Album ślubny – tutorial część 2 – belly band i klapka na magnes- scrapbooking step by step

Hi Guys and Welcome to my channel “AniaTworzy” (AniaCreates) Today I will show you 2nd part of my photo album tutorial Album is made out of “Awakening” paper collection The base is ready This is the paper collection that we will use, it’s from “Piatek 13” ( Design Team name ) Additionaly I will use some parts from paper collection called “Always Together” The main reason I am going to use it are those writings In terms of punchers I will use these two, one from IK Tools and second one from Martha Stewart As the base is ready today we will be mainly focusing on decorating the first 3 pages of our album Pages dimensions are 8 inch height and 7 inch width. We have a total of 6 pages so there is plenty of work ahead of us Let’s start it then! This album is a wedding album It’s gonna be a wedding gift so in my opinion it would be nice to have a place for the couples photo on the first page Therefore the first page is going to be very simple All of my pages 8inch height and 7.5 inch width therefore each piece of paper that I will glue will be a size of 7.9 height and 7.4 width So in the end we have a nice white frame around it will look like this Here is a place to fit this big picture of the couple I glue the mat with the tape I have a tape like this one 3 tapes like these cost around 4 USD so they are pretty cheap On this page we will do a so called “Belly Band” we will use the band to hold pictures This is how our belly band will look like as you can see these puncher makes a really nice pattern Then I will use these two small pieces of paper I will just glue them on both sides like this and cover it with this piece by using the remains I won’t bother that something is left My belly band will be assembled with a help of this tape Now we just need few mats for the photos, I think 4″ x 6″ ones will fit perfectly I willl put 3 mats which as I mentioned are 4″ x 6″ I will leave two blank and decorate another two always make the pieces a little smaller than the mats so it can have a nice frame If we want our belly band to not look so simple we can always decorate it it can be basically anything we will that fits here I will for example make a circle and try to decorate it Ok so I used these two punchers and this is what I got and also this little heart let’s put it together So here is our finished belly band Next page is going to be slightly more complicated as we will do here a magnet closing flap Let’s get a scoring board I already shown it to you in previous tutorials This board is both in centimeters and in inches First thing I will do I will crease on 1 inch and we fold it If you do not have a scoring board you may want to see some tutorials on how to crease without the board Ok so we will make a flap now Since our album is 7.8 inch tall I will cut this element to be a little smaller as for now let’s keep the pieces that remain after the cutting, maybe we will use them later let’s put a guillotine aside for now Let’s decorate the flap with a puncher Now let’s glue our flap First I cut the corners with scissors and then I take my tape and glue it Be very careful with gluing, make sure you press the tape so there are no oxygen bubbles between paper and tape Our flap is glued now as you can see it’s glued very close to the edge I never glue them just right at the edge and I suggest you do the same I noticed that If you glue the flap very close to the edge the flap tends to flange when moving the pages especially when you use the puncher like I did. I am almost sure that the page would flange or curve overtime so always try to keep in mind that you should leave a bit of space between edge of the flap to the edge of the page Now with the help of these two little magnets very thin We will create a fastener first one will go right on the middle I use a regular two-sided tape you can buy this tape pretty much in every DIY shop I noticed that almost everyone has his own way of assembling the magnet and probably everyone thinks their way is the best way avaialable haha 🙂 Nevertheless I do it this way so first I put this piece of tape, then magnet I close the flap and pressure it We do it for both sides Now it’s time to choose the papers My flap at this moment has a working area of 6.3 inch to 6.3 inch. Let’s cut the papers Paper is glued already on the top of a flap So now we have some free space and we need to put something here I pick this paper to make the whole thing look a bit more brighter. This album will be a gift for people who do not know what Scrapbooking is. So I always tend not to leave any blank pages to make the things easier for people who will later on put some pictures here. I also leave always space for different photo sizes. Of course If you do it for yourself or on a different occassion then you do need it to develop all the free space but for the people who have no knowledge about scrapbooking whatsoever it’s gonna be easier if you decide for them where to put what 🙂 Inside the pocket I will insert few mats, I chose different sizes I will decorate few of them I also cut this piece, 4inch height and 6inch width Here I also have some writing which says “When you hug me I feel like at home “:) from the green part of the paper collection I cut out these two pieces I will place one here and second here and the writing Okay the page is finished I spent some time with choosing best spot for the writing but in the end I placed it here so here is our first part of the album here is a place for a bigger picture on the second page we have belly band here is a place for 4″ to 6” photo and the flap inside we have a pocket for the photos and one big mat for a bigger picture so first 3 pages are ready Thank you so much for watching I hope you liked it and you will still be here with me for the 3rd part of the tutorial Stay warm! Bye bye!


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