Be Careful What You Wish For – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 7)

COLLECTOR: Previously on
Escape The Night… The Gorgon returns. And Mortimer
is turned to stone. Mortimer! The rainy day
that he was talking about. COLLECTOR:
Matt and Nikita arrive
as guardian angels. If the magic
isn’t strong enough, we’re not gonna be able
to stay here for too long. -The Duchess.
-What? -Whoa!
-Ms. Colleen,
prove yourself. -I won!
-COLLECTOR: But still fail
to save Colleen. Matt! No, no, no, no! “Wishes are not free.” How did you find me? Wait. I have a story
to tell you. It’s about a courtesan
and a jinn who fall
hopelessly in love. And though the world
refuses to acknowledge
their love, they’re safe
in each other’s arms. Hmm. Will you run away
from Arabia with me? If you grant me one wish. The wish, and then, I’m yours. Hmm. It is granted. I wish for you to return to
your lamp as my slave. You’re the storyteller. You betrayed me. [YELLS] Animals must be kept
in cages. You guys, I think
we’re running out of time. We have to do the next one. ROSANNA: We’ve just lost
so many good people. Once we start this, guys,
there is no going back. -Never.
-Are we ready? -Absolutely.
-Together. Please be something good. “Secrets lie
inside the lamp. “Sing the song of Arabia
to find the way.” -What’s the lyric?
-“Sing the song of Arabia
to find the way.” -Song of Arabia?
-I mean, it’s a lamp,
don’t you rub it? Probably rub it
and sing it. BRETMAN: Okay.
But how do we sing it
if we don’t know it? I don’t know. We need
to look for the song. -The song.
-BRETMAN: Arabia. Guys, I think
we have to rub the lamp. No, we have to
sing the song. We need to rub the lamp.
It’s inside the lamp. ALEX: Do it.
BRETMAN: All right. ROSANNA: Okay, try it. -[PIANO PLAYING]
-NIKITA: Oh, my God!
What is that? What is that? Shh! It’s a piano,
it’s a piano. [PIANO PLAYING] I rubbed the lamp,
and poof-pizzaz-
yahoo-and-ha, notes started playing. JOEY: So, it turns out
Bretman was right, but there ain’t no lyrics,
so what do we do? Do we have to play
that song back or… Why don’t we just,
like, hum it together? -Let’s rub the lamp again.
-NIKITA: Yeah. -Nikita’s right.
-If we hum the tunes
together as a group, it may do something. -[PIANO PLAYING]
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my Godjinkies,
you guys. Hey, guys,
“The Genie of the lamp
has one of the Jeweled Keys.” A genie?
Oh, bitch, yes! Place the lamp
on the symbol of the jinn on the second floor
to learn more. -Second floor?
-We haven’t been
up there yet. -Ooh!
-Okay, second floor. -Second floor.
-JOEY: We got this. ALEX: So, we have to find
the symbol of the jinn
on the second floor and place the lamp upon it. -I think it’s this way.
-Yes. It could be in any
of these rooms, guys. This is the same symbol
from downstairs. -Place it.
-JOEY: Whoa! Holy crap!
A secret passageway. Let’s go in. -No way!
-ROSANNA: What do you see? Oh, my God, you guys,
this is so cool! -Is there cute guys?
Is there cute guys?
-ALEX: Careful. -Whoa!
-Censor. Yes! It’s like my size. It looks like
a little hobbit house. -Wait, shh!
-Wait, guys, shh! I don’t really
wanna talk about
what it reminded me of. My biggest fear,
the vagina exhibit. -Hear something?
-Sir? Do you come to torment me
in my chains? JOEY: No.
NIKITA: No. -No, we’re here to help.
-No, we don’t. There is a genie in there,
like, a real genie. Locked up.
Blue and everything. Are we in this genie’s lamp? -I just got here.
-We’re looking for a key. It is not enough
that Scheherazade
has enslaved me, but now, you want
my most prized possession. -What if we could
trade something?
-What will you trade? Your freedom. -We can’t promise him that.
-So be it. GENIE: Free me
from these chains. -How can we free you?
-How can we free you? You must find
the Hammer of Suleiman in the Arabian exhibit. It is the only thing
that will break my bonds, and I will give you the key
and the wish
for your sorrows to come. We can get out of here
with the wish. JOEY: He makes a deal.
If we can free him, he will give us
the Jeweled Key
and a wish. For you to return,
you must shatter
the ebony horse. -Find the hammer.
