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hello youtube i am home for Spring Break
for a week and I’ve been watching some YouTube videos while I’ve been home and
John Green and Carrie hope Fletcher both made two videos about books you may not
have read so I thought I would make one of my own because I have access to the
books I would like to talk about so the first book I’m going to tell you about
is the wedding planners daughter by Colleen Murtagh parrot or this was when
I one of my favorite books when I was 12 or 13 about this girl named Willa
Havisham who is 12 years old and she reads a lot of classics books and she’s
has a very classic idea of romance and her mom is a wedding planner and it’s
all about Willa trying to help her mom find love again because will his father
died before she was born and her mom’s just been very not into that even though
she’s a wedding planner and its really interesting book the next book I’m going
to tell you about is the statistical probability of love at first sight by
Jennifer East Smith I’ve actually already made a YouTube video about this
which is called opinions about love at first sight and I will link to that
below and it’s about these two teenagers who meet at an airport and just happen
to be sitting next to each other on a flight to London and yeah it’s all about
love and relationships and have they all grow and chain the next book I’m going
to tell you about is without you a memoir of love loss of a musical rent by
Anthony wrath I’ve actually met Anthony Rapp because he was Mark Cohen and the
original production of rent which is my favorite musical and two summers ago he
was directing a show in New York and I got the opportunity to usher for the
show he was directing and I met him and I said oh my god you’re my favorite
person in the world runs my favorite show and I brought this book with me and
he signed it and he said hey hi Tori thank you so much Anthony Rapp and it
was really cool but this book is all about him in the musical rent and he was
in the original original production of it at the new york theatre workshop in
working with jonathan larson and dealing with him dying also about his
relationship with his mother like throughout the whole process of doing
the show and being so far away from home and dealing with that and just how
theatre affected his life and i think it’s such a it’s such an important book
to read as a person who’s doing theatre as a career because it just shows how
much you have to sacrifice for it the next book I’m going to talk
to you about is on the road by jack kerouac I originally read this book for
a history project in a junior year of high school because I was writing about
the beat generation and Jack Kerouac is the name behind that and I didn’t really
want to read this book at first but then I read it while I was in a car on a 12
hour car ride trip and it was definitely a good decision to read it then because
I much I appreciated it much more than I actually would if I was just sitting in
my bed reading it and it’s basically Jack Kerouac’s life driving back and
forth across the country with different names of people and different characters
and it’s definitely a good read and the last book I’m going to tell you about I
don’t think it gets enough recognition because it’s my favorite john green book
is Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan which tells the
story of two guys named Will Grayson who happened to meet each other and I
Chicago store they have two completely different lives but somehow they all
intersect with each other and it’s really interesting and it’s so
well-written and I just love the fact that it’s such different lives for these
two kids who live in the same state and have the same name and just happen to
kind of be doing similar things with their high school experiences and it’s
just it’s a great book and I love it so much if you have any books that you
think people haven’t read or you really like and want to talk about leave those
in the comments below thank you so much for watching you can watch my latest
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the description dftba and I will see you guys next time ah

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