A WhiteWall Story: Helping a Wedding Planner Create the Perfect Day

So I opened my business in 2011 and prior to that have been doing events and weddings since about 2007. More and more often, couples are really taking the financial burden of their wedding, so
they are taking more of a planning role. So looking to have someone assist them
through that planning processes helps take that stressful experience off,
and I think that the boards in general will even make that a less stressful process
because they can get their creative ideas in almost an open forum. We worked together; I went down to school and came back and she was working at the company I was working for before i went to school an— we kind of hit it off everyone said that he was supposed to be
coming back that i was in trouble. And then the rest, I guess is history from there. You know, we break down wedding planning
into three components: planning, design, and day of coordination, and the design is definitely highly visual. People need to see What are my flowers going to look
like? What are the linens and look like? all those elements they really need to see that. And you know, even in the past experiences —this is not something we do in Rochester— but when
working in New York, we would create full renderings of events before the event
even took place so the client knew exactly what the event was going to look like. So visuals —as far as the design and aesthetics of an event— are definitely important and everyone wants
to see them. Oh no, no, no. She had ninety percent of it
planned out the day that we came back from vacation. We’re like sitting at breakfast the next day and I’m like: “okay so this, this, this.” Then he’s like: “I don’t get a grace period?” No. It’ll be fun, I haven’t like— I mean I’ve just
been doing it all—like myself trying to figure it out so it might be nice to kind of see another person’s aspect of it, or how they—or someone else— might organize it because I’m pretty organized but I always like someone else’s
input on it. I just kind of want to be there just to
watch the two in their natural habitat kind of go at it. She loves to plan
things and she does a great job at it. Just her and another planner: it’s going to be quite interesting. He might actually learn more about the wedding than he knows now. Yeah. I really like the WhiteWalls You know, when they got put in, it was very exciting just have this
blank slate that we could almost create something on. And the possibilities are really
endless for a planner and just the creative field in general. And I really enjoy the jackets because we can put in photos, or maybe budgets, or different elements of an event. Usually I’m the one taking notes or writing things down
on behalf of my client, and/or typing computer, and in this case they were
actually the ones doing the writing. You know, selecting— it was, I think, a little
more hands-on to the client rather than just sitting down and answering questions. Like I said, I’m easy to go—easy going. And I just want to make sure that she is happy
when it comes down to everything. We have actually very similar tastes: usually when she runs by some ideas with
me, she’ll ask me what I think about it, and it’s an amazing idea. If I don’t like it, then I obviously tell her. “No, how about we go a different route?” but we’re keeping it small and that’s
what I wanted. um.. Let’s see here, the place is absolutely beautiful and I wanted it, you know, out of a church and she thought a winery was the best place. Hey, we both love wine. Why not? I personally think the whole day
it is for the woman. because you have the dress, you have all the decorations— It’s kind of perfect because we’re gonna get water, we’ve got vineyards a nice cozy-like rustic look, um… we’re kind of really hitting everything that we would ever kind of want. I mean, we have your typical D.J. but we have a band we both love; they’re gonna come play. Like, you know, we have our close family and friends that are coming, are so they’re part of it. We dont know where we’re getting cake but we’re enjoying that process of tasting the cake
everywhere. yeah. (laughs) So, so, scrumptious. I could go around all year just tasting cake. Many of my clients are visual, so it’s always a common theme to say “I don’t understand that, I’m a visual person!” and there are many times where I have to draw something out and it’s usually on this tiny scrap piece of paper I’m trying to draw something. So to be able to have a whiteboard, and I can draw large scale and then snap a picture of it on my
phone and save it for later is going to be something really beneficial for myself and my clients. I have to admit I’ve never seen a
whiteboard—it’s so very clean-cut in the— The lines were like seamless. Yeah, exactly. I like that whole, new, modern look to it It’s if you think back in high-school or grade-school at all, It has that huge border around the outside of it and it just looks so tacky. You know? You have to screw it up there. But this one— I didn’t see any screw holes or anything like that. It’s just mounted there. And it’s clean and eat everything comes off real nice. So I like them. I like them. I thought that that little eraser/magnet— That was pretty neat. —marker thing was pretty cool.

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