-Okay. -BRETMAN: The hammer.
-Arabia will not wait forever. -We’ll be back.
-Don’t go anywhere. JOEY: Whoa. -What is this?
-BRETMAN: Oh, my God! ROSANNA: Where are we? ALEX: Hold on, wait.
Let me handle this, guys. -I’ll talk to them.
-NIKITA: Just like that, we’re transported
to a mystical land. I’m seeing smoke,
I’m seeing tents. Ladies with these
cute, like, dancing outfits
who were dancing. -Ladies…
-ALEX: Hi. …have you seen
a hammer anywhere? ALEX: I feel like
they’re distracting us. They’re so pretty. ROSANNA:
I like it, I like it. -I’m Alex,
-They’re not that cute. I am slightly hypnotized. NIKITA: Wait,
she’s telling us
to follow her. BRETMAN: Should we
trust her, though? Just listen
to the pretty girls. What can go wrong? BRETMAN: Well, you never
listen to me, ever. I am worried about Alex
’cause he’s the only
straighty left. I think I’m in love. Are they putting
a spell on me? They’re choreographing now. ROSANNA: Oh, my gosh!
That was so good. I mean, they’re cute,
but, you know… Alex’s vision
does not serve him correct because if he knew anything
about a bad bitch, right here,
but whatever. ALEX: Oh, my gosh!
What is this? I got a genie,
if you’re wondering. He does stuff.
He got magic stuff. He’s chained up
right now,
but we’re working on it. ALL: Whoa! ROSANNA: This is not cool.
Uh-oh. This is not cool. The czar will
have you executed for
your betrayal, witch. I will gladly
cut out his eyes for what
he’s done to my family. JOEY: Whoa! I wouldn’t
speak such things
if I were you. -It’s a play.
-It’s a show. It’s a play. My love, I thought
you were dead. I don’t trust him. Not even the ghouls
of the night could stop me. With love
only comes loss! I moved your execution
forward, witch! No! Welcome to Arabia. -Hello.
-I am her storyteller
Scheherazade. -[GASPS]
-And I wonder -what yours will be,
a comedy…
-ALEX: Yeah. -…a farce…
-Yeah. …or a tragedy. Our story right now
is probably a tragedy. Most of us have died once, and some of us
have already died twice. What brings you
to our mystical land? [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Hammer of Suleiman. Of course,
Suleiman’s mighty hammer. That is quite the request. But, first, one of you
must come to the stage. -I have the perfect
role for you.
-[ALEX SIGHS] Hold on, this is
Scheherazade, the one who locked the genie
up in the lamp. She’s our enemy right now. This is a scene of betrayal. Oh! You are in love
with Morgiana, and have stolen away
with her by moonlight despite the czar’s warnings. -I do not like her.
-SCHEHERAZADE: Begin! NIKITA: I can smell
danger and trouble
from a mile away, and that girl,
not good juju,
no, ma’am. I think we are finally safe. ALEX: Wait, we saw
what just happened.
MORGIANA: Oh! The last time
somebody loved her,
it was bad. Where do you plan
to take me? You got the wrong one, sis. -I don’t play for this team.
-You have to play along! -Maybe I can change your mind.
-Oh, yeah. -You love her.
-You’re acting. -Remember, you’re an actor.
-Oh, yes. -I’m so in love with you.
-Well, it looks like
we’re all about to die, with Bretman
playing straight.
Kill me now. -Where do you plan
to take me?
-Anywhere, mama. -Oh, papi.
-Yes! -That’s some good acting.
I’m impressed.
-Very good. The czar’s assassin
has found us. Save me. And then,
the surprise twist. -What twist?
-It’s time to feast! -No!
-Feast? Feast on what? JOEY: Oh, my God, let’s go. ALEX: Nikita! Nikita! No, no, no, no! Girl, what ass
you been eating? JOEY: Oh, my God! No, no! No, no, no, no! NIKITA: And we, literally,
get captured in two seconds. Now, I have to be tied up
to a damn pole, next to Alex,
of all people. No! Help! -[YELLS]
-Oh, no! -NIKITA: Oh, my God.
-The Collector will be
so grateful. -NIKITA: What is wrong with her?
-I saved her latest exhibit from getting away. But you, you don’t
belong in a museum. What’s your story,
pretty boy? My story, bitch,
it’s a long one.
You got a minute? Listen, you probably have
something that we want. We could just make
an easy trade. -So you could leave?
