Another Wedding | 또 한번의 웨딩 [2012 Drama Special / ENG / 2012.12.23]

One, two… (5 years ago) Hello, it’s me. Hagyeong’s coming with me. Also, everything she brought here comes with her, too. Mother-in-law? How could you still call me “mother-in-law”? Why? How could you ask me why? Mom, stop it. This is for the best. – Move the desk, too? / – Yes. Well, you two haven’t registered the marriage anyways. – The pictures? / – Leave it. Don’t ever call me again, and don’t come anywhere near Hagyeong. What more do you have to say? What a loser. Give it. Burn every piece of evidence there is. What about that? He bought it. We’re done? We’ve moved everything. Okay. Let’s go. (Demand of Wedding Planners is on the rise) A wedding hall in Gangnam, Sunday afternoon. Future wife and husband, as one, look ahead to their life together. Guests arrive to celebrate the couple. But one person is busier than anyone else. She is a wedding planner Chae Hagyeong. So you want a new date for the studio photos? Yes. – We’ll start in 30 minutes. / – Okay. Please tell us what a wedding planner does. It’s someone who plans everything concerning the wedding. Weddings these days are quite complex. So we arrange the wedding just as the bride and groom wish. Congratulations. I’m so nervous. It’s natural to get nervous before a wedding. Wedding planner’s role is to befriend the bride till she walks down the aisle. That is when her 5-year experience comes through. Where are you headed? I got a complaint concerning flowers, so I have to go check. It must be hard every time. Weddings never go off without a hitch. Weddings never go as planned? It must mean something. Planning a wedding isn’t easy. Brides and grooms often get into arguments, and it wouldn’t meet their expectations. The actual marriage could be worse. Why did you choose to be a wedding planner? Well… A secret. Does that answer your question? I heard you’re single. Yes. So, how would you plan your own wedding? I haven’t had time to think about it. Maru’s here. Hey, sister. What are you doing at this time? The baby’s laundry is not done yet. Is it okay to lie on air that you’re single? What if your ex-husband watches it? What? Ex-husband? You must feel life has been unfair. Becoming a divorcée after 3 weeks of marriage. You rushed into your divorce. Hey, I fought with that Scrooge the whole honeymoon. I asked him to buy me a mango that was less than $1, and he bought only one and wanted to share. He bought an $80 honey set for mother. Are we Winnie-the-Pooh’s relations eating honey all day? Why are you staring at me like that? You still remember the past so well. Because I hold a grudge so deep. If I had had money then, I would have hired a hit man. What’s that doing here? You keep it now. There is no space at home with Maru’s books. Maru, let’s go home. He’s only 4 years old. Take it back. There’s no place for that. Our place has no space, either. If you re-marry, your new mother-in-law will have doubts about those furnishings. So what? Throw away everything? Take this. You still have feelings for your ex-husband? Stop calling him my ex-husband. Take her home. Seo Injae was good-looking though. My husband doesn’t flush the toilet for me to see. I know a tall handsome company guy, but you don’t like someone with a kid, right? Zip it. Right, first marriage. See you. – Bye. / – See you. Go on in. (Demand of Wedding Planners is on the rise) Good work, Chief Chae. The board agreed that you did good advertising. Thank you. The press says wedding expenses are excessive and just vanity. But I consider this business has a bright future. We only do this once, and it’s tempting to outdo others, right? Sure. We may found a Sinchon branch with foreign investment next year. In Sinchon? It’s the center of wedding business. The board wants me to find someone suitable. So I thought of you. What do you think? – The branch manager? / – Yes, hang on. (Application for Membership) She’s the daughter of our investor in Japan. She’s marrying s Korean man. Isn’t that great? Take care of her as if she’s your own sister. If you get this right, I’ll recommend you to the board. Nice to meet you. I’m Chae Hagyeong. I’ll be planning your wedding. I hope I can be a great help to you. Hello? Hagyeong? You’re Hagyeong? Sorry, I’m late. I had a car accident on the way. I’m sorry. Are you okay? Aren’t you hurt? It’s just a slight bump while parking. I left my number. I heard that’s the Korean way. Right, you did well. They’ll call you first, so don’t worry. Let’s decide the wedding hall first. At year-end, many hotels are booked up. I want an outdoor wedding. That’s not popular in the winter. It’s troublesome for the couple and the guests. What if it snows? Snow is better. The snow congratulating me on my wedding. It will be so romantic, don’t you think so? Then, take a look at these. Thank you, my dear wedding planner. I’ll reserve a hotel just in case. Make all the arrangements. But I want it to be outdoors. I had no idea it was your car. What should I do? Don’t worry. I’ll change the car soon. Really? Thank God. Then, quickly get a new car. The color’s so lame like some old matron’s. Matron? Where did you learn that? What do you think? It’s pretty, but too plain. Wedding ring should be plain. You can wear another ring with it. Brides like to vary with other rings. You can have 1/3 carat or 1/5 carat. Any size you prefer. That’s too small. It’s once in a lifetime, right? 