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oh my gosh, hi! hi hi hi! How are you? *kiss kiss* Oh my goodness are you feeling so busy? it’s okay! we got this! alright- thank you so much for
meeting with me I know you must be all over the place with planning you are coming up on just a few months away so, um let’s see how much we can get done in this meeting and then we can make sure to plan another meeting for next week and every week up until your wedding and you know if you need anything at all if you have an idea in the middle of the night if you decide that you don’t want
chiffon anymore you want velvet I am here for you! so! let me… get my notebook out okay, so… I know a lot of this week was doing some shopping for you I had so much fun thank you so much for trusting me with that and then after that.. um, we can go over a
couple of the vendor information I’m gonna ask you to make some choices on certain things and we can get going, so in terms of the shopping all of this is easily returnable, so I just went ahead and grabbed some stuff some examples and some options and you can let me know what you like what you want me to bring back and I can take care of all of that for you awesome! okay, so for the first batch items I got some stuff for your
honeymoon and now a lot of people think, like don’t
think about this in um, during wedding planning because they’re just, you know,
worried about the big day if you’re going straight after your wedding you need to
have all of your honeymoon stuff ready and you know your honeymoon should be relaxing it shouldn’t be stressful so, you are going to Hawaii that’s amazing! you’re going to have an amazing time I have worked with so many clients who
loved it and had an incredible experience there it’s the perfect place
to relax after all the wedding stress but… you don’t have Hawaii attire do you? okay don’t worry I got some stuff for you and this is gonna be great you can just throw it into your bag you can pack it
today if you want and put it in your honeymoon luggage so you don’t even have to think about it let me show you what I got. okay all right first off, I wanted you to have a bag now, I see what you carry and that’s fine, but.. if you’re going to be out on excursions and hikes and beach and stuff like that I definitely recommend a backpack because a shoulder bag will get really, really, uh heavy and start to hurt your shoulders and I think that the backpack.. we have so many cute options nowadays this one is from.. tory burch it is a hot pink and I love it! it’s so fun it’s perfect for Hawaii it’s perfect for any summer it’s got these two leather tassels and leather straps with buckles but.. the rest of it.. is waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about putting this on the ground, putting it on the sand it’s going to be fine, you’re not going to ruin it like other leather luxury backpacks you go to open it and this closes with a magnet so you go ahead and use these straps to pull it tight and you can close it up with the magnet here these front pockets are awesome they are magnetic as well so you don’t have to actually undo the buckle there, and you’ve got some good pockets here for your wallet if you have a good, um maybe not if you’re in a crowd, that would probably be easy for them to take um, but when you’re just hanging out and you need easy access to your wallet, medicine, phone. they’ve got inside pockets as well um, it’s a beautiful navy quilted fabric on the inside and in the back you just have a little leather tag here and this pulls out actually I think it’s the Tory Burch logo I knew you weren’t huge on logos or branding you said you don’t really care yeah…exactly, so this is very understated it’s really cute, really well made I think it’s a perfect honeymoon bag okay great! great great great! alright, I’m glad well then, we are on the right track then alright… next… for your honeymoon, I got a couple of beach cover-ups you said you didn’t have things to wear over your bathing suits okay these are gonna be perfect for you all right, let me see.. I got two and then another one is coming in the mail now the one coming is white so you’ll have that bridal moment it’s a white skirt that goes around the waist, long gauzy, kind of see-through, perfect for the beach but these two that I have are silk kimono style and these you can actually wear you know with pants, with a dress over for dinners um, they give you a lot more coverage they’re not see-through in the slightest so this one is pink… and you put it on, it has sleeves but then… you can tie it in a big knot like kimono style it’s a gorgeous print it’s gonna look beautiful in any photos you take especially in Hawaii I actually also got you the same silhouette but in a blue-green tone mm-hmm you could absolutely do both they were fairly cheap actually mm-hmm you can go ahead and feel that yeah.. nice right? okay, good, we’ll keep that, good.. and they’re super lightweight, they don’t wrinkle, so they’re great to put in your luggage, easy okay.. so you got some cover-ups and like I said I have another
