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Hey guys, it’s Lucie. Welcome back to Refinery29’s YouTube channel. If you’re new to this channel, click the little subscribe button right here. And if you’re a returning subscriber, you probably know that I’ve been promising this video for months and months and months. So here it is, As you might know, I did five days of bullet journaling last year, and when I did that episode I fell in love with the bullet journal for about a week. It was a fling. We had a brief fling. Truth be told, I gave up the bullet journal at the end of 2017 and I was really upset about it because I got a lot of questions from you guys– “Can you show us your bullet journal? Let us see how it progressed since the video.” And I was sitting here like, “Oh no! I stopped…” So! That takes me to 2018 and I realized that I want to get back into bullet journaling. And I went on Instagram and I looked at #bulletjournal, #bujoinspiration and let me tell you– I was inspired. That was when I realized that the best way to use a bullet journal is the best way that it works for you. Because there are three aspects of the bullet journal that I really loved. Number one, the first thing I love is having a monthly spread, where I can see before me the entire month laid out and I sort of know, top level, what’s happening on each day. Number two, trackers. I love tracking habits and adding good habits into my life and getting rid of bad ones. And for me trackers are a great way to visualize my progress and inspire me to keep going. And the third thing that I love about bullet journaling is water coloring. I’ve always loved water coloring, and I recently bought a watercolor set from Michaels. I personally find that it is the most meditative thing in the world. And I love it as a creative outlet, it’s fun. But if you don’t like water coloring you could find any other aspect of bullet journaling that you enjoy. So today I’m going to flip through my bullet journal, I’m going to show you a little bit about what I have there. We’ll plan a little for the month ahead and I’ll show you have I make some of my trackers. And I also want to show a lot of the bullet journaling tools that I’ve garnered ever since starting this process. I have tons of pens and markers, brushes, pencils and I cannot wait to share it with you. Okay, so here is the outside of my bullet journal. This was a custom bullet journal case made from a company called Case Station. It’s a picture of me and my twin sister Allie doing yoga together. When you open it up there are some pockets on the left side and in the back I’ve tucked in a few of my favorite stickers. You can either slide an existing bullet journal into one of these cases or just use the dotted journal that comes with the case. And I love that it has this elastic loop so that I can close it securely. I’ve been working on this bullet journal for a long time but I intentionally didn’t watercolor my front page just yet because I wanted to wait until this video to do it with you! This is how I typically do my water coloring. I outline the design with pencil first, and then I just get moving. I use a variety of brushes based on what works best in the moment. And I don’t think too much about the color. I just sort of do whatever looks best, and then mix and match. I actually wrote bullet journal on the page first, but I didn’t love the way it looked so I rewrote it on a scrap of watercolor paper, tore it off and taped it on. And I actually like the scrapbook look better anyway. And before I let you plan with me, I want to show you some of the tools and markers I use. This entire set is from Bando and they’re all amazing. I have these Gel Yeah gel pens which are super bright and inky. These color blocked Write On pencils, a Le Pen rainbow six pack. Some paper tape–oops dropped them. But yes, they come in an eight pack with all these colors. Another Gel Yeah set–but this one is a glitter set. And Hot Spot highlighters, which are the best. I also have this Bando pencil case which is gold on the inside. So yeah, it’s all gonna happen for you. This assortment of amazing double sided highlighters as well as these unicorn book buddies are from Jet Pens and I’ve had these PolyColor colored pencils for a while now, and they write so smoothly. They’re great for when you don’t want your colors to bleed through a page. I got this Pentel Presto! jumbo correction pen at Blick Art Materials and it has seriously saved me so many times whenever I make a mistake. I have more goodies to show you but first I am going to let you plan with me for April. So I decided to work off of the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” And I lined up five rain stickers on the page, one for each week in April. And then I wrote April on top with my Tombow Dual brush pen. Designated each cloud as a week, and added in the letters of the days of the week. As you can see I did this in pencil first to make sure it fit properly before I used the pen. But then once the pen dried I erased all the pencil underneath. Then I went through and added the number of the day next to the letters. And that is my April monthly spread. On the other side of the page I