Beach-Themed Wedding Planning : Beach-Themed Wedding Planning: Unique Send-offs

Hello. My name is Lori Randall, with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding planner, and I’ve been planning weddings and events
for ten years. I’m going to talk a little bit about unique send offs for your casual
beach themed wedding. Many couples get sent off in your limos, and usually, you know,
you blow your bubbles and that sort of thing. But some different ways to kind of exit and
leave your reception would be leaving in a convertible car, maybe a convertible antique
corvette. Or you might want to think about leaving in a jeep, or anything you can think
of with a kind of beach-y themed car. You can even leave in a boat. You might arrive
in a boat, and you might leave in a boat, maybe a sailboat where you’re kind of sailing
off into the night. Or you might want to leave in a speed boat. Maybe you have persons who
grew up around the beach and likes to ski, and maybe you might even want to change into
your water suit out of your wedding dress, and leave that way. Just kind of get little
like, try to think of things that are personal and stay along with your theme, and get a
little unique when you’re looking at your send offs. You could be sent off on a bike,
like a beach bike, or a jet ski, which would be just really cool, and different, and a
great photo op, and for things for people to remember for a long time. So, those are
some tips and ideas of some unique send offs for casual beach themed wedding.

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