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It’s that wedding season though and I’m
a groomsman again. But I still want to look beautiful even though I’m broke so let me give you a few tips today on how to not break the bank when trying to look glam. I’m gonna help you out okay, ready? Stick it out of there. Hey guys, This is Awkwafina, welcome to New York. This is Ballin’ on a Budget. Getting a pro to chalk up your face entire
hair in knots can cost upwards of three hundred dollars. Beauty on a budget is all about tapping that new challenge. Find the hottest stylist of tomorrow and discounted services at the Rojo Cosmetology School in Tribeca. Bueno dias. Heard y’all were looking for models? Once model for a prized steak chicken, he
was more of a star of that shoot. I was kind of more of a prop. So what are looking at here, hourly rates
seven to nine dollars? You wanna get your hair done here? You pay us. Okay. What do you need? $15 down, $20 for… So I’m gonna walk in there, work my own
magic, and I take direct deposit. It’s on Wednesday night. Finding a stylist is a lot like choosing a
soulmate. you saw me get to know each other and see if the vibe is right. Do you have any experience? Are you listening to The Cure? Michael Bolton? Really? I’m going to cut to the chase here, I like
your vibes, you smell like fake lilacs. It’s hard for me to connect with anyone on
a meaningful level so, I feel like I should bring you on board. Are you down? Yeah. Get on the same page about the best for snatching that bouquet. She’s been through a lot. Probably went to Penn State, graduated. Like a, 2.5, went to Cancun, got some volume in her hair. Now it’s all fried off just like her dreams. Don’t ever let me get sidebangs like that. I so sick of looking like a used Q Tip. Wanna doughnut? Inspiration right there. You want to achieve a balance for a wedding. Look good enough to go home with a groomsman. But not so good that you show up the bride! Yeah right! I’m gonna steal the show like I stole that
roll. That’s it! Hair’s done, now it’s time to get my face
up to speed. You can do this! I look like a Japanese frieta. Light hope. Hi my name is Krystal I came to do… Take your makeup to the next level by bringing in someone with a good foundation. You know what, I can tell that you’re qualified. I need my make up done. I don’t think I need a lot. Those lips! Yeah when I talk they move. They’re horrible. They’re wonderful. Thank you. You’re finished. You kept it light right? Very light. Time to go! The lips don’t lie. What goes up must come down and that’s not just bouquets. Good morning or shall I say Good night. It was the best wedding ever! It was so worth getting glam. Just follow my tips, I got you. What I don’t got you on is de-glamming because I don’t know makeup wipes. But, I do have tacos so. What’s up! It’s Awkwafina, rapper and comedian from
Queens New York. The only thing I like more than a New York
slice is saving money. I’m gonna take you across the city, to Ball on a Budget. I’m gonna take you across the city to Ball on a Budget.


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