one on the way and we can do a shopping session of, um, outfits that aren’t beach related if you want to do that as well in the future? yeah, okay ok, I can definitely order you some stuff and you can try it on I know you don’t have time to go to the store… right now, so honestly it’d just be best for me to order them, you can try them on and I’ll send them back if you don’t like it yeah, of course of course of course! okay the last thing I had for the honeymoon oh yeah, I picked up this these are awesome! awesome, awesome, sun hats this one is… 50 SPF so it’s treated… it’s gonna help you not get so burnt it’s got a really, really cute silver trim, gives it a little touch of bling without being…..overdramatic I know you aren’t overdramatic but, go ahead and check this out yeah… it’s awesome! and it’s gonna look so cute on you! and, um, you know the Hawaii sun is a lot stronger than you might be used to you don’t want to get burnt on… you know, your first day a time where you’re supposed to be relaxing and enjoying you know, build that tan, but you don’t want to get burnt so I thought this hat would be perfect and when you store it you should stuff it with um, undergarments stockings, a scarf or when you’re traveling the day of you can actually flatten it, and then roll it up so it turns out to be like this little rolled up… hat that fits well in your luggage, and it should bounce back if you don’t leave it like that for too long yeah I love this! should we try it on? let’s see.. *gasp* you look so cute! I love that! what do you think? yeah yeah yeah, look at your phone cute right? okay, great! here, alright, I’m glad I picked that up then perfect okay, so…. that should… I think you have mostly everything else that you need I think a couple outfits for dinners and stuff that sounds good okay… now, moving on to some actual wedding day accessories um, I picked up some really good stuff I cannot wait to show you okay… first let’s start with… um the tie bar and…. tie options for groomsmen okay, so any men in your wedding um, your wedding party they… you want them to match right? okay great here, let me move this out of the way I brought three tie options based on your colors and you can look at each of these and let me know, um, you don’t have to pick any of these in particular as long as I’m in the right direction yeah so don’t worry okay so the first one is the loudest pattern now this has.. this is the only one with some greens I know that you wanted greens, um incorporated in your wedding not as an official color but just as, you know um, plants and stuff, you know that sort of greenery but I really liked this tie because it has the reds and blues mm-hmm so this could be more of a bold statement absolutely when they have their suits on, the tie won’t be too visible so you do have the luxury of going a little more… patterned if you want mm-hmm this is 100% silk really nice, high-quality tie, you can feel it yeah okay I’ll put this aside there see what you think now the next option a little bit in the middle here this is our polka dot tie now this has the… umm, deep orange sort of almost um, salmon color with the navy blue this is a really cute option are you into polka dots? maybe, okay okay, again 100% silk nice high-quality tie this could be really, really cute it’s… it’s more playful yeah for the groomsmen and you can also ask them what they think you know if you can’t pick.. make them decide yeah and they’ll tell you, you know they say oh it’s your wedding you can tell us what to wear, we’ll wear it they have opinions trust me so you have that or… we have this… knit tie now this is a gorgeous, gorgeous muted plum color it’s from Club Monaco so it’s not the priciest tie in the world it’s not the cheapest but it’s definitely affordable this is, I think so… interesting as a choice I love the texture but because it’s a solid color you know you can sort of get away with this funky texture and not have it look too um, you know, outrageous or anything I think this could be a really nice option here, feel that actually ends as a straight… tie it just gets tucked past their suit, um… this is a super modern option I really like this, yeah I really like it… especially, you know yup, fall weddings it’s a little.. exactly! oh, I’m so glad I’m so glad okay you can take these for now you can take all three if you want or just take, you know, one, take two and ask the groomsmen which one they like um, or just have them try it on and see what it looks like did they get their suits yet? okay okay so we need to do fittings for a couple of them then how about… next Thursday? mm-hmmm just two of them need fittings? okay, we can do six o’clock yeah they can go right after work since it’s downtown and I can bring the ties okay I will make sure that they are contacted and know… that they’re supposed to be somewhere it won’t take long no they should be done by 6:30 yeah very easy okay next, we have… the tie bar now, I got this from tie bar and… I got you something um very simple it is a… gunmetal um medium length tie bar not too short but, not a long one now, this is shiny so it will reflect in photos which actually can look really nice um, there is a matte version available if you want it but here you go, you can feel it it’s nicely weighted again very simple but very clean and this will definitely… *tie*
