5 Little Turkeys (149th Vlog) |Hannah Mayer| Hannah Mayer

hello everybody my name is Hannah Mayer and the theme for this week’s video is teaching preschoolers and i will post
videos about teaching preschoolers but i can’t actually take pictures or video
tape the preschoolers but i could show you what i’m planning on having the
children do for the lesson the reason why is because i got yelled at last year
for posting pictures of the children on here and on the rest of my social media so
i’m not allowed to post any more videos of the children so I’m just to show you
guys how we teach them in my child development class instead so here are
the steps you need to follow in order to teach preschoolers before you actually
teach write your follow-up activities on the whiteboard at least that’s what it is for my class but for the sake of this video I’m not going to do that once you’ve done
that the first thing you want to do whenever you’re teaching preschoolers is
introduce yourself whenever you’re teaching preschoolers because they won’t
recognize who you are unless they get to know you at a deeper level and this is just
how I do it hello everybody my name is Hannah Mayer and today I will be teaching you
guys how to sing a brand new song I wrote myself called the five little
turkeys and he must go over your intro questions at least that’s what it is for my class and let the children answer the questions I have to go over my intro questions so here are the four intro questions that I came up with for this particular lesson what do you eat
for Thanksgiving what color is a turkey what sound does a turkey make and what
color is a Turkey’s legs then you must do a warm-up and I will usually put my
warm up on the smartboard but since I’m home I’ll not do the warm up instead
usually after we warm up I usually go over my procedure and this is just my
class I don’t know about other schools or any of that well my partner passes
out whatever we’re doing that day but In my lesson what I did is like we were
going to have my partner pass it out while we were during the warm-up so that
I can be extra prepared mix up some random words on the smartboard that
starts with either letter A B or C and have the children figure out what letter
that words start with and categorize the words into the correct categories so
once that’s done you can start your actual lesson and in my lesson just my
lesson I asked the children to repeat a couple of lines of this song at a time
look here in the example of why I mean Five little turkeys went out one day and then
they repeat it like and so on so forth so once you are done teaching all the
lyrics have them tried to sing it like if they like the song have them do it
one more time so we can get some energy out in my case like it didn’t happen but
I still made them sing it again because it was part of my lesson. Then, I decided
to let the children color their turkeys that were on there lyrics papers and once they
were done with that I made them do the follow-up activities that I wrote earlier
on the smartboard and in my case I asked Them to draw three pictures on the back
of their lyric papers for the three pictures they must draw one thing that starts
with a letter A and the same for B and C until its time for the to closure activity
or questions in my case, I decided to ask them to sing the song again with me so
once that’s done it’s time to clean up and get ready for the next class and let
them play so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and for a chance to get a
shout out in next week’s video please comment below what you would like to eat
for Thanksgiving and here are this week’s shoutouts and please don’t forget to Like comment
and subscribe to not only Hannah Mayer but musical singing life as well so thank
you guys for watching this video and have a fantastic day everybody so bye for right now

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