Aspyn & Mitch’s Wedding | Sister Wives

[BAGPIPE MUSIC PLAYING] Mitch looks so good. Oh, my gosh. With the shorter
hair and the beard, he’s just pulling
the whole thing off. Right?
– The kilt, all of it. He looks amazing. It’s a bit surreal. I’ve just been looking forward
to getting married for so long, and it’s finally happening. [BAGPIPE MUSIC PLAYING] There’s Ariella, just
outpacing everybody else, doing her own thing. Just dumps her whole basket,
and chucks it, and just keeps walking down the aisle. [BAGPIPE MUSIC PLAYING] I’m just waiting for Aspyn
to come down the stairs. We come last. An angel appears, and I’m
like, are you communicating with the almighty for me? You know? She’s just beautiful
as can be, just– just all the natural
beauty, just the grace that she’s always had. She’s just so lovely. Hi. You look so good. I love you. [INAUDIBLE] Are you ready, [INAUDIBLE]? [INAUDIBLE] good. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Everything is so surreal,
and it’s so beautiful. And I see Mitch up there,
and standing next to my dad. There’s the bagpiper. It’s just a surreal moment. When I first saw Aspyn, it’s
just– she looked so amazing. And I was just so happy
and just couldn’t wait. She looks happy, and just
the sun shining on her. She just looked amazing. I’m very happy to
get married today. Mitch looks so
good, so handsome. I’m going to– I’m probably going to cry. I’m just saying, you guys. Right? There were probably
a couple of tears. Yeah. I think it’s– It’s just a happy moment. it’s just a special day. Can I touch him? [LAUGHS] Hi. Hi. [LAUGHS]


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