the look together yeah, exactly, um… the groomsmen could wear the same if you want it just comes in this little box you like this one? awesome, awesome , awesome, okay so that is set… I’ll bring this to the fitting as well, just to see if the groomsmen are also interested not too expensive again I don’t want to put you out of budget for things like.. tie bars, you know people aren’t gonna notice a $400 tie bar you know, unless you’re going for something uh, very stylized you won’t be able to tell, so let’s uh, let’s not go crazy there okay what’s next on the agenda? okay I still want to do… your … wedding scent I want to go over your RSVP card and then I have a few robe options shoe options, and, I brought some more items I got a purse for the day of a couple of pieces of jewelry as options and the fabric options that you
requested for bridesmaids okay okay okay is there anything you want to go over first? we can get through it all let’s do the robes, all the big stuff first then we can get it out of the way off the table literally, okay all right so, your bridesmaids robes for the day of now, a lot of people opt to do robes the day of, because um, you, you want pictures getting ready right? okay great so they’ll all be matching, um they look really cute in photos it’s a perfect gift to give to them as a thank you for being a bridesmaid and… umm yeah it just gives them
something to wear while they’re getting their hair and makeup done that is for the wedding day, you know, so this one that I picked up is just a sample they said that they can do any color I picked blush-pink for you they also have navy, they have champagne blush pink yeah, that’s what I thought it’s becoming a lot more trendy to do the champagne, off-white for bridesmaids but I think for a fall wedding you could get away with a little bit of color if you don’t want to go full navy, yeah, exactly, okay.. so, here is… the robe.. it is silk very comfortable, light, comes in extra small/small and medium/large, and then there is an extra-large
option if you want more room okay so it’s got the lace.. crocheted, detail on the sleeves it’s got a loop and there’s a band in the back so you put the band around to tie it shut and… you can do embroidery on the robe itself so I think that a white uh, text color is really nice because they won’t lose their robes but
it’s not in your face like a name tag, you know but if everyone has the same
robe you know you want them to be personalized in some way what do you think? cute, okay good good good so you just get me a list of who you want to have robes whether you want one for any mother or mother-in-law whether you want the maid of honor to
say maid of honor okay let me see, let me get a list and just confirm the names of the bridesmaids mm-hmm mm-hmm mm-hmm and one more…the.. maid of honor, okay that is so easy I’m so glad you like it let me get this up and you can present them in, they come in the nice silk white bags easy transport wrapped for you okay now for the bridal robe this is what I have I wanted to do something that wasn’t stark white because the bridesmaids will have um, plain, unpatterned, blush so the bridal robe is white but it has green and blush elements to it so very clearly you know the bride will
stand out in this.. and it goes perfectly with the other robes without it being
perfectly matchy, matchy, matchy good option, yeah? okay great yep, you can feel it it’s silk, again you want something light, you know people are gonna be sweating even though it’s fall you’re running around, you know people getting their hair and makeup done you just never know you want something light you don’t want those fluffy robes we can always crank up the heat in the room if we need it, okay awesome, I’m glad we got that out of the way do you feel a little better? ok, me too let’s, uh, take a look at shoes now, the shoes that I brought today are from Bella Belle now these are… used they’re used for a reason we can get them for a very cheap
price already used and this will be perfect because you’re taking dance classes right? that is so fun! no, I can’t dance I would do the same thing so what you do is, brides sell their old shoes because… you don’t wear
bridal shoes after you get married, that’s understandable and we can buy those for a fraction of the cost um, and get a second new pair for
your wedding day and this pair you can use for your dance lessons, um trying on dresses, things like that so when they get all dirty on the bottom it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to worry about it so this is essentially the… prototype of the shoe that I think you should wear you said you wanted, um, flats right? okay let me go ahead and, open this now these are great because when they peek out the toe of the shoe looks like a heel but in reality it’s a flat so it’s easy to move in and you won’t get, uh you know, heels stuck in the grass, won’t trip, so here’s the shoe it is mesh lace detail with a pointed toe then there are straps here that tie around your ankle sort of like a ballet flat it just keeps them secure and it’s honestly a very cute detail the sole is leather and the back is structured it’s just got a, this has a fabric.. covering, fabric on the side, and
