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– Hey guys. As we’re heading into
Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I wanted to give you three ideas for a festive table setting. Whether you’re a
traditionalist, a modernist, or if you love the natural
world and appreciate things that look like nature, I’ve
got a table setting for you. Let me show you how quick
and easy these ideas can come together. First up, let’s talk traditional. I know that the holiday
season can bring out the traditionalist in all of us, so I wanted to show you a
classic table setting first. For the plates, go for
something that looks old world and classic. You can find a lot of these
types of things at thrift stores and yard sales. I also find that they
even don’t have to match. As long as they’re in
the same color scheme, it can be a really charming look. If you have four that do
match and two that don’t, you might consider putting
the two different ones on the end. For flatware, I like to do
something classic and silver. You can find some good deals
on silver plated flatware, usually at flea markets or antique stores. For a more formal look,
I like to also include the dessert fork and spoon
up at the top as well. For napkins, I keep it classic white but I do look for some
nice old world detail like embroidery or even
eyelet is a great way to go. If you can find glasses that
have little etching to it, that’s also a really beautiful look for something traditional. In keeping with the traditional theme, I think place cards are a nice touch. I find it’s really welcoming when guests come to the table and they
know exactly where to sit and there isn’t that awkward feeling of not knowing where to sit. For candles, I like to
use a classic candlestick with some off white candles
and also a hurricane globe. I think those are really
great for a traditional table. For my centerpiece,
because I do serve soup as a first course, I
like to put the tureen right in the center and
make it the show piece. Instead of cut flowers,
I like to use fruit, and this time of year, I
think maybe because I grew up in New England, which has
a lot of colonial history, I do like to use fresh pineapples. I know that sounds like a strange thing, but they were a decoration
that was used a lot in Colonial America around Christmastime, and I like to nestle in little crab apples and oranges as well. It’s just an unexpected
centerpiece that’s super simple to put together and you can
eat all the fruit afterwards. Pineapples are also the
symbol of hospitality, so they are a good
conversation piece as well. For additional interest at the
table, I like to add things like silver salt cellars and
little wine coasters as well. These are things that just
kind of complete the table. It’s almost like the jewelry of the table. It’s good to have a few accessories. There you have it,
table setting number one for the traditionalist. If contemporary design is more your style, then I have a modern
design that you might like. For this look, we’re going
to use just plain white square plates. I think there’s something fun
about using a square plate instead of a round plate
because it’s a little more unexpected. For silverware, go for a
design that’s really simple but maybe has a great finish. I love this gold flatware that I found. It’s not real gold, it’s
just the finish that’s on it, but I like it because it’s really festive, especially for the holidays. For a more contemporary
design, you might consider a wine goblet that’s stemless. I love these tumblers that
I found because they pick up the gold in the flatware
and they also have a really beautiful soft gray dot to them. To pick up on that, I’m going
to use a soft gray napkin that I’m gonna place
right on top of the plate. Then you can see it starting
to bring this look together a bit. For water glasses, I’ll
also do a little tumbler in a smaller size in a different shape. For a centerpiece, you wanna
go with something simple yet dramatic. I like to use a tall cylindrical vase and just add one branch to it. Even though this branch is
fake, I do add water to the vase just to keep people guessing. I like the fake branches
because you can manipulate them almost like a sculpture
because they have wire in those branches. To tie the centerpiece
with the rest of the table, I do like to add little
evergreen sprigs on the napkins of each place just to soften it. Otherwise, it does start
to look a bit severe, and to make it a little
bit more holiday themed. To flank your centerpiece, you can use two small votive candles. I think it helps to have
them lower because it’ll make that centerpiece more dramatic. It also just creates more visual interest. You don’t want everything the same height. It’s good to have the variation. For a little whimsy and table decoration, I do like to add some
metallic Christmas trees just lined up and down the
table, and these are fun parting gifts for people. Your guests can take
them home and put them on their own tree as a
souvenir to your dinner. Finally, I also like to
include a contemporary style decanter that you can
fill with water or wine. What’s nice about it is it’s functional, but it also looks like a
piece of sculpture as well. There you have it,
table setting number two for the more contemporary entertainer. So now for all you nature lovers. This is a table setting
that I really love to do for Christmas morning breakfast. There’s something so
charming about bringing in Mother Nature and celebrating
all of her creatures, especially this time a
year when we’re focused so much on pine trees and the forest. We’re going to begin by using
some rustic wood chargers. I like the shape of these
because they look very whimsical, like they were hand-carved in some little mountainside studio. On top of the chargers,
we’re gonna go with these soft beige plates that almost look like they could be hand thrown pottery. This is a theme you’ll start to see emerge in this table setting, really
concentrating on things that are made out of wood
and pottery that looks like it could be hand thrown. It’ll just help complete
that woodsy cottagey look. Then we’re gonna bring
in a little holiday red in the form of our napkins. I like a nice clean stripe because I think it’s a really basic design that also pops. Then you can concentrate
on flatware that maybe has a little bit of that
wood detail as well. I think that also helps
tie the look together. For your mugs, again, go for
something that looks like naive pottery that somebody may have made. I like actually taking mugs
that are all mismatched because to me, they
look like one-of-a-kind, and it also helps your guests
remember what mug is theirs if they get up for the table
and as the day progresses and people start to open gifts, they can keep track of
what coffee cup is theirs. For juice glasses, I
love these little pieces that I found at the dollar
fifty store, believe it or not. When it comes to glassware,
I have the best luck at the dollar fifty store. You can really find some
charming things in there and it won’t cost you a lot of money. For a dramatic centerpiece,
I really love these little tabletop trees that I
put in white wash tubs. I think they’re so charming and beautiful, and their branches are
made out of wire so you can have fun kind of adjusting
them and making them look as lifelike as possible. Try to find the ones that
come with the pinecones on it ’cause I think that’s even more charging. Then I like to add two
pitchers made out of pottery, one for juice and one for steamed milk, or you can put syrup in it as well. What I think really
ties this look together is to bring in some woodland
creatures to join you at the table. I found these really
adorable Christmas ornaments in the shape of different forest animals. The fox is my favorite. I just love his expression,
and I find if you have kids in your family, they
love to see the animals. I like to clip on a bird to
one of the Christmas trees. The finishing touch is
just to add some pinecones that have been topped with
some bright red ribbon to each place setting, and I think that brings the whole thing together. There you have it, table
setting number three for all of my nature lovers out there. I hope you guys enjoyed
these table settings and have found one that fits
your unique personality. Be sure to leave me a comment. I wanna know, which one are you, the traditionalist, the
modernist, or the nature lover? Alright you guys, I hope you have enjoyed my Holiday Helper series this year, and special thanks to
the whole team at Bissel for sponsoring this series
and collaborating with me on these videos. It has been great fun, and
if I don’t see you guys before then, I wish you all
a very happy holiday season, and I hope to see you
in the new year ahead. Until then, bye. (Christmas music)


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