-Yeah, so we could leave. -I think your story has
a new surprise ending.
-ALEX: Oh, no. -No.
We kill you all, and ask for
the Collector’s forgiveness. I like happy endings only. -What do you think, huh?
-[PEOPLE SCREAMING] Yeah, kill ’em! NIKITA: Oh, my God! All of a sudden,
this random guy, who I think
we saw on stage,
just bursts in. Wait. Who the heck are you? Okay, come on,
come on, come on. -Let’s go! Let’s go!
-Let’s go! Come on! Come on! -He just rescued us.
-In there, in there,
in there. All right. JOEY: What is going on? Okay, you. Who are you?
Can I trust you? Are you gonna kill me?
That’s all I need to know. -Oh, my God.
-What the hell? -Oh, that’s passion.
-What the hell is going on
in Arabia? I can’t keep up. Let me guess,
Forbidden Lust. I am Sinbad,
this is Fatima. Scheherazade has ruined
by story and taken my true love
from me. I think, collectively,
the group trusts Sinbad because one, he saved us,
and two, we have a common enemy. We also are
against Scheherazade. So we feel comfortable enough
letting him know we need to find the hammer
and an ebony horse. The ebony horse
is with her brother
in his kebab tent. -JOEY: Let’s go get it.
-Ah. Scheherazade has used
the Ring of Ma’Ruf to bury the hammer. Only the spirits
can help you. Luckily, I have
a lot of dead friends so, hopefully,
they’re listening. Guys, knock knock. Where do we find the spirit? -Oh, my goodness!
-ROSANNA: Ooh, the future. ALEX: Crystal ball. We don’t have much time. ALEX: The ebony horse
is in the kebab tent and the hammer
is somewhere else, so… -You have to
split up, okay?
-JOEY: Okay. SINBAD: I need one of you
to come with me
and distract the thieves. -ALEX: Wait, you’re talking
about the girls?
-Oh, yeah. -I’ll take this bullet, guys.
-Definitely sound like a job
for Alex. -You got this, Alex.
-Alex. ALEX: I’m doing this
for you guys.
Let’s go, Sinbad. -Well, let’s stay here.
Let’s focus on this.
-Joey, we got this. So, we split up
into groups. Nikita and I
go to the kebab tent, Alex distracts
the belly dancers. And Ro and I
are gonna go talk
to some spirits to see if we can
get that hammer. -Oh, my God!
-Oh! ALEX: Which way?
SINBAD: Follow me! -Good luck, you guys.
-You can do it. ALEX: Go! -NIKITA: Here, hammer.
-Okay. All right, listen.
We have to be quick. Okay. “Ma’Ruf was murdered
by Scheherazade, “and the world needs to know
where and how he was killed.” -Where and how.
-“So his story can remain.” Ask the crystal
a yes or no question,
and it will answer. -Okay.
-“Two knocks for yes
and one for no.” -No.
-“After five questions, “one of you must agree
to have your name placed
in the voting pile.” So, we need to know
how was Ma’Ruf killed and where was Ma’Ruf killed? Whoo-hoo! Hey, too slow. What do we do first?
What about here? Look, there’s…
There’s a knife. I have never done
a seance. I am new to this whole
talking to spirits thing. Was Ma’Ruf killed
by a knife? -[SINGLE KNOCK]
-That was one. -No.
-Two knocks for yes.
Let’s keep looking. ROSANNA:
Look for another clue.
Another clue. I really like
their communication style. It’s a [CLICKS TONGUE TWICE]
for yes, and a [CLICKS TONGUE ONCE]
for no. What have we got?
What have we got? -Make your best
bird call.
-[IMITATES BIRD] ALEX: Just like real life. “Choose a person
to eat a falafel, “then the next person
eats the following one. “Watch out. Each bowl
will get hotter and hotter. “If you need to vomit,
please step outside. -“For each bowl
you can’t eat…”
-“You can’t eat “your name is placed
in the voting pile.” Well, I don’t like
spicy food at all. Well, bitch, I do,
so let’s do it. Me and Nikita,
if we have anything
in common, it’s the fact that
we are not quitters, honey. We stay swallowing
and we keep that shit down. [GASPS] Oh. -Look, the level of intensity
gets hotter and hotter.
-Hotter and hotter. Let me do all of the
not as hot ones. So, you do the five,
and then, I’ll do this half. -Okay.
