ASIA’S RARE FOOD | Sherpa food in KATHMANDU, NEPAL | Nepali + Tibetan food tour in Kathmandu

actually can you hear that I don’t know
if you can hear that but there’s a pounding sound and that is the sound
that we’re after we’re on the right track
today we’re in Kathmandu Nepal and we’re exploring all over the city to find some
very unique Sherpa and Tibetan food this is food from the people that live right
up in the Himalaya super interesting cuisine we have got a bunch of hidden gems lined up to share with you we can’t wait to get into it the diversity of Kathmandu’s food culture will blow you away this country is home to over 100 different
ethnicities each with unique dishes to discover this is our third video from
Kathmandu and we’re delving into Sherpa and Tibetan food join us inside a
special family kitchen to watch traditional Sherpa dishes being made
unbelievable mountain potato dumplings and potato pancakes these are dishes you
won’t find outside of Nepal we share with you a hearty Himalayan stew loaded
with corn and buffalo before exploring some of the best Tibetan food in
Kathmandu we take you into a unique restaurant for homemade Tibetan blood
sausage and salty tea and devour buffalo thukpa one of Nepal’s most
beloved noodle dishes from a local restaurant famous for their fresh
noodles in this Kathmandu series we’re taking you into the heart of Nepali food
culture from traditional indigenous food to Nepali street food you don’t want to
miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat I’m so pumped for this day of filming
we’re crammed onto the local bus heading to another part of the Kathmandu Valley
called Boudha and this bus is awesome we’re packed in tight with the locals
don’t know how long it might take maybe up to an hour depending on the condition
of the roads but I love traveling this way it’s such an adventure and getting out there and being amongst the local people it’s awesome so we’re heading to Boudha which is really famous for having a lot of Sherpa and Tibetan food
so today’s videos all about Sherpa and Tibetan foods we’re gonna be eating a ton of
delicious local dishes we’ve come to the area of Boudha for this
video because this is home to a lot of Sherpa and Tibetan people so there’s a
lot of very unique food here and there’s also this incredible stupa said to be
the biggest stupa in the world it’s 43 meters high almost but what we’re
looking for is a little restaurant hidden somewhere up a laneway so we want
to get right into this little lane find a restaurant hidden somewhere up here
and really get to the heart of this Tibetan and Sherpa food which looks super
interesting and super unique totally different to other food we’ve had while
we’ve been here in Kathmandu we’ve done a loop of the stupa to see if we can
spot the alleyway which has all the Sherpa restaurants in it and I think
this is it here so it’s quite dimly lit or very dimly lit we’re squeezed in
between the shops the tourist shops and I can see maybe three or four Sherpa
restaurants the Sherpa food is very different to what we’ve shown in this
series so far actually can you hear that I don’t know if you can hear that but
there’s a pounding sound and that is the sound that we’re after we’re on the
right track because what that signifies is a dish that we want to try
here and it’s potato dumplings but in order for them to be made they need to
be pounded into a paste let’s head into this restaurant I think maybe this is the
entrance way right here, namaste so this is the restaurant that we’re after and dhanyabad, namaste so look at this guy he’s putting his back into it he’s making the
dish called rildok and that’s potato dumplings so he’s using this big mortar
and pestle and pounding that potato dough wow it’s hard work is it? So behind
him there are stacks of mountain potatoes so potatoes that come from
high up in the mountains and then it just needs to get pounded for a really
long time isn’t it to make into a really smooth paste so that
they can then make the potato dumplings we’ve been crouched here watching
Ang Tsering Sherpa make the rildok for about three minutes and the ground has been
shaking he’s put so much effort into making the the dough for the dumplings and he said it’s about 2 or 3 kgs of potatoes right and all that is in that mortar and pestle, or in the mortar which one’s the mortar and which one’s the pestle? The mortar I think is the bowl and it’s just potato so it’s just potato being
pounded until look it’s so silky looking and very soft and sticky wow
thank you for letting us watch amazing this is the bowl of rildok Ang Tsering Sherpa has just put it in front of me and it’s unreal this is a really
special lunch experience this little family-run restaurant is very pokey
small very low light there’s just a few tables and they just churn out these
amazing special Sherpa dishes so these are the potato dumplings the rildok
and the potatoes are a very big part of the Sherpa diet it’s used in a lot
of different or recipes and just look at these rildok they’re super fluffy and
they’re in a a very light broth the rildok are cooked really simply with
ginger garlic there’s spring onion I think maybe bit of coriander in there and
turmeric so in a very basic broth so the potato dumplings are just that just
potato the mountain potatoes are very important they say that nothing else
will do they have to be from the mountains and they’re just so fluffy and