1 carat will be quite expensive. 1 carat with a 6-claw, full-setting is… 1 carat? (Summer, 5 years ago) I’m just asking. Can’t I do that? Shall I draw up an estimate? Yes. – No, thanks. / – Honey. Why ask for something you’re not going to buy? We’re here for the designs. Take it off. – Here. / – Come out here. Goodbye. Hey, my hand hurts. You’re embarrassing me. Why humiliate me like that? That’s not humiliation. It’s over our budget. I didn’t say I’d buy that. I said I’ll just look and buy an imitation at Jongno. Yes, you did. Then, why ask about the 1 carat? I can’t even ask? It’s not like I’d get arrested. Is it so much to ask you to go along with me? You hate to spend money on me? It’s like you’re negotiating with me. What if I am? Marriage isn’t a business. Marriage is… If marriage is business, you’re a fraud. I gave you $5,000-worth wedding gift, but you gave nothing in return. My mom bought your mom a mink coat, and a watch and suit for you. I never got my share, so I bought all my cosmetics, suit, and bags with my money. That’s nonsense. I told you I’d give you that share. When? And that isn’t the same. Right, your mother told me that my wedding gift and $30,000 furnishings are absurd for your $400,000 house. What does that mean? Why bring up my mother? So that’s why she pretended to know nothing about my gift. And a $400,000 house? I won’t complain if it were true. – $200,000 is a loan. / – It’s $180,000. So the house is $220,000. Who pays back the loan? Us, it’s our house. Our house? It’s under your name, and you say “our house”? My parents bought it. That’s why it’s under my name. It’s your money when you buy it, and ours for paying it back? What a strange way of calculating. I am strange. How much is it? She’ll pay for it. My God. What do you think? Hey. Yes. How do I look? It looks nice. Try on another one. We need to choose two more for the studio photo shoot. My fiancé should be here. Why is he coming so late? Didn’t the first dress look sexy? It’ll be awkward if the wedding dress is too sexy. No, I want to try it on again. This is cheap-looking. Bring me the dress, please. Okay. Cheap-looking? Where did she learn that? For Pete’s sake. She’s quite picky. Please have some. I’ll place it inside. Thank you. Welcome, sir. I was told to come to the second floor for my tuxedo. Your name is… It’s Seo Injae. Honey, here! Why are you so late? Sorry, the meeting got delayed. Come in. What do you think? Is it pretty? Sexy? It looks good on you. Not good? I should try another one. Where did she go? Hey, Hagyeong! Yes, I’m coming. I knew we’d meet once living in Seoul together. But I never thought it would be like this. I’m surprised you work as a wedding planner. I’m surprised about you. A international marriage with such a young girl. You still go around fooling young girls? Things happened that way. What about your previous work? I thought you wouldn’t quit. It’s none of your business. Why did you want to see me? We have nothing more to say. Let someone else take over my wedding. You must feel uneasy. What? Don’t worry. I’ll make something up to her. No, sir. I’m not uneasy at all. Don’t be stubborn. You must feel uneasy. I won’t give up planning this wedding. It’s very important to me. What do you mean? Your soon-to-be wife is our VVIP. If I do this right, I get promoted. So if you don’t mind, don’t say anything and let it go. You can just get married, and I get a promotion. It’s a win-win business for both of us. Business? Yes, it’s a business. Surprise. What’s going on? Did I forget something? I’ve proven myself. I’m all ears to your comments. Sending you to cooking school paid off. Right, it cost a lot. How is it? Not bad. I should have brought my family with me. Why didn’t you? They went to the in-laws. All you need is a man now. Man? I didn’t learn cooking for a guy. If you turn 33 next year, there’d be no more available guys. Lower your standards. Can’t get any lower. Then, dig into the ground. She’s not so bad herself. Don’t kill your self-esteem. You have nothing to be downhearted about. You were young and a poor judge of men’s characters. It was a mistake you made. He’s getting