Android Developer Story: musiXmatch drives user engagement through innovation

name is Max Ciociola. I’m the CEO and
founder of musiXmatch. My daily job is to
follow the product team and build the best experience
we can around music and lyrics. The app is called
musiXmatch because we match your music with lyrics. And we show you the lyrics
while you’re playing the music. The experience with Google
Play so far has been amazing. Out of 27 million downloads,
more than 16 million downloads are coming from
Android, Google Play. 10 million monthly
active users, and that’s growing faster than
any other platform. The floating lyrics experience
is a seamless integration to the media [INAUDIBLE]
identification on Android. So this means you don’t
even have to open the app. Any time you’re playing a
track from any music services, you get notified instantly. And if you touch the
notification and open it, you get, instantly, the lyrics
on overlay, synchronized and on time with the music. And so this means
much more people using the app for much more
time, much more sessions. It’s only possible to
do that on Android. So far, we’ve seen
a dramatic increase in terms of engagement. And there’s been two times more
active user and even two times more the average time
they spend inside the app. SEBASTIANO GOTTARDO:
Android sure it is really an open system. It’s a really fast,
high-rating platform. There are no limits
to the possibilities of what you can build. For example, on musiXmatch,
we built the floating lyrics experience. It wouldn’t be possible in any
other mobile operating system. MAX CIOCIOLA: What’s been very
important for us on Android compared to any other
platform is the way we directly talk with
the users by replying to each single review. This has being the
success on Android– listening to the users and
having the way to provide them back the experience they want. Chromecast, large
screen, reading lyrics, singing along with friends
in your living room, these have been driving
a lot of engagement. It’s not only about
smartphone and tablets. You can get the lyrics
directly on your watch. SEBASTIANO GOTTARDO:
Building for Android TV is great because there are
so many use cases and so many different experience
that we can craft. And it’s really exciting
for our application. MAX CIOCIOLA: The goal is
to reach 100 million people through the technical
opportunity we have by building the
app on Android, which we don’t have on
other platforms. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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