Angel’s Revenge | 천상여자 EP.42 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.03.20]

What’s wrong? Where are we going? Stay with me tonight. Why? Is that not part of the plan yet? Or? Have you miscalculated? Why are you being like this? You can’t act this way while you’re drunk. Is this all you are? You’re better than this. Lee Seonyu. It seems like you know a lot about me. Then tell me. Who am I? What are you doing? If you’re mad at me, then say it straight. Don’t go beating around the bush. What is it you want to say? You really don’t know? I’m asking because I don’t know. I don’t know either. Who is Lee Seonyu really? Forget it. Just go home. Mom, don’t work too hard. You’ll be tired. I’m still healthy so don’t worry. Have a nice day, mother. Did grandma go out already? Yes. I said a few things about Jiseok yesterday and now she’s giving me the cold shoulder. She’s worried because he didn’t come home. Jiseok is the exact same way. I said one thing to him, and he refuses to come home. It must be genetic. Aran. Jiseok didn’t come home because of you? Did you nag him? I didn’t say much. What’s wrong with you? Jiseok said he’d write me a cover letter. But he didn’t come home because of you. I’m ruined. I really hate you. Both mother and uncle blame me for Jiseok’s problems. Mom, I’m worried, too. I’m going to visit Jiseok’s restaurant. If you’re going, make sure you tell Jiseok he better come home today. Or else, your grandma’s attitude will worsen and I’ll have to deal with the fallout. Just choose already. Be mad at me or be worried about me. Stop confusing me. You’re the one who’s being confusing. I’m really lost here. Is it because of your mother? What about her? Everything was fine until your mother came. Did I make your quarrel worse? I wish that was what happened. It has nothing to do with anyone else. This a problem between you and me. Then just tell it to me straight. I really don’t know. Lee Seonyu, do you love me? Why can’t you answer? Why are you with me? Why did you decide to accept my heart? Lee Seonyu? Do you even like me? Or were you just feeling sorry for me? How can you say that? Why would I pity you? Then tell me. How do you feel about me? You can’t tell me if you like me or not. Are you here for my family background? What? You can be honest. If you like me because I’m rich, I really do not care. Actually, it would make things way simpler. Because then you’d never leave me. Why do you bring this up so suddenly? I’m not sure why you’re treating me this way, but I’ve never done anything to deserve it. You’re dishonest to the very end. Take it and leave me. This is… It was in my car. Don’t let yourself get caught. What’s this? I guess my brother gave it back to you. How did you know? What? Did you plant this photo? Is that why you asked me to make copies? So you’d have time to steal my diary? I told you I’d break you up no matter what. My brother knows you have ulterior motives. And he won’t trust you anymore. Seo Jihui, what happened to you? Did you expect me to sit back and watch? I took all necessary measures. Simple tricks like this won’t work. There are memories only Jiseok and I share. A single photo will not erase us. I guess you’re talking about the time when you helped Jiseok out. You and I share a story Jiseok doesn’t know. A very special story. Jiseok. What are you doing here in the morning? I was worried about you. I brought you some clothes to change into. Were you here all night? What if you catch a cold? I can tell by your face that you didn’t sleep. Are you still thinking about it? Jihui. I know what you want to say and I understand your concern. But just stop. Don’t say anything else. Are you defending that woman again? You saw the black box video. Why don’t you trust me? It’s not a matter of trust. This is between me and Seonyu so don’t say anything. It isn’t just the two of you. If she knew about your background, it concerns the entire family. What if the rest of the family finds out? I’ll take care of that too! I’m asking you. Jihui, please just don’t get involved. I just… I just felt like it was partly my fault… But it’s fine. Take care of things. Back in the day, Eunsu gave you a hard time. I don’t want to see that happen again. And with that, training is officially complete. Good work. Thank you. Good work, Pungho. Now we’re trained. This is nothing. You worked extra hard, and skipped Bangtong’s first day of school. It was