silky looking holy moly they’re amazing wow oh wow hmm they are
beautiful and they melt in your mouth they you don’t even need teeth to eat
these things they’re not chewy at all they are really silky and smooth and
they just dissolve that is nuts they’re incredible and the soup that they’re in is full of flavour there’s a bit of chilli in there so it’s got a perfect level of heat you
can really taste that garlic and onion it’s very strong oh but man these rildok are incredible and it was so unreal watching them being made
and I can see that the pounding has really created this silky texture
and the second you put it in your mouth you understand why it’s been pounded for
so long because it literally just collapses it’s got a beautiful earthy
potato flavour Wow dhanyabad alright so I’ve been
watching the locals get into their rildok and they’re sprinkling this airmong which
is Szechuan pepper into their bowl oh my gosh the aroma is insane it’s
really strong like the strongest pepper I’ve ever ever smelt it’s very aromatic
very strong and spicy I slurped a bit of soup back and it caught right in my
throat that Szechuan pepper spice whoa that takes it to another level it adds a
lot of heat to the bowl but a beautiful sort of really gentle burn in the back of your
throat that’s a really great addition Yak butter? Amazing, dhanyabad
these are incredible so good now the other dish that we ordered is come the rikikur so this again is a potato based dish and it’s this beautiful pancake so
a really big plate sized pancake and it comes with a couple of sides this one is
butter this is yak butter so a very important thing something you find here
a lot in Nepal and then a little aachar this is a beautiful green sauce which I
think will have coriander a whole lot of chilli and I believe it’s made with
buttermilk so probably yak buttermilk so that’ll be nice and creamy too but this
is a bit of a race against time because the pancake’s nice and hot you’ve got all
of this butter and we’ve got to get that butter on there and let it melt all over
this pancake so let’s get it basically let’s just go for the whole hog we’ll
get all of that yak butter on there and just let it start melting into the
pancake spreading that yak butter all over there man it’s cold here as you can
probably tell from our huge jackets so we had to get in very quickly so it’s
already cooled down but I’ve got that yak butter all golden all over there
look at all that yak butter melted and I’m just gonna go straight on with a
whole lot of this aachar just straight in the middle there and then rip into
this potato pancake oh it’s a beautiful texture it’s got a little bit
of stickiness to it wow it’s got a potato feel so that
creaminess that sort of sticky whole lot of aachar oh man oh my god this is unreal
oh the flavour the flavour in that aachar so the potato pancake is very soft
it has no chunkiness at all it’s super creamy and then the butter it’s just
this luscious layer of butter because there’s a lot of it so it’s melted right through
and that aachar oh my god it’s heavenly the flavour’s
incredible it’s a bit creamy because of the buttermilk it’s look at
it oh covering it you can see there’s chunky bits green onion I think
chilli coriander so you got some chunky bits and then some more creamy bits just
coating the pancake oh man mmmm oh wow wow that is good I can’t say how good that
is because it’s too good it’s unreal doesn’t look like much just a very
simple looking pancake but oh my god that is heavenly incredibly good and I
love this little restaurant it just feels so Nepalese in here we’ve been to
Nepal previously a number of years ago and trekked and sitting in here feels like
you’re up in the mountains little dark no windows very
common when you’re up in the mountains this just feels exactly like that so
it’s taking me right back to being in the mountains but man alive this food is
incredible absolutely incredible packed with flavour dhanyabad it was so delicious
see you next time bye see you, that was unreal such an unbelievable experience the
flavour of that potato is still in my mouth it’s such a strong earthy flavour
and that family they were just so friendly and welcoming that was unreal
we’re gonna continue on the Sherpa food hunt actually it’s not really a hunt because right next door to the restaurant that we were just at further down the
alley is a restaurant that serves phalghi which is a Himalayan Sherpa stew so let’s
pop into this little joint namaste this is another restaurant that’s
reminiscent of the places that we used to sit in when we were up trekking in the
mountains the curtains are drawn so it’s very dark there’s just one little no two
light bulbs so it’s very dimly lit and it’s just it’s atmospheric it feels
special sitting here and waiting for our bowl of phalghi so that’s that hearty winter stew that’s eaten by the Sherpa people it’s predominately made from
corn and potato and we actually ordered it with buffalo Wow phalghi time it
looks amazing dhanyabad oh whoa this is a heaping bowl of
stew so this is the hearty Sherpa stew called phalghi and it is piled
high with ingredients look at all of it and I think this is really gonna really
fill us up I suppose this is the perfect dish and what we had before also to
demonstrate the type of food that the Sherpa people eat it’s very hearty
very nourishing very satisfying the stew is chock full of ingredients I can see a
