Ask Limo U Show: Episode #138 – Should I pass a told charge on to my clients?

(upbeat music) (techno music) – So Lincoln, I may be in
the minority with this, but what I believe is that your clients want one charge. I saw in the Limo Growth
Group that (inaudible) Wegman came in and he said that you should probably just raise your fee by 5 dollars, your overall price, and roll that toll fee
into your overall pricing. I’m not gonna say that’s the right way or the wrong way. I’m just not big believer
that your customers understand and want to see a base rate, plus a toll, plus an STC, Plus fuel surcharge, plus a booking fee, you know, plus parking fees. And I know that, you know,
the tolls and the parking, all of that type of
stuff is not included in every single line item of
every single trip sheet. So I would say that if you
have like no line items, if you’re like I was and you have this one all-inclusive price, then I would only include the
toll as an additional charge when the client accepts that charge. So I’m a big proponent of communication, and all the research that I’ve done, the market research in our
industry with your customers. What I see is rather it’s
and EA, an executive admin, a travel manager, a DMC, wedding planner, whoever it is that you guys work with. The number one problem, their number one pain point in the middle of a Venn
diagram is communication. So you can add that charge on as an additional five dollars. So if you’re picking me up
at the Charlotte airport, and we’re going to the
Charlotte Motor Speedway, or let’s just say to Concord Mills Mall, and I want to take the expressway, then just let me know that it’s
and additional five dollars. So for me, I would work
that into your script, or your customer service reps script based on the locations that
are gonna be between the main component of downtown
Charlotte and the airport, and wherever this expressway
or the toll road is going to. And if you know that it’s
gonna be faster to get on that toll road, then I would offer that
option to the client in the sales process, And I’m not talking about
like an outside sales meeting, but just when like one of
your prospects calls you and they’re calling to
make an airport transfer, and if they accept it, just let them know it’s an additional five dollars. If they don’t want to pay for it say “That’s fine, we can do it
at the additional price, “or the first price,
but we’re not gonna be “able to take the toll.” So, I believe this is
all about preparation, how you position it and
introduce it to your customer, and also what you already
have on your line items for your existing pricing sheet. I hope this helps. Thank you for asking a wonderful question and I look forward to
seeing all of you guys on the next episode of
the Ask Limo U Show. (upbeat music)

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