nothing. Good work. Mr. Heo and Ms. Bong. You guys were amazing. You’re the amazing one Mr. Choi. You came here from the countryside. We just walked a few blocks. Yeah. What’s hard about coming from the country? The company gave us a dorm to stay in. That’s why you were here the fastest. In any case, to our success! To our success! Great job. Why isn’t anyone inside? Why is it locked? Bangtong’s mom? Bangtong? Isn’t that… Isn’t he the guy that saved me? Hello. Hey mister. Bangtong’s mom is here, too. Nice to meet you. I didn’t think I could meet you. Yes, how are you? I’m always doing fine. What are you doing at our shop? Oh, this. Take it. Hello? I’m Seo Wuhyeon. I’m good at riding motorbikes. I like pizza and I want to work. It’s just like Bangtong’s writing. I wrote it myself. If Jiseok had helped, I would’ve done better but I just wrote it on my own. You wrote well. It’ll be hard to deliver on a motorbike. Are you sure you can do it? Yes, I can. I’m good at riding motorbikes. I’m good at riding anything with two wheels. I’m good at riding bikes and I even have a motorbike license. It’s not just about riding bikes. You’ll have to find the houses. And you have to get money from customers. Then I can just learn. I’ll memorize all the addresses. And I can collect all the money they give me. Am I wrong? I really want to work here. I don’t need a salary. Our family has a lot of money. What is he doing here? Hello, ma’am. I’m here to work. What? He brought a cover letter. He wants to work as a deliveryman. So that’s why you were talking about salaries. Just how much money do you have if you’re not going to accept a salary? My mom makes a lot of money so I’ve never worked before. But I want to work now. But can I ask why you want to work? Wait, that’s not important. When you saved my husband a while back was that handsome man who was with you the grandson of your rich mother? Wow that’s complicated. All right. My mom is Jiseok’s grandma. That’s why Jiseok works at my mom’s company’s restaurant. Oh, my. So he’s a second generation… No, third generation of a prominent family? What is the name of your mother’s company? What are you doing? Why would you ask that? Seonyu and the young man may get married. So it won’t hurt to know. I was very curious about your nephew. Ma’am, aren’t you curious about me? I’m the one here for the interview. Jiseok is working, should I call him? When can I start working here? We’ll call you back after we make a decision. Okay. Can you see my phone number? Do you see it here? Please call me here. Okay then. Nothing’s wrong. I just had to stay overnight for work. Yes, grandma. Don’t worry and see you at home. I have to go now, grandma. Bye. I have something to return to you. This photo was inside my planner. I’m returning it because it’s not mine. I know. This was a family photo, I knew it couldn’t be yours. But why was it in your diary? Shouldn’t you explain why you had it? Explain? I was looking for my diary. I didn’t see it after my visit to the marketing team. I’d never seen this photo before. Were you upset over this photo? You’d never seen this photo before? So then you didn’t know Jihui before I introduced her to you? I did not. How could I know Seo Jihui? Then who’d she hit with her car? Why can’t you answer? So you didn’t jump into her car on purpose? When I saw the footage I couldn’t believe it. No, I didn’t want to believe it. So please, say something in your defense. Did Seo Jihui tell you that I came to her with ulterior motives? Why? Isn’t it true? Jihui says that you approached her to find more information on me and that’s why you’re with me now. I guess you think the same way. So that’s why you asked me why I starting dating you and if it was because of your background. Even so, it doesn’t matter. Even if you did what Jihui claims, if you knew my background, none of that matters. I care about your honest feelings. What you honestly feel about Seo Jiseok. You’re still speechless. I’m done talking. Go back to work. If your voice ever returns, come find me. I hoped you would never find out. