Arjan Khatkar – BA (Hons) Marketing Management

So Hi! I’m Arjun Khatkar, I’m currently studying marketing management at the University of Wolverhampton So I’ve been doing my university course for two years now. I’m moving into my final year. I’m also in the second year of my business. I will continue to keep growing my business alongside my university. As I can take aspects from the University and apply it to the business. When I first opened my hot yoga centre, I didn’t know who my market would be but with the use of the tools given by the University, I was able to dissect the market and find out that it’s not just for the mature people, It’s actually for people with health problems such as back pain foot pain, or arthritis. Or anything which is causing them discomfort The course Creativity and entrepreneurship actually helped with time management but it also helps with event management and because you’re planning a charity event where you’re doing it along with a group who you’re not used to doing it with and you have to take in a range of ideas as well as give your own opinion But you have to actually join together as a team and work completely as a team

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