Bachelorette Party Games : Bachelorette Party Games: Scavenger Hunt

Alright, I’m going to show you how to do some
great bachelorette party games that’s going to get everybody involved, keep everybody
laughing, and keep you and your bride on her toes. First game we’re going to do is a bachelorette
scavenger hunt. This is really easy. All you need is a bunch of girls, and you’re going
to need a couple of cars, so you can split in to teams. And based on how big the cars
are is how big the teams are going to be. Make sure everybody has a cell phone and a
digital camera, or a polaroid camera, because you’re going to need evidence that they’ve
done each thing. Also, when you make your list of scavenger items, make sure that you
have enough copies for each team to have a copy of the list. And you’re going to assess
everything points, and you can do bonus points. And so I’ve given you some great examples.
You’re going to start by giving each task one point. And then you can also give them
bonus points, if there’s a little something extra you want them to do with it. For each
item, you’re going to have them take a picture of the item, as it’s in progress, or while
they’re completing that item for the scavenger hunt. And you’re going to have a rendez-vous
point and a time that everybody has to be back by. So, I’ve given you some examples,
and here’s a list of some scavenger items. And, some of them are, just for some ideas,
you’re going to want to find something that can be used as a metaphor for the groom. So,
think of something that like a wet blanket, or a dough boy, something really funny like
that. Don’t think stolen baby, because kidnapping is illegal. Other great things, you’re going
to want to arrange lawn ornaments in to various positions, but if it’s illegal, don’t do it.
Another great thing is to get something embarrassing from the groom. So, if you guys can get a
hold of the groom and find something really embarrassing that he’s got, that would embarrass
him, get that, take a picture of it, and that’s going to be a point. Also, you might want
to try things like, that are really crazy, like getting a lock of a man’s chest hair.
That’s funny, and they could bring that back, and that’s a point. And then you can give
them negative points if it’s gray. So, you can think of really funny things to go along
with it. Another thing is, obtain something that is stained with lipstick, and it’s not
yourself. So, ask a guy if you can stain his shirt with lipstick kisses, and then you bring
the shirt back. Those are some great ideas. And then also, you can do things that are
kind of obscure, like take a picture of a man that has a tattoo of MOM. So, all those
great things. Make up your own. Think of things that you can do bonus points with. You can
also go to a great site called They have a free scavenger list that you can
download and print out if you can’t think of one on your own. But, again, you can take
lots of pictures. It’s going to be great memories when you print them out, and it’s a great
game to play with your bachelorette.

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