ton of corn in there there’s slices of potato big kidney beans
there’s buffalo meat that brown meat on the top there and also some
greens so I think maybe baby bok choy and there’s not much liquid it’s really just
the ingredients very packed full of all of those things
that I listed and it smells stunning it smells very strongly of corn what I might
do is just grab a a scoop off the top here hopefully it’s cooled down a bit
because it’s piping hot owcha wa wa wow it’s hot but packed full of flavour again that
is insane the buffalo has a great chew to it a
beautiful flavour buffalo is the meat of choice here in
Nepal very common and the the potato is so creamy super hot this is the perfect winter
dish it’s so nourishing very satisfying and hearty and I think it’s reflective
of the type of cuisine that the Sherpas need they living high up in the mountains
it’s very cold high altitude the work that they’re doing just their daily life is
quite physical and so they need this type of food really nourishing food
high-calorie food this is the perfect thing to be eating right now it’s old
we’ve still got our big winter jackets on but this is warming me right up from
the inside in that mouthful I just got a little taste of Szechuan pepper it sort
of made my tongue all numb and tingly this is amazing what an incredible
laneway of Sherpa restaurants so the two restaurants are right here that we’ve
just been to next door to each other and wow that food was incredibly special so
now we’re heading back out into the into the open because this lane is so dark
you kind of wonder what’s in here it’s very mysterious even though it’s a
beautiful bright blue day today this very dark mysterious lane and now we’re
back out to the stupa we’re just exploring the laneways around
Boudha and we’ve heard about this local restaurant which specialises in gyuma
which is Tibetan blood sausage and this place is supposed to be the best place
in Boudha to find it I think this is it actually right here so it operates out
of a lady’s front yard so it’d adjoined to her house so let’s go let’s go see if
it’s a thing I think this is the restaurant it’s literally literally just
made up of two tables three chairs and a bed and I think this is the lady’s
house namaste I’m just yelling in and seeing if anyone’s around ah yes dhanyabad, can we
just have a little plate? We’ll sit out here okay dhanyabad. Gyuma? Wow okay so this is
the lady who makes the gyuma whoa it’s so fresh it looks beautiful it looks really delicious all right so she asked me if I wanted to cut it I said that I’d let her do the
honors so this is a Tibetan blood sausage it’s made from buffalo fat there’s
obviously blood in there it looks really squishy she uses intestine
obviously so the intestine is stuffed with fat, buffalo blood, roasted barley I believe and there’s meat in there as
well because it’s very chunky whoa dhanyabad so we’ve got this whole
gyuma sliced up here and she’s also got a little pot of chilli so I think we’ll
be dipping our gyuma into the chilli sauce the lady’s serving us some black tea
some Tibetan I think it’s salted black tea to wash down the blood sausage with
I’m really excited to get into it it looks great such a neat texture it’s quite
squishy but very meaty as well dhanyabad perfect this is a neat little spot
so the lady before who was cutting up that gyuma she is the master gyuma maker
of this region she’s famous for this blood sausage and her little restaurant
is neat so it’s literally just this tarp which is covering this area
hanging over a few poles there’s a few chairs couple of tables and then this
bed and everyone just rocks in grabs a seat on this on this bed and tucks
into this plate of Tibetan blood sausage so this is the gyuma I’m so excited to
try it because it looks like such a great texture so very meaty and chunky
you can see that intestine on the outside there so she’s just cut it all
up she’s left us a bowl of chili sauce for dipping and she served us up a
couple of cups of black tea and I think it’s ah yeah it’s salted black tea so
it’s it’s tea which is it’s salty it’s got salt in it and that’s quite common
of Tibetan tea if it’s milky they serve it with yak butter and it’s salty as
well so this is really traditional Tibetan food let’s dive into the gyuma so this is
a huge pile of blood sausage and this is this is how it is served it’s not that
we’re missing out on a meal here it shouldn’t be part of it this is how this
restaurant serves it so you just get a big plate of the sausage I’m gonna go
for a nice middle bit and let’s get some of this chilli just right over it
cover it man that looks fiery as it’s bright red that chilli sauce mmm wow mmm wow that is a very mild blood sausage so there’s buffalo meat and buffalo blood but it’s
very mild and what that piece of sausage had in it was a big piece of buffalo so
not a minced piece of meat an actual chunk of meat so a really lovely tender
piece of meat inside there so highly unusual for a sausage to have a whole
piece of meat right inside there ah let’s get that but actually it looks
really good dip that in that chilli sauce not too spicy actually oh man this is brilliant it’s so interesting it is like no
sausage I have ever eaten those big chunks of meat stand out a lot but
also the intestine that the is the sausage skin so a very normal thing to
have as a sausage skin all around the world but it’s very thick much much thicker
