Accenture Intelligent Customer Engagement

Today’s customers expect the highest level
of engagement. We are using innovation to meet their imagination. Accenture is changing the game of customer
engagement by bringing artificial intelligence and extended reality into today’s reality. With Accenture Intelligent Customer Engagement,
we bring Pega technology to Accenture Innovation Architecture. Using today’s latest immersive technologies,
we are innovating new practices of customer engagement. Want to engage? It starts with an easy, personalized experience. The innovative capabilities within Pega Platform
can ensure your customer has an exceptional user experience, a personal problem solver
at hand, and an easy way to learn about new products. Pega Case Management drives personalized service. This enables high value employees, such as
field service agents, to arrive informed and ready to engage with the customer. Voice and facial recognition makes verification
easy and secure. Pega AI technologies drive the customized
upsell experience in mixed-reality. These capabilities streamline customer relationship
management and accelerate customer growth and sales productivity. Intelligent Customer Engagement takes yesterday’s
step-by-step protocols and brings them into Extended Realities. Troubleshooting problems for customers can
be done on the channels they love most. After the problem has been solved, Intelligent
Customer Engagement will use Pega AI to offer customers other opportunities to engage with
products and services. Intelligent solutions from Accenture are ready
for your business to apply, right now. How can we integrate today’s AI and Pega’s
technology solutions for you? How can we help you interact with your customers
in a whole new way? Accenture can help you innovate efficiently,
effectively, and add maximum value for you and your customers. With Accenture Intelligent Customer Engagement,
we can create solutions fueled by your imagination.

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