Barrister Babu – 19th February 2020 – बैरिस्टर बाबू – Full Episode

‘Latch the door… …of your sister’s room.’ Goddess Durga, be good
to Bondita. Make sure no one… …takes advantage of
her innocence… …and hurts her. Protect her, Goddess. Protect her. ‘Marrying at his age!’ ‘Rather surprising.’ ‘But it’s nice to know society… …is empathizing with it.’ Stop the wedding. What’s going on? What is it? What happened? What is it? I won’t allow this wedding
to take place. What has happened? What did he say? Exchange the garlands. I won’t allow this wedding
to proceed. Didn’t you hear me? Stop this wedding. What is it, master? Why can’t the wedding take
place? Can’t you see how old he is? He is older than her grandpa! Bondita is marrying an old man! Enough of this, sir. Did you call me for a wedding
or to get insulted? We want you to marry her. I will start the rituals
at once. Wha is that noise about? I am feeling so scared! As if… …something bad is
about to happen. ‘Your mother is a widow.’ ‘She tonsured her head
for a reason!’ ‘Mother!’ ‘If you can’t see my wedding… …it would be the greatest
ill omen.’ ‘I took the latch out.’ ‘You can look through
this spot… …and watch your little one… …get married.’ You have no right to
stop the wedding. He is our master. He just came from studies abroad. He doesn’t know things
the way they are done here. What must I understand or know? Don’t you see? This isn’t a wedding! This is cruel to the girl. It’s not a norm, it’s a social
evil. It must be stopped, uncle Munshi. If you don’t stop it,
I will do so alone. I wonder who you are? But, no matter who you are… …you are a savior for my
Bondita. You will save my child
from these wicked people. Master, an age difference… …is not an issue here. Yes! Madhu is my niece. She, her widowed mother and
everybody agreed to this wedding. That’s a lie. You’re lying brazenly. Which girl would want… …to marry a man who is
so much older? Which mother would marry her
child into such a hellish union? Answer me! Listen, you are accusing me
wrongly. I’m her uncle. I’ve treated her like my daughter.
You may ask anyone. Am I imposing false
accusations on you? Fine. Let’s ask her. But, poor girl! How will she speak? She is unconscious. Tell me. Is she conscious? She is sleeping. She always sleeps deeply.
She is a child, right? Okay. Uncle Munshi, tell the driver to
bring the doctor here right now. A doctor will tell us whether she
is sleeping or she is unconscious. Enough! Stop it! Since you’ve called us… …over here,
you are constantly insulting us. We’ve come to receive
our daughter-in-law. And not to get insulted. Look. This isn’t the
first child marriage. Nor will it be the last one. What do you say, Mr. Ghosh?
Didn’t you get your granddaughter… …married to a boy who
is twice her age? Sir, you are making a
mistake by making… …this move at this
auspicious ceremony. Please don’t create any
disturbance in this wedding. Is this wedding auspicious? How? First of all, she is a minor. Above all, you are getting
her married to an old man! How will be she happy with
this incompatible marriage? Tell me. Now, coming to disturbances. A disturbance was already created. The name of this disturbance
is Anirudh Roy Chaudhary. No! Bondita! Someone please save my daughter.
Bondita. This is my fourth marriage. But I was never insulted
like this before. If she won’t be my wife… …then she won’t stay alive. Bondita! Open the door!
Is anyone present over here? Open the door! Bondita! Open the door! What are you waiting for? Please save my sister. Remember. If she suffers any
harm, you won’t be safe. Wait! She will be your wife. Once the ‘Gathbandhan’ is
done, it can’t be broken. Leave. She will be your bride. I won’t let this wedding happen. I will never let this
child be his bride. Get all the wedding
customs done quickly. ‘Thank God,
we’ve overcome this trouble!’ God! We are ruined. What has happened? Please protect
my daughter, Goddess Durga. Bondita! Father, Anirudh is… Master. Master is correct. You don’t decide what’s
correct and wrong. Stay away from these alien airs. Luckily, I met you here.
I was thinking… …of coming to the police station. Come and stop the injustice
happening there. Please, officer. What happened?
Is a murder going to take place? It’s worse than a murder. Please
come and stop it. Don’t waste time. I request you. Please come. Come on. Let’s go.
– Please come. yes. Goddess Durga, they’ll start taking
wedding vows within some time. Please stop this wedding
somehow, Goddess. Please save Bondita. Goddess Durga, please help
my daughter, Bondita. ‘When a daughter is in danger, a
mother must take on a fierce form.’ ‘I must do something.’ ‘Bondita, I’m coming.’ Bondita, I’m coming! Bondita! Oh! Where are you going
to create a bad omen, Sumitra? Not to spoil it. But to stop it from happening. You did that to my daughter. Let go of me! There is a wedding going on
here. Can’t a crime be
committed at a wedding? There are fights during weddings. Is it a small thing for a 7-8 year
old to get married to an old man? Go and stop that. This is not a crime. I have seen many such
weddings before. You don’t seem to be from here. Else you would have known… …that the older the groom… …the more wealthy he is. And it’s fortunate for
the bride’s family… …that their daughter
will never starve. Have all of you lost your mind? Will a child’s happiness be
measured in jewelry and eatables? You want me to leave
it to her fate… …because she’s a girl.
Doesn’t she have any rights? Won’t she have a voice? It doesn’t suit a widow
to talk about auspiciousness. But it suits you to
cheat your family, is it? You lied to me… …that Bondita’s husband
is as old as her grandpa. You sedated my daughter
and got her married. Was that right on your part? You couldn’t be a good aunt. But, I’m her mom. Even if I have to
sacrifice my life… …to save my daughter’s
life from being destroyed… …I will do it. What do you want us to do? I have studied law in London. I know the law very well. Listen. Is there any such law in
this orthodox country… …that we can use to help
us stop this wedding? If this had been London… …we could have stopped it. Because they have laws
for women’s rights. Then what’s the point… …of the law, your job
and me being a barrister? It’s pointless. Because here, women are… …harassed like this here. It will continue to be so. It’s alright, if the girl
agrees by herself… …otherwise she
will be forced to do… …what her family wants. Will stopping her marriage
help Bondita in any way? Go ahead! Stop it! Anger messes with your head! Do you know that? You will be left
crying if our society… …socially rejects Bondita! A bride who has been left to fend
for herself at the altar… …is not allowed to
stay inside a house. Do you know that? It is the bitter truth! A bride who has been left to
fend for herself at the altar… …has only one place to go… …to the market to sell
herself. She will be seen
indulging in the flesh trade. Will you like that? Don’t use such words… …for Bondita. Please! Sumitra, isn’t it true? You can stop me. And I will stop. But the society? Will the society stop gossiping? People will gossip. So, tell me… …was any woman ever
married with her consent? Yours. Mine. Or anyone else’s? We have to marry
the person our fathers… …decide for us! If you call off her wedding
then she won’t be… …allowed to stay in our house! Plus, you are a widow. Who will shelter you and Bondita? And anyone who does… …will make you pay for it. Instead of Bondita… …had it been Sampoorna… …would you still have
done the same? Yes. I would have. You may or may not believe me… …but I have
the heart of a mother. I have treated Sampoorna
and Bondita alike. ‘Does she think I’m a fool?’ ‘Why would I drag
Sampoorna into hell?’ ‘It is Bondita’s destiny
to marry an old man.’


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