Beach-Themed Wedding Planning : Beach-Themed Wedding Planning: Wedding Cake

Hello. My name is Lori Randall, with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding planner, and I’ve been planning weddings and events
for ten years. Next I’m going to talk about tips on ways to decorate your wedding cake
for your casual beach themed wedding. You kind of want to, again, think about how you
can carry your theme along, your casual beach theme, along into your whole entire reception,
which is including your wedding cake. One idea you might want to think about it adding,
doing like a fondant cake, with something that’s a little bit more intricate and detailed,
and having just a nice, simple, stacked cake, and adding your shells and your sea life into
it. And those are actually chocolate shells. It’s all edible, everything on the cake. So
that’s something that you might want to think about in adding into your casual beach themed
cake. Another idea is not doing the fondant, just doing a nice simple cake. Down here,
you’re just adding your fresh floral, adding that onto there, and just kind of, just sort
of scattering it down the cake. Just making it simple, but casual, you’re having your
tropical look to it. So those are some of the things you want to look at. You also might
want to think about putting brown sugar that might look like sand, around the base of your
cake, which kind of adds that whole look of a beach to it. Add some shells and scatter
them around, instead of the rose petals that some people do around their cake. So those
are some tips and ideas when you’re looking to decorate your wedding cake for your casual
beach themed wedding.

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