than you’d normally get so normally that intestine’s stretched out so it’s
transparent very thin but this is very thick so it has a lot of texture you get a
lot more flavour from the intestine than you normally would in a sausage I can I
can taste that wow this is super interesting see how it goes with this
salty tea oh that’s a good combo the the sausage itself is quite heavily
salted so then the tea oh that saltiness in the tea really
works that’s really interesting drinking that makes me think of being
out on the ocean so it’s just that slight saltiness like say you’re having
a beer out on a boat and just a little bit of salt just gets on it while you’re
doing other things so you get a little bit saltiness in
your mouth as you drink it that’s what that tastes like not too much but just a
lovely little kick of that saltiness and this is definitely a very special
environment to be eating in so I’m sitting on the bed that Sheena mentioned
now and just the place itself is so amazing so it’s just a housing a housing
area so you come in their little driveway so we have to come in from here and from
the road and then into this little setup of just a pretty higgledy-piggledy a
couple of tables chairs it’s unreal and serving this incredibly
good blood sausage so I a super interesting dish and really neat to have
a Tibetan blood sausage something very unique wow this day is just filled with
unique incredible food from interesting parts of the world and groups of people I love it we’re wandering the streets of Boudha
heading to our next stop so this is a very interesting part of town with a lot
of Sherpa so the Sherpa food we had earlier and now the Tibetan food and
Tibetan food is a thing that you see a lot here in Nepal they eat a lot of this
food in their day to day eating and thukpa is what we’re gonna have next and
this is a dish you’ll find on almost every menu here in Nepal
it’s a it has Tibetan origins and this restaurant just up here is where we’re
having it because this place is meant to do an incredibly good thukpa and they
make all their noodles on-site so that’s always a complete bonus let’s go grab
some as Thomas was saying this restaurant makes their own noodles and
actually you can see in their kitchen there were some noodles just hanging up
at the back there and she’s just grabbing the strands of noodles and
cutting them and popping them into this big pot to boil to make the thukpa
which is the noodle soup wow look the piles of noodles
they look really bouncy and stretchy they’ve been very kind and let me come
into the kitchen to watch the noodles being made so they’re being made on this
really incredible machine so what she’s got is this huge thing of dry dough and
she keeps adding it to the noodles so it’s getting longer and longer and
longer it’s really neat watching it go through this press and just worm its way
flat and then once the noodles are all cut they’re being hung and dried over
here to then get put straight in the boiling water and cooked but wow these
are incredible dhanyabad they’re now making the noodles so the same
machine that was making the dough has now got a sort of an attachment on it to
make the noodles so she’s making them right now and laying them onto these
wooden poles so they can then be hung on this rack here before they get put
into the into the boiling water to be cooked but this is unreal watching these
super fresh noodles being prepared we’ve got a gigantic bowl of buffalo thukpa
in front of us and these noodles don’t get any fresher they’re
literally being made about five meters away they’re a wheat noodle and just
look at how bouncy and sort of glossy they look so they’re wallowing in a
bowl of broth and there’s some baby bok choy and also a ton of this buffalo mince
so buff keema I’m gonna take a big spoonful of this broth and just see what it tastes like mmm it’s a very mild subtle sort of meat flavored broth so what I’m
going to do is add a whole dollop of this chilli oil so tons of chilli and also
some roasted sesame seeds in there and I think it’s gonna ramp this bowl of
noodles up so let’s just chuck a whole lot of that heat into that bowl and let’s
just give it a big ole mix and I’ve got to get into these noodles they look so
good it was amazing watching them getting made those noodles have a
beautiful flavour they’re the right amount of chew and bounce they’re amazing
I want to go for a bite of noodles and then chase it with some broth and buff beautiful the noodles are just
unreal really bouncy they have a great texture a lot of flavour and then adding
that chilli oil really ramped it up has given it another depth of flavour that
buffalo mince is great quite lean that broth is wonderful now it started
off as being very mild in flavour just a very basic sort of bone broth and then
adding that chilli oil and then that roasted sesame flavour is coming through it now too wow thukpa is one of those dishes that you
eat a lot when you’re here in Nepal especially if you’re trekking we ate
this so often when we were trekking up to Everest Base Camp but I have never
eaten a thukpa like this before the noodles are just sensational they’re
such a highlight and actually having them being made just meters away you
know that you’ve got a quality thing going on again it’s so satisfying it’s hearty it’s warming it is just an epic bowl of noodles


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