5 Characteristics of a Uyghur Wedding

Have you ever been to a Uyghur wedding? Well,
if not, I invite you to join me as I attend my friend’s wedding here in Urumqi, Xinjiang. My name’s Josh. This is FarWestChina.com.
I don’t claim to be an expert in Uyghur weddings but I have been to a few, enough to feel confident
sharing with you five unique characteristics of a Uyghur wedding. So, let’s begin! Number 1: The first thing you’ll notice when
you enter a Uyghur wedding is that the men and women are seated separately. While the
wedding party occupies a center table, everybody else takes their place according to gender. Number 2: While you’re likely to find a whole
lot of food spread out on the tables in front of you at a Uyghur wedding, the one thing
you won’t find – a wedding cake. Neither a groom’s cake or a bride’s cake is present
at a Uyghur wedding. Number 3: Dancing is the cornerstone of any
Uyghur wedding. It’s part of what makes these events so much fun to attend! Number 4: A unique aspect of Uyghur dancing
is that it is perfectly acceptable for a man to dance with a man and a woman to dance with
a woman. In fact, it’s probably more common than dancing with the opposite sex. Number 5: Be prepared for loud music! If you
thought the music at your wedding was loud, you’re going to be blown away when you attend
a Uyghur wedding. If your body isn’t shaking and your ears not ringing by the time you’re
done, then you’re probably already deaf. That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this brief view
of a Uyghur wedding. If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up or comment below
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