An event management project سيناريو تنظيم المناسبات

this is Ann she owns an events planning business the events she plans and managers range from large-scale product launches to concerts in the park and require a lot of time organizations effort and resources in putting them together and ensuring their success everything and does is driven by a schedule that has to be strictly managed using a safe budget and resources without compromising on the quality of the outcome although stressful she is driven to make every event a success and is currently working on a wedding and knows the key to success is ensuring that the bride and groom are happy with everything on their special day this usually takes about three months to plan but this time she only has eight weeks the couple is in a rush to get married and they don’t have a very clear idea of what they want the only thing they seem to be really clear on is the date they have set and they don’t want to change during the start of the process and likes to get as much information as possible about the couple and what they want apart from showing them examples of her previous work she also encourages them to give her details about how they envisage their day to be wedding planning is not just about finding the right dress for the bride and the right venue for the event it is also about setting small milestones and achievable goals to accomplish everything that needs to be done within a time frame given among other things and arranges table settings flowers music catering and the wedding cake keeping the bride and groom involved every step of the way helps keep them happy and has a mantra when it comes to running any successful event failed communication failed project you

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