Alexander Ludwig Smeared Horse Dung On His Face To Get Into Character

– Do you think that you would actually make a good Viking,
after having to like… ‘Cause it’s been kind of grueling. I read how y’all like, shot this, and like how you regularly shoot. It’s like crazy hard. – No, it really was one of the most trying experiences of my life. No, I would make a terrible Viking. I mean, it’s not for
divas, that’s for sure. – Wow.
– But it was a, I mean it was a great, it
was a great experience and, you know, and I mean I
have a story I mean… This is like, they put a ton of makeup on you and try to break
you down, for the show. – And that’s every…
– Welcome to being a woman all the time.
– Welcome to being a woman. (laughter) – You know when, it
doesn’t look like this, okay Alexander?
– No I know what that’s like. (laughter) – I just walked in like this.
– It’s a lot. Uh, and there’s like, there’s
times where like, it just, because it’s so quick and
demanding that you don’t, don’t have time to put on makeup. And I’ll never forget this one time I, I went down I was like, “Screw
it, I’m gonna do it myself.” And I just pulled out this big clob of dirt and I stuck
it all over my face and I realized after, it was horse (beep). (laughter) And I’m like… – That is… – That has been my life for six years. – That is the greatest story
I’ve ever heard on this show. (audience cheering) – Yeah. – I, like did you vomit? – I didn’t have time to
take it off, so I just, I just uh…
– Oh my god! Oh my god!
– Just went through with it. – By the way, your skin looks amazing so, (laughter) maybe we should try it on.
– It’s the new thing. – Hey Shark Tank. – I think there’s a business here. – Shark Tank, another gift to give you. – I don’t know.
– That’s hor– You’re very method. (laughter)


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