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault, Jiseok. I’m guessing that you know what Aran was talking about? As I told you, mother was just acting on a rumor. Don’t be upset, ma’am. No. She wouldn’t have said that I planted someone at Jiseok’s restaurant without proof. Can you think of anyone in the restaurant? I don’t know the employees very well but if you feel bad about this, I’ll look into it. No. You’re a busy person. You don’t have to do this. You are dismissed. Yes, ma’am. He knows something but he won’t say anything. He’s on Aran’s side. He has no reason to open up to me. He doesn’t make mistakes either. Mr. Kim, I’m relying on you. Understood. I’ll check the files on the employees. Good. Be sure to be discreet. If anyone finds out that I ordered this, it’d only hurt Jiseok. She’s definitely suspicious. There’s no way she’d ignore it. It’s me. We need to meet. You two must be fearless. You showed Jiseok the footage? What if he finds out that the accident took place in the parking lot of your place? Then our relationship will be revealed. Didn’t that scare you? Why would I be scared? You started a car accident and I was given a second life. And you shouldn’t be worried about me. Shouldn’t you be doing everything to regain Seo Jiseok’s heart? You were savoring Jiseok to get revenge. You’re done now. Jiseok was your only card to play. Did you think I’d give up so easily? If you won’t give up, then do you plan to kill me? I could. I could kill myself and take you with me. But that’d be too easy. You wouldn’t get to suffer. That’s why I’m going to kill you slowly. You will lose your money, power and success. You will be penniless and empty handed. I will make you feel the pain my sister felt, the night you stole her life away. You’re all talk. Just wait. It might all come true one day. Also, you should be excited. I’ll show you something fun. You’re going to end up doing everything I say. Listen closely and do what I say. Stay away from our family, including Jiseok. If the chairman finds out who you are it’ll only hurt Jiseok. If you care about him at all, get out immediately. Jang Taejeong and Seo Jihui, if you’re going to raise the stakes, then I’m going to raise them higher. After losing the grandchild Jihui was carrying, I miss my grandson even more. I wonder how big he is now. Mom, are you going to send the clothes now? You bought them ages ago. I was thinking of delivering them myself. I couldn’t go sooner because if I saw his face I knew I’d try to bring him home with me. I can’t go now. Mom, I’ve always been curious. Who is this baby you’re talking about? It’s just… There’s an orphanage and there’s this special baby there. Love Orphanage? How long have you supported it? How can you have a favorite baby already? Why are you so curious? Why are you asking so many questions? Looking at the clothes, I think of Jihui as well as Jinyu. You think of both of them? You know. Ever since Jihui had a baby, I kept thinking of Jinyu. Her baby died. Maybe that’s why Jihui lost her baby. Do you think we’re being punished? Why are you talking about this? What punishment? Who died? The baby isn’t dead. Huh? Jinyu’s baby isn’t dead? What do you mean? Jinyu’s baby isn’t dead? Yes, mom. Answer me. The baby didn’t die when Jinyu had the accident? Well… It’s alive. What? It’s alive. It’s alive in my heart. That’s why I’m supporting the orphanage. Come on. What? You good-for-nothing… I was so happy I almost died. Are you messing with me right now? Just because you support an orphanage doesn’t mean you’re without sin. The heavens won’t bless you. You can just live the way you are as Madam Na. What did I ever do? I didn’t have the money to help others. But now that I’m well off, I’m going to help others. Noblesse oblige. What? Noblesse oblige? Oh. Since you have a lot of money, but a lot of pizzas. Hey. This is noblesse oblige, too! You give me such a headache. She came all the way out here to hand me a flyer? Such terrible timing. My dear grandson, how are you? Wear pretty clothes and grow up to be pretty. Mr. Seo. Can we talk for a moment? I’m quitting the restaurant. Please find a replacement. I gave you time to tell me the truth and now you’re running away? I’m doing it because you don’t trust me. Do you think it’s that easy? Everything will end if you quit? Did our relationship mean nothing to you? You felt sorry for me, and so you just took my heart. That’s why it’s so easy for you to quit. It was not an easy decision. When I accepted your heart, I wanted to be by your side until you asked me to leave. But you don’t believe in me, and you’re in such pain. Why should we be together then? I don’t need any of that. All I want to know is whether you love me or not. That’s all. The photo and the accident have nothing to do with