2018 Event Trends That Will Shape the Events Industry

(whooshing) (chiming) (funky jazz music) – Hi, I’m Katie with Endless Events and this past year has been incredibly innovative
in the events industry. Now, technology has been leading the way and it will continue to do that, but we’re also going to
be seeing a lot of trends that are going to the basics. So things like security. We’ll be seeing a lot more cooperation and coordination with
law enforcement officers. But technology will also play a role with things like in app crowd trackers and people counters. Cyber security is also
incredibly important, so purging event’s data after it ends to protect people’s personal information. Now, we all love going to an event where our senses are engaged. So we’ve seen a lot of this with audio and video, but what about our sense of touch? Or taste? Or smell? We are loving this creative concept and we are so excited to
see more hands on displays and the additional things like
scent generating machines. Virtual reality is an
incredibly powerful trend and even allow for virtual speakers to be present onstage
through 3D visualization. Now, let’s consider adding some
local flavor to your event. And that doesn’t have to mean food. We’re seeing more and
more off venue activities like guided tours and dinners, which gives attendees
an opportunity to share their experience with non event goers and give off that wish you were here vibe. And speaking of location, venues are getting more and more creative. We’re seeing things
like museums and castles and even industrial settings. So think about what you
want the personality and value of your event to be because your venue gives
off the first impression of your event. We’re all loving the positive impact of the sustainability trend, and why not keep that going? Consider going paperless, and instead of having
fliers and brochures, do emails and apps. You can also consider
doing a charitable activity at your event to support
the local community. And we’re seeing a lot of customization and personalization through amenities like lounges and interactive features like Tweet walls and LED displays. So all of this is great, but what about some downtime
for your event goers? Think about doing some WIFI free zones or time for them to just relax and reflect on what they’re learning. Now, none of this matters
without the why of your event. Don’t just do something
because it’s trendy. Do it because it’s going to be memorable and serve a purpose to your event’s value. You want your attendees to remember why they’re there and why
their time is valuable. I really hope that this helps you in planning your next event, and you can go to our website to find our free event planning checklist which is going to save you tons of time and money and headaches. So head there today and download it now. (funky jazz music)

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