-Mukbang. Cheers. Was he killed
with a frying pan? -[SINGLE KNOCK]
-No. -No. Okay, um…
-Okay, that’s a no. Was Ma’Ruf killed
by a sword? -[SINGLE KNOCK]
-No. Oh, my God.
Okay, there’s a rope. -Hung. Maybe he was hung.
-Wait. What’s this? -Maybe he was hung.
-JOEY: Is this a dagger? -Which one? Which one?
-Was Ma’Ruf killed with rope? -Was he hung?
-[KNOCKS TWICE] He was hung! Yes, okay. -We got one. We got one.
-How many was that? -Was that our fourth one?
-That was our fourth one. -Oh, my God. Okay.
-Now, we need to know where. No, I’m not…
I’m trapped! SINBAD: Look at you!
What a gazelle!
Oh, incredible. Remember that one time
we were stuck
in that one party, and we, kind of,
had to do a similar
situation like this, like, balls, mouth,
swallowing. Hiding. -Wait.
-ROSANNA: What about here? A skull? -That’s not a where.
-No. A graveyard.
Was he hung
at a graveyard? What’s this? He was killed
at fight training. -Oh, sorry, Joey.
-Oh, my God. -She wants to kill me now.
-Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. -Third one.
-NIKITA: Cheers. Oh-ho-ho.
[SHRIEKS] -So much hotter.
-Shut the…up
and eat. I’m eating! -[WRETCHES]
-Do not spit now, bitch. You’ve never spit
a day in your life. NIKITA: I’m not
starting right now. I forgot I had
a gag reflex even. ALEX: Oh, no!
SINBAD: Well, do what they say. -I’ll save you, Alex.
-Get in there! -What?
-ROSANNA: Oh, my gosh. -JOEY: What?
-There’s so many
weapons here, but I’m not finding
a location. I’ve found a bowling pin,
I’ve found a crowbar. -These are all weapons.
-Ro, you’re about to get
framed for something. Was he hung
at a bowling alley? Was he hijacking a car? ALEX: Chilling in a basket. I have a YouTube channel.
If you’re not doing
anything right now, -you could subscribe.
-Hey, hey! -Was he killed in bed?
-JOEY: Oh, that’s
a good question. -Wait, right? You think so?
-That might actually be it. -Let’s try it.
-Okay, let’s ask. Um, was Ma’Ruf killed
in his bed? -[KNOCKS ONCE]
-That was our
fifth one, Ro. Was that the fifth?
Wait, wait.
He was hung, right? So, he couldn’t
get hung in bed. One of us
has to put our name
in the voting pile. -I’ll do it.
-Are you sure? -Yeah, I’m gonna do it
because I owe you one.
-Thank you, Ro. I am so relieved
that Ro decides to put her name in the voting pile. I totally forgive her
for her putting
my name in before. -You eat this one,
and I’ll eat this one.
-No, Bretman, -I can’t eat any more.
I cannot.
-Bitch. I’m skinny,
and I live in LA, girl.
I can’t do that. Okay, here comes
my protein intake
for today, girl. -Oh, my God.
-There’s only one more.
There’s only one more. You got this,
you got this,
you got this. Swallow. Spitters are quitters. Oh, my God.
I’m dying, Nikita. Nikita, my eye shadow. Listen, one thing
you can’t do is die, -second thing
you cannot do is…
-Die ugly. -Never.
-And, yeah,
I swallowed that shit like the bad bitch that I am. Here, be it. Bretman, it’s the horse.
It’s the horse. Bretman. JOEY: Ro, I found a book. -Joey, yes.
-Okay, okay. Okay. I find a book,
and I try looking through to see if there’s
any possible location. There’s so many words in here.
How is this gonna be helpful? -FATIMA: What are you doing?
-We found out he was hung. -How he died.
-I don’t know if this has
anything to do with him. -Okay, we just have to find
a location now.
-Is there a title to the book? -[GASPS] Wait.
-What does it say?
What does it say? I don’t know
how to pronounce this,
but “lami”? And, uh, it hits me.
A book is found in a library. -Let’s try it.
-Okay. So, a library? Let’s do it.
You’re ready? Was Ma’Ruf killed
in a library? -[KNOCKS TWICE]
-Yes, we got it! -Joey, Joey, we did it!
-Okay. Yes! -We did it.
-Ro, the chest. Okay. -What does it say?
-“Stand in the center
of the square “and raise the ring
to the sky.” Yes, Joey. -ALEX: Are we getting out?
