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Why hello Bridechilla and Groomchillas!
It’s Aleisha here, I am the host of the Bridechilla podcast wherever you
are good morning good evening good night
it’s very very early it’s early here in that London but i wanted to get this out
to talk a little bit today about what is happening on theBridechilla podcast
because today’s episode of the show if you’ve never heard the show before it’s
a wedding planning podcast it’s like a wedding magazine for your ears but with
more swears and me… I love talking about weddings i’ve written a book
I’ve been on TV I’m a comedian and I am your virtual bridesmaid and today’s
show is all about what to do if a vendor lets you down Now I want to be some sort of fair godmother, that says everyone is going to be great when planning your wedding because
that’s just not the truth because in any situation when you’re dealing with
businesses you will come across people that aren’t as good as other people so
today show explores three Bridechillas who just have had slight problems to put it very lightly with their
wedding dress vendors and this… I don’t want people to think Aleisha’s shitting on
the wedding industry this is not the intention of today’s episode it is
really about empowering you to figure out who is best to give your money to
who is best to going to businessweek because this is a business interaction i
think a lot of the times bride children’s and grandchildren’s get a bit
wrapped up in the fairy tale of the day but realize that you are investing a lot
of money whether it’s your money or your parents money in planning this day and
you want to make sure that you do business with a really good person good morning Carly feeling how are you
and I really want to share these stories today because firstly they’re really
interesting to see how this bride chillers use their very clever wiley skills to then step out of this
sort of zone of going we’re going we’re going to actually fix a problem you’ll
hear from bridezilla Kate who had the dress that she really wanted and then
took it to a tailor and seem actress and it seems really watched it
really did a bad job and this was two weeks before the wedding day and she was
very level-headed in trying to figure out what to do also you hear from my beautiful cousin
Belinda and her experiences with an etsy seller who by all means by all reviews
and all this sort of stuff was a legit seller and I ology there’s no
questioning that they’re running a business but they just had become very
popular very quickly and got in over their heads in the way that they were
presenting their customer service and she was very disappointed with the
outcome of that transaction and you know if you’ve heard her talk on the podcast
a few weeks ago she is very much like me she says it like it is and she really
goes into the detail of how she pursued these vendors to try and we’ll get him
money back but also get them to realize that the way they treated her as a
customer was sheet really to be honest it was bad we also have a great chat wheezing i ice
a way to make it sound like there’s a whole team behind us but it’s just me i
also talked to the lovely Nova from new bride . com if you knew it had never
she’s been on the show a number of times she runs she’s the founder and editor of
a fabulous wedding blog that celebrates diversity which is something we should
be doing a lot more of in the wedding industry but no there’s cousin system at
a cousin’s on today show know his cousin had a pretty annoying expensive
experience with a wedding vendor who had promised to make a dress and I don’t
want to give away too much of the podcast because it’s a really
interesting story and it made my blood boil when I heard about it but they
promised to make a could chew again but they did not they purchased the gown
from somewhere else that’s all I’m saying I don’t give away
so look the message today I think it’s really invaluable whether you are but if
you bought your wedding dress already or with us searching for a wedding dress I
think the experiences and the lessons learned from this episode can be transposed and
transcribed into any other sort of purchasing situation especially when it
comes to weddings that you really have to trust your gut when it comes to
handing over a lot of money because if you don’t feel secure in what these
people are doing and the services that they providing then you need to stop
have a deep breath and specially go to the Google and do some research there is nothing wrong with asking for
testimonials especially if you are looking to you know put down a large
amount of money and if they’re asking you to put that money down in one go i
would also say stop think about it are they dodgy if they
are at all perturbed with you asking for testimonials or asking for a phone
number of a happy client then you should definitely walk away and take some deep
breaths and think about who you are handing your money over to I certainly
don’t want to give the impression that i’m bagging on any wedding vendors today
I don’t name any of the people i am very aware that there are hundreds if not
thousands of amazing wedding vendors and suppliers out there that go there absolute 100-percent in helping people
get out of problems and we’ll go the extra mile if things aren’t working so i
don’t want anyone to come out of this guy and she’s being negative I just want to empower you with
information and to get you to realize that you don’t have to jump in bed
probably the wrong thing with the first wedding vendor that you see you will
always be able to get that thing tomorrow it’s a really easy thing to feel excited
especially when you try dress on you like i need this dress to buy it but
it’s a business we live in a capitalist society if you were to mr. probably not
in China you will be able to come back tomorrow and purchase citrus and address
will always be available somewhere else now I’m not saying there are limited
edition bespoke things but if you want to take 24 hours to make a decision or
go away and do some gooks ask the google about stuff go on calls some testimonials i promise
you if they are people that want to do business with you they will go out of
their way to make it happen so I really believe that you should trust you got
you should take a little moment and don’t jump into bed with people if you
don’t feel good about it that should be just taken in life that’s
a life lesson I mean literally don’t jump into bed with people who don’t feel
good about it that’s what it’s all about so that is
the show today as i said i am Alicia from the bridezilla podcast the show
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you are experiencing problems of the vendor I want to hear about it okay oh my love five

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