5 Steps to Planning Your Shotgun Wedding

Hey it’s Wedding Tip Wednesday – best day
of the Week! Now if you’re Wondering if it’s possible
to plan your wedding in just a few months? Well here are my five steps for planning your wedding in 6 months or less! Secure Your Venue – Compile a list of venues
you like and then rather than sending out a bunch of emails just jump right on the phone so you can quickly check their availability and cross off any that are unavailable for your ideal date. You may need to consider a Friday or a Sunday option if you’re booking in peak wedding season. Step 2: Next you need to book your VIP vendors – Especially your marriage celebrant, caterer and photographer. These are the people that are imperative to making sure your wedding goes ahead right, so focus your energy here first.
Step 3: Send out your invitations quickly – to make sure that as many invitees as possible can make
it. If timing is really tight, consider e-vites to save you time and hassle waiting for
printers and snail mail to be sent out and then also returned. Step 4: Don’t be too picky – get really clear on what’s important to you, but be willing
to compromise on the rest. Getting hung up on the small details will only add to your
stress levels when trying to pull everything together quickly. Less finicky details also means
less to worry about on the day – meaning you have more time to enjoy your wedding! And Step 5: Choose a dress off the rack, second hand, or opt for a rental. Before you try on any
dress your first question to the bridal store should be whether it can be ready in time
for your wedding day. Some dresses can take months to be made, so the traditional route
might not work for you. But don’t forget to try non-bridal options too, department stores
and online retailers have plenty of gorgeous white dresses to choose from! So there you have it, my five steps for pulling off your wedding in six months or less. Now it’s time for you to get cracking, because you’ve got no time to waste! Did you find this video helpful? Don’t keep
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