-Hey. -Okay.
-Oh. Let’s go. -You’re good?
-ALEX: Finally, we meet
back up with the others, and I am glad because these boots
were not made for running. -I got the ring.
-I have the ebony horse. -This summons the hammer.
-And we need to smash this
with the hammer. Okay, this says that
we need to stand in the center
of the square and raise the ring
to the sky. And it’s going to
show us the location
of where the hammer is. I say we just go
to the center
and raise the ring. Okay. Can we walk slowly?
Do we have to run? BRETMAN: Where’s the center? ALEX: Oh, my gosh.
JOEY: Oh, no. ROSANNA: Quick,
quick, quick, Joey.
BRETMAN: He’s hot. My boy Sinbad
gets in a fight
with Ali Baba. -Here we go.
-Oh, my gosh. ALEX: Go, Sinbad. JOEY: Get him, Sinbad.
BRETMAN: Get him, Sinbad. No! Sinbad! No! JOEY: Sinbad just saved us
from Scheherazade. -He can’t die.
-SINBAD: I guess
this is what I get for writing
my own story, huh? -ALEX: Oh! He got him!
-Oh, my God! -Sinbad, are you okay?
-They’re both dead.
They’re dead. They’re dead. They both lose. No! No! [CRYING] BRETMAN: She just
lost her love. This is so tragic. ROSANNA: I feel terrible
because I, like, want
to console her, and at the same time,
I’m like, Joey, go put that ring
in the sky. We want to get out of here. Okay, let’s hold
the ring up. I’m sorry. Joey stands in the center,
raises that ring
to the sky. He’s having
a hero moment. We finally find the hammer. -No!
-ALEX: No, no, no. -ROSANNA: Put that down.
-That’s our hammer. Scheherazade takes it. That bitch! That’s not
how your story ends. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. -We’re surrounded again?
-You won’t get the hammer, but I will let you
leave Arabia. Two of you
must be chosen by vote to try and complete
my latest story. The one who can will live
and the other will not. Like I said,
your tale is a tragedy. You’re about to be
a tragedy, bitch. Who has not been
in one of these
challenges yet? -NIKITA: I will vote myself.
-Me, Rosanna and Joey. None of you
have been in one? -No.
-I’m the only one? I will vouch for Alex. He’s been in to the
Final Death challenge… -Twice.
-…more than any of us. It’s only fair
two of the three of us
should go in. -Who is it gonna be?
-I just ate so many
spicy falafels, and my stomach is upset. Clearly none of us
want to volunteer ourselves. Should we just vote
for ourselves in, then? -Yeah.
-So we do. This is huge,
for Alex to agree to this. Obviously he doesn’t need
to put his name in. But unfortunately for me
that means I have two votes going into the pile
this round. There is no way
I’m going back
in this thing. -I will outperform anyone.
-Oh, heck. Oh, my gosh! -Again?
-Oh, Alex. I already killed two friends.
I have to kill somebody else? This isn’t fair.
Alex, I… -The playboy.
-[GASPS] -JOEY: Whoa!
-Well, if it isn’t us. -How do you feel about that?
-You already died once. -You’re gonna die again, honey.
-SCHEHERAZADE: All right. Step up, the two of you. JOEY: Something in me
feels like this is wrong. Like, Alex doesn’t
deserve this. Nikita gives me
some good advice. -NIKITA: You have to show them.
-They don’t even trust me. It’s his time
to really show these people, now more than ever,
that he is the person
to trust, and that without him,
they’re not escaping
the night. Wait. I volunteer. Alex, it’s not fair
for you to go in. -ALEX: Are you sure?
-I’m sure. If I’m going to earn their trust
and get out of here alive, now, it’s time to stand up
and prove myself to Alex. Here is the story
you must complete. Hunt through the bazar
to find three items to fill in the blanks. And your friends will vote
on which story is the worst. And one of your names
will be written in as the tragic death
that ends the tale. -Okay, good luck.
-Now, find your items. -Hurry up!
-JOEY: Oh, God.
Oh, God. Okay. Basically, we need
to find three items
to finish the story. And we have to
sell those items and make them seem like
they’re the most important
item ever. That’s kinky.
Maybe the genie was kinky? A genie would be here. Then we have to vote
for who dies. This is terrible. [GASPS] A scepter. This is cute. I do not give a shit
about being voted in
right now because my craft
is storytelling, honey. A very poor fisherman
cast his net and was surprised
to pull out… A big, hot pot handcrafted
by the genie himself. -SCHEHERAZADE: Hmm.
