BA (Hons) Hospitality Management at the University of West London

To me hospitality is the definition of five
star customer service and that’s what I enjoy getting and I enjoy giving. I liked the fact that I get to explore every
single different part of hospitality and that really did drive me. They’ve got a practice
kitchen, they’ve got a practice restaurant, this is the university where they would travel
in tourism so you get into the environment. You’ve got kitchen’s, you’ve got restaurant’s
and it’s more or less like you’re in hospitality settings but the tutor’s, definitely they
love to impart their experience and it obviously helps, it’s almost like you hang onto their
every word because you’re that interested or passionate about it. For third year, I
am looking forward to my placement, getting in there and using all the knowledge that I’ve
gained in university in the actual hospitality world, that’s gonna be the most exciting
for me. So Pillars restaurant is a learning restaurant,
it’s linked and is literally a part of the university. It’s a great opportunity
to get some actual guests, we do have some normal guests come in, we have to deliver
a five star experience for them, it’s opening up so much. I kinda just wanna see the course
through and see where it takes me instead of me taking it.

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