2019 Wedding & Event Highlights

All the people is the reason I love
working for Backthird . It’s a fun job – but it’s the people. With the people that Backthird hires – It’s about the people, first. We see how we work with music,
we see how we work with each other And it just works. I love it. Working with this company,
with the team that we have, I’m always grateful to show up to an event
because I know no matter what – with a ceremony, with anything that’s going on – I know I have people that know how
to operate, to pull through I feel like I’ve had some really grateful couples I had one group that was hyping me up
like, “yeah DJ, go DJ!” It was pretty cool I’ve had a lot of young couples
that are just so thankful They’re just like, “you did so awesome” The fact that we get good couples
is really because of the awesome sales team They find the right people. Like, “you love live music”
or “you love this kind of DJ” This is going to be a good fit for you. It’s so much fun to see the DJs here
because I look at your profile pages and I send – it’s almost like match.com I’m talking to clients on the phone,
and I’m matching them with a DJ like, “Oh, Kantrice is perfect for you” Whether you have been with us
for all of those 15 seasons Or whether you’ve been with us
for a part of one season you’re in our crew you’re part of our family now so whenever we’re at events, we’re depending on each other so I feel like we develop these close relationships The best gig I had this year
was probably a homecoming dance! They actually wanted to end
how I typically end a lot of my weddings They’re like, “could we do Sweet Caroline?” Super unexpected that they knew all the words. It was almost like ending a wedding –
with a bunch of shorter people It was kind of cool to be on your side of the table
and see everything from the DJ perspective and kind of learn all the things
that you guys are managing at one time especially when it comes
to those intros and transitions making that all go smoothly
is not as easy as people think One of the most memorable gigs for this year
was my friend Janet’s wedding She is really wacky I played Britney Spears’ “Toxic” for her ceremony! But it’s such a cool song! And Scott was her DJ,
and I was a guest So I got to see Scott MC First of all I heard from my friend Janet
how awesome he was It just made me very proud to work for this company where everybody does their best and I can feel very confident in sales,
selling and knowing that I’m being truthful because everybody is top-notch. There’s a spirit of togetherness I think you all insulate each other
against some of that cynicism, that sense of, “it’s just me alone against the world” You guys don’t have that,
and I’m grateful for that and I’m impressed by it, too It seems like no matter what the situation We get a chance to participate in one of the most important times in someone’s life which is what makes it so fun It doesn’t even feel like a job You’re just kind of enjoying the moment with them and we’re in the background just kind of
cranking it out, making things work so that by the end of the day
they have a great memory.

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