Abhishek & Manisha – BEST PRE WEDDING 2020 – ‘How We Met’ || Silchar [w/ Subtitle]

April 8th 2017, the day of my Mother’s birthday I do my editing at night for my work as a video and audio engineer When I put the video down for rendering which is usually done late night at around 2 am or 3 am, takes some time to finish I browse facebook during that time, and on that 8th night I stumbled upon ‘her’ facebook profile as a friend suggestion Her DP was a very beautifully composed DSLR photograph I kinda liked it and… …I sent her the friend request She accepted the friend’s request on 10th April 2017 So it never occurred that I replied or messaged anyone because I would never get a reply after a message However, I messaged a “Thank you for accepting my friend’s request.” to her After she accepted my friend’s request on April 10th, within 8th May, we became very good friends So, The situation was like Speaking to her made me very comfortable I became confident She was still against meeting someone Whatever happens Even if you come and abduct me, I will not meet up with you! Because she was completely against meeting strangers And I admired this reserved nature of hers So one fine day I told her, “Hey Listen… … Let’s meet someday…. … Nothing much, let’s have a cup of tea.” Because we realised from our conversation that we both like to drink tea. – Chai Lovers Hehe, Chai Lovers, so lets go for a cup So, I took her … like I told her that we will meet You take tuitions near Navajeevan Let us meet near Rangirkhari petrol station and from there I will take you where I want to take you – And that day… I was in a dilemma, whether to meet him or not I was so confused That at the last moment I was planning to run away to my home – But She… I did not know that she was planning that who knows, she might have run away, I had come to the petrol pump all the way from MALUGRAM – After grooming
… Even to show off I had a broke and beat up Honda Shine Motorcycle to set an impression, I borrowed my brother’s, Prithvi’s, Pulsar Motorcycle, so that she gets impressed. *both laugh* Which she didn’t even notice whether I arrived in a Pulsar or a Rickshaw. *snort* She was planning to run away and I groomed myself, trimmed my beard dressed up in a gifted shirt, trimmed my hair So that she thinks that I am a gentleman And she wanted to run away *giggle* I sent her a selfie showing her how I look which relaxed her and she decided to meet up – Yes, I decided to finally meet him after all I forgot where I was after getting a glance of her To give her a chance at finding me, I literally… … danced on the street yelling. “Hey, here I am!” – I asked you to wait near the petrol pump, where were you? so it was fair you danced So then I told her, “Lets go, since we both love tea… … I know a place, we can go there and drink tea.” And the place where I took her was…! – that was our first date
– hmm, “date” – TRAIN STATION I took her to Silchar Train Station for our first cup of tea And there, I realised That she is quite a tall girl And I compared her to… If Hrijoy is watching the video, he would know The first thing that I told her was… “Oi Bey!!! You are even taller than Hrijoy!” – At that moment I asked him who Hrijoy was. A friend of his Our Shamol Da Shamol da was just starting up back then – Yes about to start So I asked him who was Hrijoy and he said that I will soon get to know him Soon very soon you will know him We drank tea, measured heights I dropped her home! After many more conversations I realised that I can spend some more time with her Then, came her birthday Let us fast forward one month to 16th June which was her birthday I was like, what do I give her? Gift, a cake? …na, there will be 100 more cakes, so many friends After some planning, I called up Kashi Da “Kashi Da, I need to buy a gift for her… … take me somewhere, a couple of days ago I saw… … that she was carrying a yellow bag which was torn, so let’s… … buy a bag for her.” To which Kashi da said “Yes bro, Let’s go!” In the morning, I came to know that she received a cake from a friend who lives in Guwahati That moment, I was like: “My heart has been shattered to tears” She received a cake, what else can I do? I told Kashi da, let’s go, atleast gift something Kashi da took me and we bought a bag for her After buying the bag, now the question was If I tell her that I have a gift for her, she will not come we then formulated a plan as she was planning to apply for a driver’s license So she was going to hand some documents over to us So I took that opportunity and told her that I was coming You keep your documents ready I will come and take your documents, Kashi da is also with me. So we arrived and called her up She was probably eating in her home – Yea, I was hosting a birthday party at home So, at that time I received his call and I was like “Ish, I was eating” My mother had prepared Biryani But, what to do? Let’s go and hand over the documents, I normally went After going Then after she came Kashi da initiated the talk Happy Birthday and blah blah!! After that I was like, “take this” – A bag Open She was asking what it was I told her these were some documents required for her driver’s license *giggle* And inside the bag, I had kept a greetings card and a small teddy bear And in her greetings card, I wrote “from Abhi” – Aloo
Oh yes, “from Aloo” So what happened was, that day I felt that why is this thing, like bothering me that someone else gifted her a cake, well its ok I still tried for which reason, “we got in a relation on so and so day” We have no idea So she bought a Scooty she already learnt how to balance the scooty, but approaching a speed breaker would always put a break to her speed From the 1st week of August, I would wake up early like around 4:30 AM and would come from Malugram to Link Road, to her home I would tell her to practice speed breakers on Link Road’s main road or on some highway, I would take her and let her ride She started learning as a single rider riding with a passenger was difficult for her and I helped her with that. I am still afraid to be the pillion rider I am afraid she will cause me to fall. – but I am a good driver Very good driver
– who taught me?
