4 Vows

27 July, 2013 My favourite activities in a wedding I like to wear new colorful dresses. I enjoy snacks and ice-creams. I love to dance Nah… I love bhangra, and playing games with my friends, and click photographs. Harman… Harman my child, where are you? Mom, I am studying. My dear Harman, first have this juice, everything else can wait. Thank you mama. By the way, what are writing there? Nothing Mama. My English teacher gave us homework to write a paragraph… about what you like about weddings. Let me have a look what you have written. My princess Harman you forgot one thing… Tying a festive headdress? Got it! Henna tattooing. No Then mama, please tell me. In a wedding ceremony, the most important is thing is the ANAND KARAJ ANAND KARAJ?! What is that mom? It’s our fault, dear. We tell our elders to go to Gurdwara Sahib to attend the LAWAAN (Sacred Rounds) and we will come straight to the reception hall. That’s why so many sweet lovely kids haven’t seen the ANAND KARAJ. A real wedding is the ANAND KARAJ, in which four vows are read, which were from Fourth Guru
– Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji Yes, Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji gave us this noble ritual, in which the bride and groom circle around Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 4 times. Okay mama? But, but why four times? Every vow has a reason. Come with me, I’ll tell you. One second mama, let me get my notebook. Dear, the meaning of first vow is, that bride and groom should always remember GOD, so that when ever they get angry or dwell on evil thoughts, then they can feel the presence of GOD, and instead fighting with each other, they learn how to resolve matters and adjust. Adjust and don’t protest. Dear whenever talking to each other, don’t let ego get in the way. Don’t ever blame or bad mouth each others relatives. Always act with love. Never break wall of respect. And mom what is Guru ji telling us in the third vow? What’s that? This? This is an MP3 player. What’s in an MP3 player? Of course, music! And what’s in music? In music? In music there are instruments, rhythm… Exactly, dear. Like we have rhythm in music, we should also have rhythm in our life. Always care for others well-being. It means to have a life of caring and sharing. Both looking in one direction.


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