married. What? Your ex-husband? With whom? He has no fidelity? It hasn’t been long since you two parted. He’s getting married, and what have you done for 5 years? She waited for him to call her. Now she’s been burnt. I’ve been waiting for whom? I thought he was quite naive, but he turned out to be a backstabber. He followed you around everywhere. I knew from the beginning. When we took back our furnishings, he reported it as a burglary. Even when I told him beforehand. He’s insane. Forget it. Once I get him married, I become a manager of the new branch. I don’t care whom he marries. Right, don’t let it get to you. – I’m leaving. / – See you. Chin up! I’ll get going, too. Should I stay and sleep over? Whatever. You upset me. How did he meet such a young girl? Did you ask him that? Why? Just curious since you are 12 years younger. Does age matter when you’re in love? Not for me. You’re right… I quit liking “TVXQ” after I met him. I cried for the first time since “TVXQ” disbanded. My God! It’s so cute. What is this? Isn’t this pretty? It is, but think of the groom’s preference, too. The bed is for both of you. Whatever. You can’t see it once the light is off. He’ll focus on me when the lights are on. Don’t they have those mirrors on the ceiling? Would this fit into his place? Your new house is 106㎡? Yes, it’s his place. My dad wanted to buy us a house in Gangnam, but my fiancé says no. The groom’s still naive. He doesn’t know the time of day yet. What? Nothing. A single guy living alone at a place of that size. It’s not common in Korea. Was he married before? Yes, he’s a divorcé. A divorcé? He was married, but you’ll still marry him? Sure. People getting married do not intend to get divorced in the first place. It seems it wasn’t his fault, either. Really? What did he say about her? He told me she was an “SIC”. “SIC”? She was simple, ignorant, and crazy. She had a weird personality and was very lavish. And she was the worst housekeeper and cook. The worst? What else? There was more, but I can’t remember. He said a lot. I’m an SIC? For God’s sake. Something wrong? Don’t get me started. Chief, you look good on camera. What? He just watched the clip. Weddings never go as planned. How did you think of those great words? Like you’ve been there yourself. – Hey. / – What? Stop getting others married and look out for yourself. Clients won’t trust an unmarried planner. Patients with cancer won’t see a doctor with cancer. – Come here. / – Why? – Sit. / – Get yourself a partner first. Oh, this is crazy. Why can’t you throw it away? Hello? Yes, that’s me. – Who? / – It’s the furniture delivery. I can’t get in touch with Eun Minse, and no one’s home. It’s a holiday. Someone must be home. No one. The cars are all backed up here. I told them about this. Why isn’t anyone coming? I’m here because of 103-806. What’s the matter? No one’s home. You’re the owner of 806? No, I’m a wedding planner. Wedding what? I have other rounds to make. Call your husband quickly. He’s not my husband. Just call him. Okay. (Jerk) Your call is being forwarded… Why isn’t he answering? Hello. Hello? Is this Minse? – Hagyeong? / – Where are you? Don’t be surprised. I’m off to Singapore. Singapore? You’re leaving for Singapore now? Yes, I’m going to the “TVXQ” Asia Tour Concert. My friends got me a ticket as a wedding gift. Who is it? My wedding planner. You can’t go. The wedding furniture’s coming in today. Right. What should I do? I have to say goodbye to them before I get married. Take it for me. Minse. Please, Hagyeong. The plane’s taking off. I have to go. Goodbye. Oh my. What now? People will file complaints, ma’am. Don’t call me ma’am. Let’s go up, then. Do you know the password? Of course not. You don’t know? Get the truck out. The ladder and delivery cost $500 in total. You’ll have to pay again for the second delivery. Hey, we can’t unload other deliveries if we don’t offload these first. What will you do? Anyways, this isn’t our fault. Then, call a locksmith and unlock the door. We can’t move on without unloading this. We’ll leave it in the parking lot if we have to, got it? It’s opened? Get the ladder up. You knew the password. Are you kidding me? Get it up. Bring them in. – Fill in from the main bedroom. / – Okay. Be careful. Hey, where does the cupboard go to? Over there. – Okay. / – Hurry up. This way. Watch out and use some strength. Hurry up. Honey, dinnertime. (Summer, 5 years ago) Looks delicious. You’ve made so many dishes. – Ta-da! / – Looks delicious. Why keep the ring on? Isn’t it uncomfortable? No one knows it’s an imitation. Good. Your side got quite a good dowry. Why not buy me a genuine one? – The ring? / – Yes. Don’t get me a toy ring again. What’s wrong? It’s salty. There’s nothing in the fridge. Don’t worry. Your wife will make something nice. Be