Bachelorette Party Games : Bachelorette Party Games: Pin the Tale on the Hunk

Ok, this is a great game to play while you’re
out and about and having your bachelorette party, if you’re going to restaurants or bars,
and what you’re going to want to do is get some scrap paper, or some computer paper.
And you can either print out pictures of various animal tails, or you can draw them. So you
can draw a fish tail, a lion’s tail, a cat’s tail, a dog’s tail. All kinds of different
tails. Cut them all out and take them with you, along with safety pins or paper clips,
anything that you can use to pin them on, and this is called “Pin the Tail on the Hunk.”
And what you do is, is the bachelorette party picks out a hunk in the crowd and the bride
has to go up and ask her if she can pin the tail on him. So he has to spin around, she
pins on his tail and then you have to take a picture of the bride with her hunk and his
tail. The hunk gets to keep his tail, and maybe you buy him a drink for his embarrassment,
and the bride gets to get a little embarrassed too while the bachelorette party laughs and,
again, you get a great picture for her to remember. It’s a really fun game, all the
girls sitting around and picking out the best hunks in the crowd. So again, a fun game to
play at any bachelorette party is “Pin the Tail on the Hunk,” and, if you don’t want
to use real men, well then you can do a variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and just use
a poster of a man, and you can still have you’re great tails but you can just blindfold
your girls, spin them around and let them pin the tail on.

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