Amazing gay wedding at Anantara Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand

Music plays
“The Places We Will Go”
by Marie HinesSiobhan:We celebrate love today. We come together to witness and proclaim the joining
of these two beautiful people in marriage. This is the union of two individuals
in heart, body, mind, and spirit. Marriage isn’t a commitment to be entered into lightly, but reverently, honestly and deliberately. And it is into this union that Jay and Simon
come now to be joined with open hearts and open minds. The kindness, support and generosity that you display
towards each other is truly beautiful. You demonstrate every single day
what it means to love someone. There’s no obstacle or challenge you don’t face together. Jay, you have chosen Simon to be your spouse. Will you love and respect him?
Will you be honest with him always? And will you stand by him through whatever may come?Jay:I will.Siobhan:Simon, you have chosen Jay to be your spouse. Will you love and respect him?
Will you be honest with him always? Will you stand by him through whatever may come?Simon:I will.Siobhan:Therefore, in the honesty and sincerity of
what you’ve said and done here today, it is my absolute honour, and privilege, and delight to declare you partners in life, for life,
and husbands!Crowd cheersYou can seal the vow with a kiss now… Please allow me to officially introduce
our newlyweds Jay and Simon. Another round of applause, please.Crowd applauds and cheersMusic plays
“Do You Want Me”
by The RooseveltsEveryone:Yeah!Crowd applaudsNeil:You’re both high achievers and this is
just another example of your working together. We trust that you both continue
to have a long and happy time together, and all your wishes come true. And Simon, we formally welcome you into the family, as a son in law, and an excellent chef.Daeng speaks in ThaiMusic plays
“Days of Summer”
by GYOMCrowd applauds and cheers

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