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it is so good to have you here on holly’s wedding tips here the beautiful doubletree hotel you so much I’m so excited to be here we’re definitely in kind of a rebuilding phase for the doubletree in the castle Event Center and reintroducing it to the never popular how fun another castle to go party in this one is special because you’ve got rooms I don’t believe any of the other castles in Denver have the ability to host guests for overnight that makes us a really unique and also the fact that we can hold up to 600 guests makes us pretty special not only in the castle market but certainly across venues in Colorados tix early exactly that’s really amazing that what does an average wedding look like here or a regular wedding here at the doubletree hotel we actually don’t have anything that I would consider a regular typical wedding because in general in terms of Hotel weddings were pretty unusual because all of our wedding packages include chair covers and overlays and a lot of other decor items that most hotels don’t own all of our weddings look a lot more upscale than a typical hotel wedding and then also because we have this incredible space here both architectural and in terms of the Memphis size a lot of our weddings are from different cultures we have a lot of Indian a lot of Asian a lot of Latino and we see so many amazing celebrations that include cultural traditions from across the world wow that is simply amazing what is the most unusual ever done I think the most unusual wedding I personally have ever done was in my previous role as independent wedding planner here in the metro area and I had the pleasure of working with one of the very first grow marijuana operation owners in the Denver area and he was an incredible human being as is his fiance and it wasn’t that their wedding was so unusual because it included a lot of very traditional elements but their approach to the planning process and how they interacted with each other and with all of their guests made their event so warm so personal and I will never forget them maybe too because his dreadlocks were down to his needs and she was doing yoga positions in her wedding dress before the ceremony wow that’s a good thing it was so fun good that’s exciting great what is the most memorable wedding you’ve ever done again prior coming to the doubletree team I worked at venues across Colorado so I’ve certainly seen the good the bad the ugly and I had a particularly ugly day once when I was up on Lookout Mountain at Boettcher mansion such a beautiful venue broke in the middle of June we were outdoors for cocktail hour and a sudden storm came up Oh knocked over all the tables and actually a lightning strike that immediately followed knocked out all the power to the venue Wow so it could have ended incredibly tragically particularly because Xcel Energy could not promise that the power would be back on before the end of their reception but between the incredible fun attitudes of the bride and groom and very hard-working catering and on-site staff we turned what could have been a major disaster into one of the most memorable nights not only the guests who were there but for everybody one for what they did get box with the candles out both cannibals and them we actually care about a gas fireplace epic we had a lot of LED lighting that this part of the decor begin with and then because the cuter was not able to cook the food on site to temperature we did a pizza and beer run for oh my gosh what an interesting story bands that could not play because they were all electric had an impromptu acoustic session and one more shal marshall sing-along so wonderful what a beautiful ending that everyone picked it out and made it wonderful how do you need such is that makes a difference having professionals that can on the fly make it work for you that and certainly in the attitude of a bride and groom if their event can set the tone for everyone if you’re long as they are having fun themselves and going with the flow their guests will follow suit perfect that’s amazing what don’t couples know about hotel event centers that they need to know I think one thing that most couples don’t realize about Hotel weddings is that they are very budget friendly because you are paying for essentially only the Q Turing portion of your event the room rental is usually wait during very very minimal all the China and the staffing and the linens are all included as part of a service charge really the majority of all of your money is going directly to feeding and providing beverages for your guests when you compare that to a private venue that costs you know three to six thousand dollars as a as a rental and another five to six to eight thousand dollars for carrying on top of that it can make a 100-person wedding become very affordable to have it in a hotel oh good that’s good to know what questions should be proposed to be asking that they don’t know to ask I think the thing that most couples need to ask all of their vendors our venues is what’s included in the package that they are getting they should know not only what’s included in that but the value of those items because as their comparison shopping they need to know what the value of a three chair cover is versus another vendor who doesn’t do that and when you weigh those pros and cons that can definitely make a huge difference and then in addition to that that you should always always ask can I take those packages and customize those options or my stuff with exactly what it is here on paper good point most places are very willing to customize those things and it though it’s those little changes that will make the wedding more personal more unique and sometimes even more affordable good that’s good to know what’s your best piece of advice or best tip for couples planning the wedding I actually have three good let’s go on your desk to the first one is to pick your top priorities when your budget planning when you look at those large ticket items things like catering the dress the flowers of photography the music and of course the venue it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to afford your dream option in all of those categories so if you take the three that mean the most to you and allocate more of your budget towards those three then the end product for you is bound to be a lot more in line with what you’re looking for then if you had spread those dollars more evenly across everything amazing the second one would be to actually build a buffer into your budget if you know that you only have about fifteen thousand dollars to spend for your wedding try budgeting is though you only have 13,000 because that way as you’re going along and you run into those little expenses be it things like a guest book or a flower upgrade or extra icing on a cake it wasn’t necessarily in your original budget you can prepare for those things and not come out spinning above what your original budget really was and then finally and most importantly have fun the wedding planning process and the day itself are meant to be fun and if you are not enjoying it then there is something that you need to adjust in that process if you surround yourself with family and friends and even vendors who share your same energy and enthusiasm you’ll be able to look back at the process end of the day and really have the best possible memories amazing what common mistakes do see couples making probably the two that I see most often are first that they’re not planning for those little details things like processional orders timelines and the bane of every one’s existence seating charts are really important and if you push them to the last minute they cause a lot of stress and in addition you tend to get a lot of extra opinions from outside sources who are trying to help you correct the issue at the last moment I in particular work with all of my brides and grooms to work out all of those details approximately a month in advance so that by the time we get to rehearsal I know what your processional order is and can help you and your officiant manage that rehearsal in a way that it makes everyone happy and particularly if you have a time line and a seating chart all of your vendors and all of your guests feels so much more comfortable knowing the flow of things and where they’re supposed to go in one and then the other issue that I see most often is that people don’t take the time to personalize their wedding it’s so tempting when you first get engaged to go rummage through the wedding aisle at every craft store and buy everything because it looks like so much fun but what happened is that you end up purchasing a lot of things you don’t end up using a lot of things that don’t necessarily fit with your original theme right yeah or you’re seeing my business and my garage because i tend to inherit many of those things previous for clients but if you take the things that you need and our strategic about them and take a moment to put a ribbon on them / sticker or something that makes it reflect your personal style your guests will be so impressed with all of your personal touches and those are the things that they’ll remember about your wedding excellent thank you so much Sheryl Holly thank you

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