Bahamas Destination Wedding | Wedding Officiant & Wedding Planner for Bahamas Destination Wedding

Hi I’m Glenn Ferguson, your Bahamas wedding
planner and wedding officiant at Bahamas Destination wedding. Today we are featuring Bahamas Destination
wedding and a video of Freda Madrisotti, Director of Romance at the Ministry of Tourism telling
you all about having your destination wedding in the Bahamas. So if you are thinking about a Bahamas Destination
wedding then this is the video for you as it tell you all about a destination wedding
in the Bahamas. So check out our video about about Bahamas
Destination wedding and if you questions call Glenn Ferguson you Bahamas wedding officiant
at 1-(242)-327-2453 or email: [email protected] Take out our video and about Bahamas destination
wedding and talk to you soon.

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