2 sisters 1 wedding: When Haiti, Curacao & The Netherlands meet, you get a wedding in 3 languages.

Do you understand? Remember them very well! Now the time has arrived, I would like to ask you two to stand up. Let’s give them a round of applause because they are married! With a love forever, so I can keep on loving you, take care of you my whole life. Remy, you are my best friend and… …. I believe that you are the one….. Oh Lord, pour from your holy spirit, pour from your power oh Lord. Lord, carry this marriage Go ahead! Go ahead! Take pictures! Take pictures! Amen, amen, amen! Okay this is the couple Pouw Come a little bit forward…, here yes..
Couple Pouw Amen, let’s give them an applause Beautiful couple! And here we have couple Cordilia Yes! Cordilia, beautiful couple! It is so beautiful! Good evening everyone
(crowd shouting: Good evening!) As a parent I am very happy…. Because I am the mother of both of the brides And I can tell you that I am very very happy for my daughters And I especially want to point out my “son” Remy That I know since he was 11 years old who never wanted to abandon this mother I believe he spent more time at my house..
(Remy’s mother laughing left) …than at his own mother’s house But what happened tonight It didn’t come from Remy, nor from me But it came from God


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