the rest of the crystals in the outside I
have eight crystals in the outside and I have two on each side and D once in the
front in the back are longer than the ones on these side so you can have a
little bit of contrast my last thing to do it is going to be to place a little
bit of bling right here on the edges of the base and that’s going to be pretty
much it so here’s the first wall and I secured
it in the inside pussy outside I need it to be as flat as
possible when I add the been around here are my finished basis he was
bothering me that my two smaller ones were very sturdy and then the one in the
middle was not I thought with the wrap it will make it sturdier any bit a
little bit but not much so what I did I have some phone cord
downstairs and I just cut a piece and I can circuit it at the bottom and now his


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