quiet. My wife’s cooking is really… – Yes, sir. / – Hey… I’ll check it right away. You’re coming home? – Hello. / – Hello. We’ll have another round at our place. Where are you going at this hour? Some containers going Chile got mixed up. I have to go and check it out. It’s late. I’m sorry. Call the snack house. The numbers are on the fridge. See you later. Hey, Chae Hagyeong. Say it quick. How many times will you do this? Just quit it. You’re talking nonsense. I’m late. They’re waiting for me. Call and say you can’t go. – No. / – Why did you marry me, then? What? Why did you marry me? You think getting me a ring is a waste of money. The ring again? Let’s drop it. That’s getting stale. Remember my self-esteem hit the floor when I married you. Self-esteem? Because of a ring? Not only the ring. You never kept any of your promises. I’m talking about the furniture and wedding gift, as well as the cheap hotel room on the honeymoon and a fake ring. This house is a fake, also. You lied to me, didn’t you? And I can’t quit my job. You want me to stay home with your low salary? How will you pay the loan? I’ll get off work soon. We’ll have dinner together, or we could eat out. Hagyeong… If you leave now, it’s over between us. Hey, this way. Do you have some water? Yes, just a minute. Why keep this till now? Come out. Out now. What are you doing? Nothing. What’s with your phone? Why is it so hard to get to you? I spilled something. Now you live low, wow! So you took her to the airport? You couldn’t handle me, but think you can handle that time bomb? You’re worried? No way. My responsibility is only the wedding. Just make sure you walk down the aisle. I’ll do it for you so you can make a manager. Sure. Let me take advantage from an old acquaintance. It’s more comfy to wear this while cooking. It smells good. I’m getting hungry. By the way, you haven’t changed the password. It’s still 0119. I’ll rob this place again. So I can call the police again? Change it. That password is my birthday, and it’s an invasion of privacy. You know the plan, right? Tomorrow, stop by the print shop to pick up the invitations. Oh my, the next day is the dress-fitting day. She can’t miss it. She has to be here. It was too loose earlier. That can’t be postponed? No, then the schedule will be tight. Wait. Minse, it’s me. I’m glad you’re having fun. Sure, I miss you, too. Of course. Your dress-fitting is in two days, and you have to be here. Height? She’s about your height. She’s here. Okay. She wants to talk to you. Why? No. Just take it. Hey, having fun? What? My size? What for? It’s 32-24-32. Stop it and come eat. You’re really not eating? She’s that desperate. Any decent guy you know? What about Mr. Kim? Come on, he’s brand new. New? She can’t meet someone who’s single? I’m sorry. Honestly, I feel so bad for her whenever I see her. What? I know some guys who’ve been married, but you won’t like any of them. It’s awkward. Forget it. She’s meeting Injae again, so don’t bother. Who’s meeting whom? Pretend you don’t know. I’ll lighten up the mood. For the record, I’m not seeing him again. Don’t pretend you’re not. You, come here. Why? I heard you went to his place. – So what? / – You don’t know? Did you spend the night? What? It was work-related. Getting your husband married isn’t work. – You two are still a couple. / – Mother! He didn’t change his phone number yet. It’s because he still has feelings for you. So listen to me. Try to work things out, okay? Did you call him? Well… What’s that on your finger? A ring? It’s nothing. Listen up. You two are separated now. You’re driving me crazy. Okay, tell me about the concert when you get back. What? I’m not doing anything. The planner’s doing everything. Breathe in. I had nothing since yesterday. It fits, so I’m done, right? No, the groom has to see it. No, he doesn’t have to. No, that’s the rule. We’ll get complaints. Okay, see you. What are you looking at? Turn around. No need. Okay, then. How does she look? Hey, what do you think? Nice. She looks nice. You confirmed it, okay? No, hang on. That was harassment. What was? Scanning another girl like that. Thank me for letting it go. You saved $20,000. Mother-in-law called. Don’t mind about that. And why is she your mother-in-law? Well… I guess you’re right. What did you talk about? Just saying hello. It’s damaged. Did you get in an accident? Yes. With your young fiancée. So you didn’t do anything about it? Follow me. I know a place. Mister, the light and the bumper are falling off. There seems to be something wrong here, too. Check the whole thing out, please. Just by looking at it, the bumper needs to be fixed. And the oil is leaking, and needs to be changed. It a miracle it’s still running. Mother-in-law? (Jerk) (Seo Injae) Just stay put. You don’t have to do this. Then, you