this. No. You say that but you still suspect me. That’s why you’re in so much pain. If you really trusted me, then you would have never wavered. No. You didn’t explain anything. So, how can I trust you? I don’t have to explain anything. So… You’re just going to quit? Fine. Do what you want. Hey Jiseok. Did you have dinner? I’m not hungry. Where’s grandma? She’s in her room. Why? You’re home early today. Yes, I have something to say. What is it? Have a seat. Sit down and talk. I’m going to make it short. Grandma, I’m going to cancel our plans for this weekend. I thought I was going to meet your girlfriend. Did something happen to her? Then you can set another date. It’s not necessary. Jihui. What are you doing? Are they talking about something fun? Why are you eavesdropping? Are you imitating your mom? Uncle. I was just worried about you. Uncle’s got it wrong. I wasn’t eavesdropping. Huh? Jiseok is mad. It’s strange. Jiseok. Jiseok, are you mad? Did I do something wrong? No, it’s not like that. Then what’s up? Is it because Jihui was eavesdropping? I said no. Uncle, I’m not mad so you should go to your room. I want to take a rest. Oh, okay. Oh, I’m here to tell you something. I had an interview today. I wanted to ask you to write my cover letter but I couldn’t wait that long so I wrote it myself. Bangtong’s mom said I wrote it well. Really? That’s great. But something was strange. I’m the one in the interview but they kept asking about you. Who? Remember the man that we saved? His wife asked me questions. I told her my mom makes a lot of money. Then she said, “prominent family.” What does that mean? Is it something good? The lady was so excited she laughed. Who is willing to work without pay? Something smells funny. No, he really wants to work but he’s worried that we won’t hire him so he doesn’t want to accept pay. Oh, you’re so innocent. How can you live in this harsh world? He does seem to have another agenda. I saw him leaving in a car driven by a chauffeur. He said it with his own mouth that his mother makes a lot of money. Do you think he applied for the job because he wants to drive a motorbike? No way. He can afford his own motor bike why would he want a job for that? He’ll be waiting for our call. We’ll have to tell him if he’s hired or not. Please make the decision, Pungho. He saved my life so I can’t turn him down. I think it’ll be alright to work together. I am also in favor. One more vote for. If he comes to the pizza parlor often, it’ll bring Seonyu and the rich guy together. What are we going to do? No. I’m going to vote against. Uncle, don’t be led by false sentiments. Aunt, you shouldn’t seek ulterior motives. You can’t sacrifice the shop because of Seonyu’s love life. I think Bangtong makes sense. What do you think? I’m not sure. I want some more time to think. Mother, there’s nothing to think about. The son and mother should think the same. If I say no, the same for you. I think Jiseok’s completely over her. He cancelled the weekend appointment without explaining things to grandma. See, I told you. Jiseok wouldn’t trust Lee Seonyu anymore. It all went according to plan but I’m worried about Jiseok. I didn’t want him to get hurt. He’ll get over it. It’s better than getting stabbed in the back. That’s true. How can one woman be this much trouble? I met her and warned her to get away. She should understand now. Why should I leave Jiseok? I will never leave. No, I can’t. If you’ve reveal my weakness, I’ll reveal yours, too. Grandma, do you like them? So pretty. I’ll place them in your room. It’s great work. I used to make these all the time. But now… Yes, it’s been very busy. With the wedding and the accident. The two of you should have a good time you’re newlyweds, after all. Yes, grandma. I’m going out with Jihui tonight. Grandma, will you join us? Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to intrude. A morning visitor? Taejeong? Who is it? Jang Taejeong, I told you that you’d be doing what I say. It hurts to see her and it hurts when I don’t. I don’t know what to do with her. She acted strangely at the interview. Find out her relationship with Jiseok. Did you come all the way here to get Jiseok back? Turn back the date on Seo Jihui’s black box. You think you can exploit my weakness to do whatever you please? Where is it? Give it to me. Tell me right now! Jihui probably has it in her hand.


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