Best Christmas Decorations Ever !!

As we prepare ourselves in mind and body to Welcome baby Jesus who is born in the Manger, we decorate and prepare our houses. During Christmas Season, I am inviting everyone to a house which is decorated amazingly beautiful and eye catching. Welcome to Jyju’s Home Videos If you are watching this channel for the first time, Please don’t forget to Subscribe To get Notifications on upcoming Videos, Please Enable the Bell Icon This house is situated in a Suburb called Greenvale in Northern Melbourne, Australia. For the past many years, Residents of this house decorate their house like this during Christmas Season, and keep it open for the public to see and enjoy. They have done all these decorations inside, Eight Large Windows, in front of their House And also they have decorated their front Garden of their House Beautifully as we can see here There is also a Beautiful Crib made of LED lights Now, Let us go near those windows and see what they have prepared inside there While we enjoy these Amazing Christmas decorations they are playing beautiful Christmas songs for our ears in the background As years go past, beauty and technology of these decorations are getting improved. I am certain that, this house and surroundings will be an inspiration for everyone of us. We can see here, various shapes and roles of Santa Claus, who is engaged in different activities ! Hope everyone has enjoyed watching this house beautifully decorated, during this Christmas ! Wishing you all, a Wonderful Christmas again ! Till I come back to you with another Beautiful Video like this, Good Bye Everyone !!


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