just made a little monthly calendar. And everytime I add a new page to my bullet journal, I go back to the front and I add it to my table of contents. Now back to the tools, this next batch of goodies, is all from Michaels. These Crayola Super Tips come in literally every color and are a great tool for hand lettering beginners. Crayola watercolors if you’re like me and you love to paint. A whole bunch of Tombow Dual Brush pens. I personally think these are the best for hand lettering. I have this galaxy palette, this pastel palette, and this advanced lettering set, which comes with a great eraser to remove your guidelines. I have a whole bunch of brushes for my painting– any size I could possibly need. And these Pentel gel pens come in five different tip sizes and they’re my favorites, especially the one that says 03 because it’s really skinny. And last but not least I have this sticker book, with all of the stickers I could ever dream of. Okay–trackers. I mentioned that I love trackers and one thing I’ve been sticking to recently is having no coffee. When I made this page it was the middle of March and I hadn’t had any coffee for a couple of weeks. So I wanted to track it to see how long I could last. I started by water coloring a cup of coffee. And once the paint dried I outlined it with pen and added some details. I had already written out what the spread would look like using pencil, and so then I just went over it with darker ink. I wrote in the weeks and then I decided to use this abstract brown watercolor mark that kind of looks like a coffee stain, as my daily check mark spot. So I added one of these for every day of the month and then decorated the entire page with fun stickers. I wrote in the days of the week, checked off the days that I had completed so far, and wrote in the number of the days, and then added some more fun stickers. This is definitely one of my all time favorite habit trackers. I’ve also been really focused on getting enough sleep recently, so I wanted to build an April sleep tracker for myself. Once again, I started in pencil because I had to measure it all out properly. I make a ton of mistakes when I’m writing in my bullet journal, so I pretty much do everything in pencil first. Then I added the days of the month, and I used a ruler to make two separate graphs–one for each half of the month. The X axis is for the day of the month and the Y axis is the number of hours I slept. I first tried writing April with the a few different pens, but I didn’t like the way it came out. So I took another tear of watercolor paper, water colored a little gradient on it. Covered up the old word and rewrote April. So here is a look at some of my bullet journal right now. This first page is that water color design, followed by the table of contents, which I add to every time I make a new page. On the next page I’m documenting books I’ve read and I drew a little book water color in the corner to make this page pretty. This page has my January 2018 yoga tracker, which was totally inspired by a spread I found on Pinterest. Then I have my fresh juice ideas, which are all from the Juice Generation book. And I water colored a little fruit or veggie next to each. This is my January monthly log, and my February monthly log. And here’s a fun page I made for my family vacation to Costa Rica. I water colored these rainbow clouds, one for each day of the trip. And then at the end of every day I wrote a little blurb in the cloud so that I could read back and remember highlights from the trip. You’ve already seen this page in Five Days of Self Care, but it has my cactus water color and my Five Days of Self Care episode breakdown. You’ve seen these pages too, but here’s my gratitude log and some color swatches that I actually added more to since that video. Basically these swatches let me see how the different pens and markers look on the paper so that I can always refer to it whenever I’m choosing which colors to use. This was my March monthly log which was inspired by My Life In A Bullet. I’ve written the highlights of the day in the little boxes and I made space on the bottom for my upcoming videos. But I feel like this page is still not done and needs something else in the empty space. And then here’s my no coffee tracker, my April monthly log, and my sleep tracker. And that’s it! That is my bullet journal. Comment below because we want to know, if you guys really love bullet journaling so much, do you want to see me make more videos on this topic? And if so, what do you want me to show you? Do you want me to just let you plan with me every month? Do you want me to just do a flip through every so often? Do you want me to make my own line of Lucie Bullet Journals and sell them online? Just give us ideas! We want to have fun with you and I want you guys to make bullet journals and tag #trylivingwithlucie on your own Instagram accounts so that I can see your bullet journals. Thanks for watching! Bye guys. Hey YouTube! Thanks for watching my bullet journal follow-up. Click here to watch another video on Refinery29, here to subscribe to us on YouTube and here for my personal YouTube Channel. See ya!


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