4th of July Decorations

this next project is a great way to
finance endured the state table at your holiday parties who are going to have to
stand up my brought delight barbecue tabletop they create and customize table
object financial from within and for the 4th of july decorations thought it
would be perfect frequent looked like fireworks to do this just need to get a piece of fabric the
size of the table you’re going to be using i’m going to use the median strand of
clear lights and a late the stars fanpop state but you can get your local
home improvement store but o’clock pencil which is watchable so
that we can market where we want to provides and appears that there is to make the
whole let’s get started feminists bright outfit cloth so that i can work from the front for
the first thing to do it’s a start marking out where the
fireworks canon com so i’m just a start it with an axe and
i’m a drama lines out where i want the strings to be attached unni underside payments take racing of light but then you have and startling each strand over align we
drew now this is i would not be possible with
another kind of light because these are separate strands all attached wine plaid
and able to create many different combinations intimate really quickly and really efficiently what to make sure that the plugs reports
the backs that i can an extension cord tip you think that these lights are really
state by like to use a polyester cloth so i’m going to take my clock state but
you can get it any home improvement store has is a really great adhesive on the
back of a you don’t need scissors with the kind of tape you just have to repeat
on the middle support the rhetoric that it’s super
easy it’s really strong i’m just going to start taking down each
straying along the line that i drove for the whole idea to make this look
like a fireworks i really want to be spread out like a fire workers excluding
in the sky once they’re all take down completely
we’re going to go and what some of the lights cook for you don’t elect all of
the lakes broke through you can if you want to its totally your
choice some delighted in a shine through the clock and then i want to just give
him a little extra sparkle by cutting little holes that isn’t
pinching the fabric making a little bit of priests and then
you can just see the light derailed and covered with the peace says party to keep it in place every other one is that you cannot just
to give it a lecture sparkle then we’re going to gather this at
finish it up in japan are barbecue table of the outlook they have is we have festive fourth of
july decorations tablecloth ready for my family for my family to enjoy dm


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