Less than me I am… The best I can ride with 6 passengers.
– As if So that is how we… I mean I always want to… I mean, she has this sweetness and innocence which I admired If she had a wish, I always tried to fulfill it. She wanted to learn how to ride the scooty, go ahead She wants to dance, go ahead Anything and everything she wants Dance: Something which I never imagined that my family would permit me in doing But yes, when we produced our first video we made it, I took the video home and showed it to my mother my sister also watched it, ok fine, they were happy How do I show it to my father? My sister helped me Sister took it and showed it to my father I thought now my father will ask me to leave the house But papa also supported me Papa would always support me since my childhood But there would be that fear Whether it was right or wrong But when the video was ready, he was happy, everyone was happy At that time I realised that he is so important. Each and every wish of mine is fulfilled by him, scooty, dance even photoshoots So may types of photo shoots.
– Our permanent final model. She is the one Whatever happens, put no matter how much amount of make up on her face and ask her to pose, she poses And our make up artist is Kashi da Kashi da… through… actually when Kashi da and I went to buy her bag nothing was going on between us at that time The shopkeeper asked him the purpose of the gift What will Kashi da reply? Boyfriend-Girlfriend? No thats not it… Friends? No… to less Siblings?? No… Impossible!! So Kashi da said “On the way… On the way.” So this “On the way” would turn into such a journey… Even we didn’t know Now the thing is In the midst of all our conversations It might seem that we spent our moments very happily… but Like two sides to a coin even we have had horrible, horrible… fights, that if we try to explain to the camera it would resemble some sort of comedy scene, but at that very moments, one would have a volcano erupt inside the other would have a tornado spew Phone… Helmet… Head Wall Throwing a helmet, at that time, I would turn into Baahubali I can even pick up an elephant After getting angry, we end up laughing – Ey, that fight? Scooty? Once, a funny incident happened for some reason we fought to which I asked her to leave she even took the scooty, and while trying to prove a point That is I why I say she is less skilled that me in driving Throttled fully – The road was slippery
– Out of arrogance She didn’t even move 10 meter s Alongwith the scooty fell… Ok, the road was slippery, couldn’t balance, sped up Mistakes happen, I even got scolded for it No one scolded you, I went, everyone else thought some random dude came and is taking her as well Told her to sit on the scooty, she was caressing her hands that entire night Kashi and I took her to SMC Get an X Ray done No one knows about this Just Kashi da He and I know, that the cause of the accident was a quarrel My accident My home… everyone, even my friends kno w the story that an auto overtook me I lost balance and fell But actually. When I saw her fall before my own eyes I broke inside When I was assured from her X Ray that all is well, I asked her to continue being angry If she doesn’t get angry at me? Who else will she fight with? I have many expectations from her, she is the reason for many of my fulfilled
dreams as well For that reason, I still haven’t proposed to her.
– Never Because if I express, I will put a full stop to the story I don’t want to put a full stop, we always say the moment before the start of a relationship is the most beautiful moment How it happened? When it happened? We faced many problems We cherish many sweet memories But yes, whatever happened Brought us here together And everything happened for good And that is also another reason Today we are in one persona We will return again on 30th January to share the continuation with them. That feeling, yes, married. – Finally
– Finally


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