then we have the mesh lace the wooden heel what do you think? the inside is very soft and it’s got a little scallop detail right here same one on the other shoe exactly the same awesome good good you can absolutely try these out, take them to your dance class wear them around the house and if you like them, we can buy a new pair full price put them aside for the actual wedding day exactly! pristine condition some people opt to wear the the used shoes for their wedding too – up to you, um… it’s one of those things that you know, people certainly don’t notice but a lot of of a lot of people like to get photos of their shoes, their dress, their invitations, everything sort of in pristine condition before the day begins and everything is used yeah, okay awesome,
awesome awesome so I can leave this box with you, then great! okay! wow! you are so easy okay ties aside, tie bar aside, let’s go over your RSVP card then we can do your jewelry purse… umm, bridesmaids’ fabric samples and then you can pick your scent yeah we’re making good time, mm-hmm okay this is what I’ve designed for you take a look.. you can feel that it is a velvety smooth thick stationery what do you think? I have other stationery options okay, so I know you wanted a very clear RSVP a lot of people struggle um, sending back RSVPs and you’re going to get a lot of, um mislabeled ones but we’re gonna make it as clear as possible so it’s easy for you and easy for me to get everybody’s RSVP in correctly so you have the RSVP at the top and then I put we have reserved *blank* seats in your honor so that way it’s not a question whether the person is getting a plus-one um, whether or not you want their children to be there so if you’re sending this to your friend who has a significant other that you want them to bring just go ahead and put 2 then I put a line here and I just said names so that they’ll write their name kindly reply um, and we can change the date to whatever suits you I think that we should do it sooner rather than later and you can always follow up with people who might be a little late it’s easier to follow up with a few people than to wait for many people umm you know to reach later deadline then we have accepts with pleasure declines with regret and we can change that, um, that wording as well and then we have the meal preferences to initial your meal preference so if
there’s two people coming one wants chicken, one wants the short rib they can initial who wants what now the back of the RSVP is blank this is good if
people need to indicate allergies, notes.. etc, etc the other stationery options I have let’s see here.. all right we have… the flat card stock from minted you can go ahead and feel that very basic a little bit cheaper than the velvet option or… we could do the textured cardstock and can you see this is a little bit more textured? again a lower price point but a
little bit fancier I like this one a lot too and easy to write on with a pen but very formal, exactly okay, awesome well, the sooner that we get your RSVP cards obviously the better, so I’ll go ahead and make a note of that and get those ordered for you did you update your guest list? mm-hmm I just want to make sure that everybody on there is supposed to be invited and also make sure that we’re not missing anybody cool then as long as that is confirmed I can send out the invitations for you so, the… two envelope colors that I think that will match with your invitations this is the patterned pink and rose gold foil it’s really sturdy so pretty and it can be sealed with a little rose sticker if you want gorgeous, gorgeous option or we have a little turquoise blue envelope with a gold seal okay I know you wanted something that wasn’t just plain white and I totally get it you don’t want people to miss it in their mailbox, you know and if something comes with rose gold foil, they are not gonna miss it! no they are not! alright… jewelry, jewelry… I picked up a few things again, these can be returned but I just wanted to give you options especially after talking.. with you- I think I know what you wanted earrings.. we’ve got these diamond hoops um, they just come apart like that and close they are smaller, um… than the ones we had tried before so I thought that you might
like this better but the.. the diamonds are a great option to give you a little