shouldn’t have paid for the repair. Wait. What? You know I can’t stand owing someone. Right. He said it’s a miracle your car is still running. What do you like about Minse? Well… She’s cute and lively, and innocent in some ways. Plus, she likes me a lot, so we argue less. Communication is hard, so why bother to fight? That may be right. As you know, her father is a big investor in our firm. He may have at least 10 firms like that in Korea and Japan. So bear that in mind. You’ll do fine if you don’t make any mistakes. Mistakes? Like hitting on me. Come back down. I’ll wait here. Okay. Get my pants from the veranda. Hagyeong. What? Are you seeing anyone? I’m busy marrying couples. I thought you’d have married well raising a child. You cursed me so much, so how could I have? – Curse? / – Yes. You sent my mom a text. “Your daughter ruined my life.” How childish you were. I must have been a kid. Thinking back, I got mad over nothing. I always tried to win over trivial matters. Right, you were definitely a child. You sound like you did nothing wrong? I organized the fridge. You can do the rest, right? Don’t skip breakfast, and nuke the porridge. Right, I almost forget. What was that? I found it in the closet. I didn’t take it on purpose. It’s pretty. It’s just a fake. I told you that you can’t make a mistake. I wonder… what happened between us? You really don’t know? Why didn’t you stop me? Hello? Where are you? Did you forget about today’s meeting? Where are you now? I’ll call you later. You’re up? You’re going somewhere? – Yes. / – Where? To pick up Minse at the airport. You should go home and change to go to work. Oh, right. You remember this afternoon’s schedule, right? Look around the back-up hotel and choose the food for the reception. Don’t be late, both of you. Okay. See you later. Get a grip. What do you want from him? To run out the door and stop you? He didn’t stop you then. It’s just a one-night stand. Just let it go. And don’t get shaken up by this. Get the wedding over with and become a branch manager. Don’t act like a fool. What do I say to him? Just tell him it was a mistake. A huge mistake. Mr. Seo, yesterday was a huge mistake. I should say it first. I should say it first. What’s going on? What has he done to my car? (Fall, 5 years ago) Why did you apply? If 100 couples get married, all the weddings should be different. But weddings these days are all the same… Not your dream, why did you apply to this company? You worked at a trading company. With your career, you could get a better job. Ms. Chae Hagyeong? You won’t hire me if I tell you. Sounds interesting. Tell me. I won’t fire you, so tell me. Someone I know works at a company across the street. It’s called Dongwu Well House. A guy? Your boyfriend? No. One-sided love? On my. That firm is moving out next month. Then, you’ll quit, too? No. Ms. Eun Minse? Yes? I’m Han Jihye, your new wedding planner. Ms. Chae has some personal matters, so I’ll be assisting you. What personal matters? (Sejong Hospital) I envy you. My company would’ve just fired me. Honey, cut me some pear. You want this? It’s a chance to rest. The boss said not to worry about work. Working hard is one thing, but getting her ex-husband married for a promotion? Mom, stop it. For a woman, divorce is the end of the world. Don’t ever say anything about her being married once. Please stop! Have this. I don’t want it. Isn’t that him? It’s your ex-husband. He’s here? Why is he here? It’s obvious when he brings flowers. Come on. Put some cream on your face. Don’t be nervous and act like nothing happened. What’s all the fuss? Would you get together if he asked? You’re over-reacting. It’s just a get-well visit. Hey, you want this badly. Just say no once, and let it play. Once? She’s in no position to play hard to get. Just throw a fastball, not a curveball. “I was yours since 5 years ago.” Men fall for those words. Right, knock him out. Everyone, be quiet. And you lie down nicely. Comb your hair. It’s been a while. How have you been doing? Look who’s here. It’s my son-in-law. Let me hold your hand. – Mother. / – What? Let’s go for some fresh air. Hello? Leave quickly. He’s good-looking. You described him as a monster. Monster? He was decent from the start. Quiet and frugal. You keep changing what you say. How are you feeling? I was surprised to hear what happened. You must be busy. What brings you here? Come on, you got hurt. About that day… It was a mistake. Forget about it. No, I actually… I said forget it. It was a mistake. I should say I’m sorry. Are you sure? It should never have happened. I was out of my mind. Okay. If so, I feel much better, too. Good to hear that. I feel sorrier for Minse. She’s your fiancée. I explained the situation to her father, and he gave me his word. I thought of what I could do for