Beach-Themed Wedding Planning : Beach-Themed Wedding Planning: Reception Menu

Hello. My name is Lori Randall, with Simply
Divine Events, and I am a wedding planner, and I have been planning weddings and events
for ten years. I’m going to talk a little bit about how to choose your reception menu
when planning a casual beach theme wedding. For casual beach theme weddings you might
want to think about doing a family style luau. That might be something a little bit different.
You might want to have all your guest tables set up in kind of a feasting table, a family
style table, where it might be ovals, or squares, or rectangles, where everyone is kind of facing
each other, and all the food is on the center of the table. And it’s more of your tropical
luau, pig on a spit, you know, casual themed menu. If you don’t want to do that, you can
think about doing a tropical buffet, of tropical stations. You might want to look at your mango
chicken skewers, your chicken skewers, pineapple, your rice, you know, all the things you’re
going to think of when you’re thinking of tropical, when you’re thinking of beach. I
kind of like not just doing a buffet. You might want to have a carving station. You
might want to have different types of stations that go along with your theme, so the guest
aren’t just going through this one line, they’re kind of going, you know, around the room,
and you might have action stations where you have chefs behind them and kind of doing a
little bit of entertaining as well instead of just, you know, all standing in line at
your typical buffet. Or you might want to do a seated dinner. They’re casual, I mean
a seated dinner is a little bit more elegant, a little bit more upscale, but if you wanted
to do something like that, again, I would stick to your tropical types of things, and
maybe even incorporating fish as a choice into your menu. So those are some things to
think about when you are choosing a menu for your casual beach theme wedding.

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