Become a Wedding Planner ~ Pro Wedding Tip (Fake Cakes)

So we’ve got another one of our redfaced moments
for you and they are our embarrassing moments that happen to us but are really good valuable
learning lessons that we take and share with our planners and now we’re sharing them with
you. Right. And I seem to have more of them than you,
but that’s ok. (Laughter). (Mouthing: “That’s because I’m the better
Planner”). Ohh, careful. (Laughter). This ones about…Cakes! Wedding Cake. Fake Cakes actually. Right. This was quite a few years back. This was probably about 10-12 years ago and
I remember the venue was this beautiful heritage venue and the wedding day had gone incredible
well and everything was running great and I finally took a moment which it always seems
like when I take a moment, that’s when the things go wrong. But I Ieft the room and I was sitting out
on the terrace with a couple of our assistants, putting some food in my mouth and all of a
sudden the photographer comes running out onto the deck and she’s yelling, “They’re
hacking at the cake, they’re hacking at the cake.” And she’s like “Come, Come!” and she runs
back in and I jump up, run into the room and sure enough the Bride and Groom are standing
up at the cake cutting into the cake. So let’s just be clear here for a moment. This was not cake cutting time. If you looked at the timeline and the schedule
this was not supposed to happen. But the MC, the lovely MC decided that there
was a LULL in the room and that something needed to happen. So he took it upon himself. To bring up the Bride & Groom to cut the cake. On a side note we hadn’t served the champagne
yet which everyone was supposed to have when we were supposed to the do the cake cutting. There was a lot of things that were supposed
to happen thank you MC. Anyway, I walk into the room, they’re standing
up at the front, they are cutting the cake, I walk up to the Bride and Groom and you could
see the Bride is looking at me and she’s like “What do I do? Cutting the Cake” and I said, “There should
be a slice there, there should be a slice to cut into” and she’s like “No”, and so everyone
is standing there, staring at the Bride and Groom Some people are seated and some are
gathered around and so bless their hearts, I was mortified by this but, it’s their wedding
and they decided to have a some fun with it so they stared feeding each other styrofoam. Little balls of sytrofoam. Ohhh…(laughter). I don’t think you ever told me that part. Oh gosh, I probably blocked it out. Um. I looked over at the mom and she’s glaring
at me and I was just like, ugh. That’s the last person you want glaring at
you. The Mother of the Bride. MOB. Don’t upset the MOB. Anyway, so a few minutes later we sort of
ended that part of it and I went out on the terrace and I got on the phone and it was
probably about 9:30/10:00 by that point and I get on the phone with the cake maker and
I go “Why was there not a real slice in this fake cake” and she said “I’ve never heard
of that what are you talking about. I’ve never done a real slice in the cake and
you know we never discussed that” and so of course my big learning lesson in that was
Never Assume because one cake maker did a certain way, Yup, or that something is done
by a vendor a certain way that that’s going to be duplicated or standard practice with
another vendor. You have to ask the silly questions. “Is there going to be a real slice in this
fake cake” and if the cake maker looks at you, so be it. Ask the question so that you can avoid your
clients having to eat STYROFOAM on their wedding night (laughter). That’s a good learning lesson. It was a good learning lesson. There was a few of them all wrapped up in
that but that was the biggest learning lesson. NEVER ASSUME.

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