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Hey guys. What’s up? My name is Twiggy. I
just kind of wanted to make a little about me video so you guys kind of get a better
idea of who I am if you’re just now finding my channel. Hi. Hello! I have been on YouTube
for pretty much forever. I started youtube in 2006 so I was on there whenever YouTube
was just like crappy webcam videos. Nobody had like HD awesome stuff that they have now
which is amazing. Back then it was just like little pixilated webcam videos of people like
putting up vlogs and stuff and I was always a really big fan of vlogs. I don’t know about
anyone else, but I was and I don’t know. I always thought they were cool so hi. Welcome
to my channel. I’m sorry, I’m just going to go ahead and apologize, even though it’s not
that bad, I apologize about the lighting. I’m sure I’ll figure that out in time. I can’t
really figure it out right now. It’s really overcast outside so it’s kind of not the best
situation happening here in Texas today. I’m 22. I’m from Texas. I’m from the Houston area.
I’m not really, I don’t live in Houston, don’t get excited. I live like an hour away from
Houston. I have a boyfriend. I have been with an amazing, amazing, amazing, perfect dream
boy for a little over two years now so. Woo hoo! Longest relationship ever. Whenever I
was on YouTube I used to watch people back in the day, back in like 2006, I used to watch
people like Renetto, Emillina was another big favorite of mine. She was like an Ausie
vlogger from Australia obviously. She was really cool though and I used to just watch
all the vlogs on there and things have totally changed since then so. Just to kind of give
you an idea of what I plan on doing with my channel, I don’t really know. I guess I’ll
probably do whatever. I probably won’t do a whole lot of makeup videos. I don’t really
have a good camera for it and on top of that, I’m not really like a makeup person. I might
do some hair videos. I am a licensed cosmetologist so if you’re in the Houston area let me know
I can do your hair for you! Other than that, I’ll probably just make like life videos and
things of that nature. I’ll also make like review style videos. There’s a lot of things
I want to review that I haven’t ever seen any reviews for on YouTube so I will be doing
like review style vlogs. I mean really, I have no idea what I’m doing so if you guys
have any suggestions of what kind of videos you would like to see from me, let me know.
I’m pretty much open to anything. I’m not really opposed to too many things, although,
back in 2006 whenever I was first on YouTube, whenever you would say that people would leave
you the weirdest, weirdest request for videos and things. Don’t do that. Just don’t. Yea.
Welcome to my channel! Okay sorry. I’ll stop being weird now. Not really. Ha. haha! Some
of my favorite YouTubers to watch now on YouTube are definitely my number one favorite YouTuber
is Leighannsays. If you don’t watch her videos, you’re missing out on life. She’s pretty amazing.
She’s really–oh my gosh. She’s so gorgeous and beautiful. I feel like if I ever ran into
her in public, I would just like, hide like, no! You can’t see me. You’re too pretty! Like
she’s so pretty. She’s so cool. So like. I don’t know. She just has a really cool personality.
I just like her. I just think she’s cool. Go Leighann! Leighannsays. She’s amazing.
Second to Leighann I guess my second favorite YouTuber would be Grav3yardgirl. Leighann
introduced me to Grav3yardgirl’s channel. Me personally. We’re friends. She introduced
me to Grav3yardgirl’s channel and I’ve been in love with her too. She’s hilarious. She
does all kinds of videos all across the board. She’s just funny. She’s just flat out entertaining.
I’m not going to lie, whenever I first watching her videos, I just was kind of really overwhelmed
and annoyed with her but the more I watched them, I was just like, “this girl’s not acting.”
You know? Like she’s not playing a character. This is her. I’m into people who can just
be like, them. Committed to themselves. I like it. She’s cool. She’s amazing. Her videos
are always so, so, entertaining. If you’re having a bad day, her videos are definitely
great to watch. I guess I kind of don’t really watch like a ton a ton of YouTube anymore.
I just started watching DanaAnn, LollyDolly128, also recommendation from Leighannsays. Other
than that, I watch NikkiPhillippii. She does like lifestyle videos. Vlog videos. I don’t
watch every single one of her videos. I kind of just like pick and choose the ones I want
to watch, which is great about YouTube. But yea she’s pretty cool too. So I guess I’ll
like try and model my channel after theirs. But I–Let’s face it, I’m new here. I have
no idea how any of this works or how to really shoot a video so. Bare with me. The struggle
is real. It is what it is. But yea, other than that. Let me know if you guys have any
questions for me or anything. Like I said; I’m pretty much an open book so I don’t hold
back! Let me know! I’m going to go ahead and make a review video now but if, like I said,
you have any questions or comments. Let me know. I’m here for y’all. Let me know what
we can do about this situation. Thank you guys again so much for watching and if you
have a second, you can go ahead and subscribe to my channel. If not, that’s cool too. Whatever.
I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye!

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