bit of bling if you’re not used to wearing earrings these are gonna look gorgeous! Good, awesome! okay, great and then for the bracelet, I wanted to match the same vibe so slightly understated but beautiful a little bit of bling so we got the diamond band here and then the gold chain.. so this gold chain tightens and closes with this it’s very light but, this little strip of diamonds will give you… a really nice classy bit of bling on your wrist here and it goes perfectly with the earrings exactly okay I can bring these to any dress fitting as well exactly necklace I found your something blue this… is… an opal Let me get the side of the bag here a gorgeous little blue opal with tiny diamonds and I believe a tiny pearl a tiny diamond and two little pearls with diamonds all the way around the opal itself it is perfect I think and you didn’t want anything super statement-y but this is beautiful it’s got a little bit of color in it I’m so glad okay great, great great and you’ll be able to try everything on let’s see… make sure I get this back in the bag I’ve had so much coffee today I can’t help it oh no I can help it okay let’s, um look at the purse I got and then, I’ll just give you the fabric samples and we’re done! pretty painless! I know okay the purse this is a perfect day of purse it can go to the bride, it can go to the maid of honor but, um… I tried to get a good size where phones would fit, medication would fit, anything you need um, but not be too bulky so let me show you okay.. we’ve got a… white Kate Spade crossbody bag it also functions as a clutch there’s a big pocket in the back and then it opens… the little magnetic, uh button here so it can lock closed but it’s also magnetic we’ve got a zip pocket on the inside and that can store anything a little more, uh, important and then a big
main pocket here great for phones etc here’s the crossbody chain yep I got it in
gold chain exactly and this should be able to fit, um a few people’s items if you don’t want everyone to be carrying bags and purses you like this? good! good, good I was so happy when I found this finding a good bridal bag is… deceivingly hard you can always count on Kate Spade, that is true it’s got a nice detail in the front too, but again, I know you don’t want anything too… in-your-face, overstated, yeah, not the point, I get it awesome! alright, well I’ll get this wrapped up and either you can hold on to it or I can okay perfect! perfect, perfect alright! we are on to our last item on the agenda I went ahead and got some… navy fabric samples for the
bridesmaids now I know most of the.. uh, silhouettes you like were from BHLDN so I got mostly those but then I went ahead and grabbed one from mumu as well so I’ll show you that one first just gonna go ahead and have to feel these out, this one’s light it’s in rich navy crisp mm-hmm then our first BHLDN one is a layered fabric so it has a… mesh.. outer layer and then the solid soft layer underneath and this is in the color midnight mm-hmm this one, again, is two
layers but instead of mesh it’s just a little bit of a lighter layer on top and then the solid layer on the bottom and this is in the color Navy if you wanted to do different dresses you would most likely be able to do… midnight, navy, etc and it wouldn’t be big enough of a difference to tell for example, this… fabric is also in navy but they are slightly different you can’t tell.. exactly, perfect this is a one layer fabric it’s very thick, stretchy material I really like this one and then our final one is another double layer this is a very light, sheer, top layer go ahead and feel that and then, um, a second not fully solid layer on the bottom so this is pretty… good for layered dresses
themselves so anything with ruffles etc okay! well let me leave these with you and you can show them to the bridesmaids we’ll make an appointment for them let’s see.. oh… we have to do our… scents, okay okay let’s do that let’s do that before we leave I got three the first one we have is the Dolce and Gabbana Dolce.. go ahead and give me your wrist okay.. it’s sweet but not… overly it would be a lot more sweet because
it’s called Dolce, but.. ok that’s option one option two… is the Elizabeth and James Nirvana ahh, this one’s so….. give me your other wrist, go ahead and smell that! right? heavenly! so that’s a wonderful option and then the third option I have is a little perfume called merry maker I thought it was an appropriate name for the wedding and this one is a little more… I tried to go for a fall scent if you wanted to match the time okay okay yeah I just wanted to give you that option but why don’t you since you have these on either of your wrists.. you go ahead and wear them throughout the day let me know what you think I think it’s so smart to have a wedding scent you know, then you’ll always be reminded of that day like our memories are so tied to smells yeah yeah I’m glad it a sort of became a trend oh.. kay! well, thank you so much for going over everything this week with me I will go ahead and reach out to a
couple other people um, we have some more stuff coming in the mail so we’ll be meeting again next week too same time same place? works for me! it was so great to see you! everything’s going really, really well, so you have nothing to worry about alright! alright, I’ll see you next week go get some rest and I will take care of everything else! absolutely alright! bye-bye!

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