you. What do you mean? We talked about it on the first day we met again. About the win-win business. I don’t understand. Spit it out. Though you were in an accident, I wanted to make you a branch manager. It’ll work out well. What did he say? Mom, it’s all over. Bigger smile, cheese. Wait. Smile. The groom should look brighter. Smile as much as you love her. Groom, brighter. I’m writing about his life story on the web. So “like it” when I’m done. Don’t do anything stupid. We have to show the world justice still exists. He has to be exposed so he can smarten up. Mister. Not this one. The washing machine and the dishwasher are going to my place. Okay. Anyway, you can’t let him slip away. Take good care of them so they don’t get scratched. You’ll start work at Sinchon after removing the cast. I’m happy for you. Thank you. How are the things going? She canceled the outdoor wedding. All of a sudden, she insists on having a church wedding. So she learned the Liturgy and re-made the invitations. She’s so unpredictable. A Catholic church? Yes, she’s having a rehearsal tonight. Glad that it’s all out in the open? It was 5 years ago. I had been married for 3 weeks. Are you all surprised? I couldn’t say it. No, we all knew you’d been married once. – How? / – It shows. Why didn’t you tell me? I was walking on eggshells. It was tougher for us pretending not to know. How could you? Divorce isn’t something to hide. Will you hide it when you next time? It’s not like you. Want to look at the new invitation with the photo you chose? (Seo Injae) (Facing the Same Direction) You waited a long time. I’m sorry to call you so suddenly. Don’t mention it. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you in the hospital. But where’s the bride? You look different all dressed up. Have you dressed down worrying you’d look prettier than the brides? Really. You will do public harm if you go like this. Brush. It’s the first time doing it for you. I’m kind of nervous. Me too. I wonder what’s going on. Do you have plans? A blind date? No. You’re not getting married tonight, are you? Father is running a bit late. Minse is on her way, too. Shall we keep rehearsing? The groom entered, and you can take the bride’s hand here. Be the bride again. Why do I have to be the bride again? You should do it. You know the marriage order? Fine. Okay, I’m the father. Take the bride’s hand. Wait. Bow to the father first. Don’t snatch the hand. Try again. – Be gentle. / – Okay. The bride walks in again. You can’t walk in like a gorilla. This is how I walk. Then, do it yourself. Okay, fine. Step closer, then, bow to the father. I’ll let go of the hand. Don’t wobble and stand still. Looks good. Chief. Check outside, the groom’s name is wrong. Really? Oh my. I’m the bride. I’ll do it. Okay, see you. Where are we? The bride walking in? Taking hold of the hand. You shouldn’t stand there. The bride is always on the left of the groom. We bumped into each other last time because of you. Imagine the father handed you the bride’s hand, and you put out the hand. Walk forward. And slowly lower your hand. Good job. Then, the bride and groom’s bow. Take one step back before bowing. You remember all this, right? We bumped heads last time. The bride and groom bow each other. Now, they sing a hymn and read things, but you just stand still. Next is the wedding vows. Pretend the priest is here, and kneel down. Do you, Seo Andrea, take this woman to be… No matter what may come upon your couple’s future, do you promise to love, respect, honor, and consider each other to stand by her side for all the days of your life? Answer. Do you promise? What a handsome groom. This is why I fell for you. You have to be happy this time. A marriage at a church cannot be broken. Not anymore. I wasn’t confident then. I thought… you’d still leave me if I had stopped you. I should have been more patient. I was stupid. Honey. I’m sorry. The traffic jam was severe. Oh, Hagyeong! Are you okay now? My fiancé was really worried about you. Congratulations on your wedding. Thank you. Honey, look. Ta-da! I found the perfect ring for us. It’s pretty, right? I’ve been to Jongno, and it was great. They have all the luxury brand imitations there. Try it on. Let’s see if it fits. It’s perfect. Thank God. But the price is less than half. Diamonds aren’t important. It’s the heart that matters. I can’t sleep when I think of you. I’m lonely if you’re not in my dreams. I stick your picture on my forehead. I think of you when I eat or watch TV. I want the world to know I love you. Thank you for letting me see him again. I came back to return this. But it’s hard to do so. What should I do? (Summer, 5 years ago) You mean this? Yes. You’re alone today. Pardon? Yes. I’ll have this.


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