-The most magical
genie lamp, lost at sea
for thousands of years, imprisoned
by Poseidon himself. It’s so small. My genie has
a two-story lamp, honey. -Uh-oh.
-At least I found
an actual lamp. -SCHEHERAZADE: All right.
-You found a pot. SCHEHERAZADE:
The fisherman,
to not avail, tried to appease
the genie with… -Fishes.
-ALEX: Yes. -Fishes. Genies love fishes.
-By the number one, GMO free, organic. Yes. With a Ram staff, known to appease
many genies in history. -That one seems a little weird.
-I am writing my own story. Go on, FactCheck me. The genie tried
to kill the fisherman, but he tricked
the genie using… This silk, honey. Made by the finest
silkworms in China. -Ooh, wow!
-Handpicked by
the emperor himself. -Details. Details, you guys.
-Ooh! Some sexy rope. He was into
some kinky stuff. -Ooh!
-And the genie
loved to be tied up. -What?
-Oh, okay. Now, it’s time to vote. Whose story is the worst? Raise your hands. His? -Nikita?
-One. I’m sorry. I brought
Bretman into this. Yeah, you better
vote for him. -Rosanna?
-Or him? I’m so sorry. This is just
really intense. I can’t lose Joey.
He’s gonna get us
out of here. Bretman’s story was definitely
better than Joey’s, but… He took my place.
I have to. -Ro.
-I still owe Joey. -Alex.
-Bretman, I’m sorry. -Ooh!
-You think you know a bitch. Bretman, I’m sorry. Fatima, write his name
in the story. So, Bretman’s gonna die. JOEY: Whatever is written down
on that paper happens. Sorry, Bretman. You wrote my name?
What have you done? That’s for killing
my true love. Burn in hell,
you murderous bitch. Fatima flips the script. She writes
Scheherazade’s name in there, and, boom,
conquers that villain. And that’s what you call
a happy ending. -Break the horse.
-Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Thank you! Yes! ALEX: We’ve got the hammer,
we smash the ebony horse, and now, it’s time
to get back to this genie. Guys, that’s our way out.
Let’s go. -Come on, let’s go.
-ALEX: Come on. -Wait, you guys.
-Nikita. I can feel the magic fading. -ROSANNA: No, Nikita. No!
-Survive, be strong. -BRETMAN:
Oh, my God, Nikita!
-Wait! BRETMAN: You can’t
leave without me. I think they have a chance. She’s gone. As Nikita is fading away,
I just hope that her strength
can stick with the group. -We have to go. Come on.
-You guys, come on. -[SPEAKING NATIVE TONGUE]
-JOEY: Yes. You found the hammer. -Free me.
-You promise
you’ll give us a wish and you’ll give us
that key, right? I am a man of my word. I will give you the key. Break the chains. [GRUNTS] -[MANIC LAUGHTER]
-That’s not
a good-person laugh. -ROSANNA: Okay.
-It’s an evil laugh. -Give us the key.
-You may have the key. -And?
-Thank you very much. -What about the wish?
-Yes. But I know better
than to leave it
open-ended. I will return
one of your friends
from the dead, [ALL EXCLAIM] -Oh, my God.
-What? We find out that our wish
has the power to bring one of our friends
back to life. Who do you wish
to bring back? Oh, my God. This decision
is so difficult. Who’s to say whose life
is more important
than the others? How do we make
this decision? Who’s gonna help us the most
to get out of here? I mean, everyone…
Everyone contributed. There was Justine,
she left so early. Tim, DeStorm, Tana, Gabbie, Colleen. I think it has to be
somebody not that big
of an opponent physically, but they’re really good
at puzzles and stuff. -So, who?
-Tana. I think Collen’s really great. She’s really great
at solving things. Bretman? Tana, she could
read backwards. She was really actually smart
if she shut the…up. -True.
-As long as we
tape her mouth… -Yeah.
-…we can get
out of here. -She’ll probably like it.
-What do you think, Joey? ROSANNA: Joey, you pick. I think I know
what’s best for the group. [WHISPERS INAUDIBLY] What did you wish for, Joey? ♪ Should’ve come alone ♪ Why you messing
with my throne? ♪ Gotta keep you
at a distance ♪ Trying to roll my name ♪ Why you play
a wicked game? ♪ Welcome to your own ruin ♪

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