3 Easy Valentines Day Decorations!

Welcome to PIns and Things! Today, I’m going to be showing you how to make these easy Valentine’s day decorations So for this heart craft the first thing you’re going to want to do is take your paper whatever color you want start folding it, and I’m just kind of Folding it and then rolling it Folding it and then rolling it all the way up until the end of the paper take my scissors and chop off this extra piece right there And now what I’m going to do is kind of just pinch it to open it up so I can get to the very middle And stick my scissors in the end, and I’m going to cut each end So this will take five the strips and these are probably about five eighths of an inch. Why? What I’m going to do is I’m going to fold four of them in half I’m going to leave one the full length that it is and I’m going to chop off a square on The end here then on this one. I’m going to chop off What would be two squares, so I’m just going to fold it to make it look like a square really quick Then I’m going to fold it down again, and that’s where we know I need to cut it And then the next one I’m going to do the exact same thing, but with three squares off the end now I’m going to take my long plain strip of paper and take my shortest one and put it right on to the end right here Just like that and then take the next biggest and exact same thing and so on with all the rest of your paper should look like that and Now I’m going to take my Stapler And staple the end together so now I’m going to take the smallest piece and put a little dab of glue on the outside of it and I’m going to take the next biggest one and glue it to that under your exact same thing again and again I’m going to do that to both sides of the paper. So it looks a little bit something like that Not very pretty and now I’m just going to take it and flip it So that it’s in the heart shape, so I’m putting some glue on there And then I am gluing it down to the middle section of paper And we’re going to do the exact same thing to the other side and make sure to glue it, right Where it matches up with the other Side too. It’s even on top and there you go. I love it So let’s make a billion more and how you make this one is So first you make a big heart And I have if you’ve never made a heart before like this on the crease and cutting it on the crease I’m just making a big heart Cute. And now that I’ve folded another paper in half I’m going to trace this heart on to it and this is a different color So we’re going to have a little bit more variety the trick with this if you want to keep it the same length over here and Just cut out a little bit each time if you do it in this one, we’re going to go And it won’t look like a very pretty heart But it will look beautiful when you put it all together So now that we’ve cut out that heart we’re going to do the exact same thing We did before but if you want instead of having to do it by just guessing you can kind of draw it out like that So we’re repeating this again with a different colored paper And we’re going to do this until we have five cutouts once we have them all cut out I’m just going to take the very first one and kind of bend it in half so I can get the crease really good But hot glue down the entire center, and now I’m going to bend this one And line it up in the middle And that’s the first one. We’re going to repeat the exact same step with all of the rest And it’s done. It’s that easy. It’s so cute and easy, and it gives it a little bit more volume and that’s what I love about it And then here’s these adorable paper hearts so the first thing you’re going to want to do in this one is also Fold it all the way up to the edge of your paper. I’m just punching it up and again and cutting through to make strips So I’m going to take each strip and fold it in half and I have a hole punch that I’m going to unfold it and punch right into the middle of the line the crease just like that, and I’m just going to take a pen or anything around that you can find and Curl the ends like so and now I’m just going to take my string and put it up through the bottom hole On the one of these I’m just going to kind of see where they meet together and put some glue And I’m going to put my string first right in the middle and Touch these two sides together pinch it a little bit and there you go and you can make a whole string full of these cute hearts And then another really [easy] and beautiful one to do is just by putting out some little paper hearts and then gluing To some string you can make a little pinging down thingy and they’re really cute and really easy So I hope you liked this video Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already You can also follow me on Facebook and on Twitter The Links are in the description below you can also follow us on our other channel called The Beach house And that’s where we do daily vlogs for this entire year. There’s a lot more valentine’s videos coming your way so stay tuned I’ll see you guys next time number one number two and number three and number four If you want to destroy my sweater Pull this string as I walk away AS I WALK AWAYYYY Have no idea why that’s stuck in my head

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