American Graduate Town Hall | Career Education through Community Engagement

(electronic music) – We want everyone of our students to have a path once they
graduate from high school and, if not, then we haven’t done our job. But part of that is exploring while they’re in our high schools to where they can have the opportunity to explore and understand,
“Nope, I don’t want to do that. I don’t understand or don’t want to do the
marketing side of things anymore. I know I don’t want to do that so let me see what else is possible.” And then, working more with our community and making sure that
we have an opportunity to work with the
businesses out in the field and so that we get that
information for them. – Over the course of this year and a little bit of last year, I’ve been kind of inducted, I guess, into our school’s film
crew and, with that, we’ve been kind of able to
go places in Kansas City that I really wouldn’t have thought that I would’ve been able
to go in high school. So an example of this would be OmniLife VR which is right in Crossroads
District in Kansas City which is something that I
didn’t even know existed until this year. It’s very interesting, to me at least, being able to see jobs that
I wouldn’t even have thought to be a possibility up
until a couple years ago. – It’s awareness and empowerment because I think kids need to be made aware of the opportunities that are
in Kansas City specifically. But then also empowered to go try, and take the initiative,
and do those opportunities, and get involved in
different organizations, and really take hold of their own futures. – Getting kids these connections into our community here in
professional connections, career connections is something that all of the education community, all of our teachers, not just the ones who are concerned about careers, not the ones that are
in Project Lead The Way and different things like that, not just our career and tech teachers, need really badly education on and to be willing to do. – [Narrator] Funding for this program was provided by the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting as part of the public media initiative, “American Graduate: Getting to Work.” (inspirational music)

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