15. Da li je brak (bez)uslovan? / Is marriage (un)conditional? – Lea Šćekić

Hello, wonderful people! As the partnership is truly an inexhaustible topic, this is subject of this video, too What makes a healthy partnership and is it unconditional or conditional love? In my definition of partnership, it is, only in a sense, unconditional. It is unconditional in terms of support, understanding, but not unconditional in the literal sense of the word. As I see it, in a healthy partner’s love, conditions are inevitably set, because we’re not only souls, but also an egos. We live together, we have children. It can’t be unconditional. If we make an arrangement about kids, it’s important for my partner to come at a certain time, just as it’s important my arrival that has been awaited by him, at a certain time. So, it is no longer unconditional behavior, and therefore- it is not unconditional love. Personally, I would not be able to say (I might think of person with human empathy, regardless of his/ her behavior), but if a person behaves in a disrespectful way considering our arrangements, time. If he doesn’t express his affection for me while I am nurturing his needs, he wouldn’t be my partner any more – he wouldn’t be the man I would share my life with. And believe me, all the people who stay in unhealthy relationships where they are not treated with respect, their opinion is out of consideration, they remain neglected, in every sense, they are people who don’t respect themselves, do not like themselves and they are self-denying. Our partners are always a reflection of our subconsciousness, our strong subconscious patterns, and all that you see in your partner, what the partner is offering to you and how he is treating you, is a perfect reflection of a “program” hidden deep down inside you. Thank him. And if you have a partner who is bad to you, thank him anyway. Because of him and the fact that you’ve got him in life, you understood what your weaknesses are and straighten them out, urgently. So, you don’t have to change that person, but to see what’s happening to you and to find it within yourself. If your subconscious ruler is fear, you will attract partners which actions are scary to you. If you haven’t repaired some troubled relationship with your parents (where you faced a frustration), you will get the same through a partnership, and you may end this partnership, but face it in the following, again. Everything that is unsolved in your heart, will continue to repeat. As the partners are those with whom you spend most of your time, besides your children and colleagues at work, the greatest probability is that all forms of your unsolved “patterns” will be mirrored by your partner. So use it and look within yourself. If you have the right partner, he will respond positively, and you will also shape his behavior and develop yours relation. If it’s not the case – if your partner does not respond positively, thank him, he is not meant to stay in your life, but he was a good lesson. And before entering the next partnership, learn from the lesson that you received from your previous partner, find out which subconscious “program” is working behind the scenes and change it by changing your deep beliefs, At least, you will neutralize that vibration that burdened you and then you will be able to invite your new partner into your life, with whom you will not have these patterns, but you will have a solid base to build a better life, with better vibration point of attraction, and consequently-you will have better results – relationship that is lasting and enjoyable. That is very important thing. So, regardless of the fact that true partnership, in my opinion, is not unconditional, but has its own specific conditions- conditions that has to be met showing respect to my personality. Also, my partner has his own conditions that should be met by me in order to show him respect, and that his needs are nurtured. That is healthy and fair enough. What is important, regardless of this condition, is to give freedom in the fields where freedom is necessary. The freedom to choose the occupation, the freedom to socialise adequately, the freedom to go out with friends, not always having you as a part of his company, the freedom to go somewhere to be alone with his thoughts-just to meditate, enjoying life. That’s the kind of freedom that shouldn’t be limited. Why? Because in a healthy partnership, both partners deserve this freedom and the other motive could be interpreted as purely egoistic-but healthy enough-because of YOU. Why? Simply, if you have a bird in a cage, that bird will behave in accordance with your rules, but you will never find out what it really is-how it behaves in its natural environment, its liberated inner self -how high it flies. So allow your partner to be what he really is, because you do not want him to be with you just because he is afraid of your rules being imposed on him. You want to see who he really is and if then, he stay with you, it’s showed its worth. The same is true in the opposite direction. Many people will say: “I’m afraid to let her/him be what it is, because I know that she/he will leave me.” But, why don’t let it go? It’s even better to go right away. Isn’t it better to find out the truth about someone’s inner nature asap, so you could also have your new life, or to spend a lifetime in an illusion, trying to tie her/him up in your rules just to be yours, and he/she is not really yours. So, give freedom, let somebody be the person who really is, and when such a person (just the way he/she is) stays with you (just the way you are), that is a true love and long-lasting partnership. Dear all, enjoy your love, partnership, giving freedom to each other. Until next video, kisses and greetings from me.

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