15 разворотов ЕЖЕДНЕВНИКА на январь 2019 / Интересные идеи для оформления планера

By the way! Whooa, New Year! Hello! In this video, as you can tell by the title, we will fill the planner (diary) for January, and this is the second video, the first one I have on my channel. If you haven’t seen it yet, then
surely watch – there is a lot of cool turns. We made goals there,
plans for 2019 year, reversals about travelling, reversals
about gifts, so be sure to watch the first video later after watching this video. Well, in this video, I will show turns on
January 2019. I did there a lot of cool stuff too (a moment of self-promotion),
I made a calendar, made a wheel of balance and finally made weekly turns (someone asked me about it after the previous video) so… here it is! everything
is ready! By the way, this video we shoot together with Varya, and the link to her channel
will be under this video in the description, so be sure to watch her
video, she also shoots about the diary, and in general, we came up with such an interesting
idea – she gave me an assignment, which I will perform in this video (I will say
when will it be), and I gave her a task, and she will perform it in her video, so
what after watching this video be sure to go to her channel and
watch what tasks I gave her and how she coped with them! 🙂 Let’s prepare everything we need first. My new
stickers from Aliexpress have not arrived yet, thats why I make them myself – I’m typing pictures on a printer,
I attach from the back side to double sided tape… Now the
stickers are ready! And let’s play this game with the advent of something on the
video too – I will glue somewhere a sticker with nutela,
and who will be the first to see and write the time of its appearing in the comments – will appear in my
next video! What I show you right now – does not count)) And now
…start! By the way, these stickers and others I put for you on google
drive, so open the description to this video, click on the link and download
everythibg, there are many useful things! Now there are stickers,
printouts for January and February (about this I will say a little bit later) and my favorite fonts. In the first video about the diary, I already showed the turn with the calendar for 2019 and
the turn with goals and plans. Next I decided to do the piggy bank. On the right I draw a jar divided into 12 parts. Every month I will save money
and paint one part of the jar. As a result, by the end I will save and fill over the whole year. On the left
page I count how much I need set aside every month to reach
my goal. I made a reversal with a list of purchases. Behind
past months I have noticed that sometimes I want to write down the big things that
I need to buy, for example, boots, desk lamp, and it will all be now
on a separate spread with price and a window for a tick. Also at the beginning of the
year I want to fill the balance wheel. I write different spheres of life,
rate them from one to ten (how prevalent doI have them) and then
paint over the appropriate amount of layers. For example, with my work now everything is
not very good, but I’m searching for a new job, so I will paint at least one stripe. But with
the rest everything is fine, so I will fill it to the top (10 stripes). And after that you will
see in which areas of life you have problems. But you need to take into account that
the wheel should not be perfect and symmetric, or filled everywhere
by 10, because we are all different – I adore to be creative, so I need to have this sphere at least to 6, but someone don’t want to be creative at all,, so that each have its own goals! it is better to first determine what are you waiting for of your life in the present, and then – how would you like the wheel to be
painted in the future, and so you will work for your goals. On the next sheet I have
a graph, horizontal vector is time, well, and vertical – you should decide for yourself,
depends on what do you want to track. Then I will put points and
connect them. In general, it will turn out as on the picture.
I filled the last turn in English language – in this language I really
like the fact that all the phrases can fit very compact, for example, in Russian you
say: “do this makeup so that you will look like a unicorn “,
and in English: “do unicorn makeup”. Yes, I have this turn with the things that
you can do when you feel sad. By the way, every turn I draw first
with a pencil, and then I draw with coloured pens. I do a lot with the help of the line – so I will not ruine anything and I will draw everything neatly. Well, finally, turns about January. On the right side –
the name of the month, on the left, as always, are the most important things and expenses, and small
calendar. Sheets with calendars on January and February, as well as “case” windows and
“expenses” are on google disk (link below – well, I already talked about this). After that there is a calendar – here I painted everything like its Christmas tree branches. After the calendar there is a tracker. I no longer have my sleep tracker, because i realized, that it does not help me, and now I have
just a regular tracker, and the key is written.. under the key 🙂 there is
TV series tracker – this is really important thing because I often forget which
series of what movies I already watched and now I remember everything. And tadadadaaam …
turns for a week! First one have a “New Year’s” style,
here I have not only windows for days, but also small calendar on which I paint the week,
which is now coming, and a window with important events this week and for the next week, and
now I decided to draw every day 8 cells to paint them when I’m
drink 8 glasses of water. In the beginning of the week I will draw the weather for each
day to know in advance what should I wear. I’ll show you on the example of one
of the day. But shhh, don’t tell anyone that I ruined the diary! Second week of january
is in the style of leaves for notes, and I forgot to paint the details, so I’m doing this right now. I have windows for plans for the day, and for particularly important reminders.
By the way, I use my favorite pencils. and pens that I bought on Aliexpress and I shot a separate video about
it, so don’t forget to watch! The third week was decorated with stickers
which were printed out at the very beginning. The fourth week is homey,
with pizza … Damn, I immediately want to eat! And on the fifth week of January there are only 4 days,
so I decided to arrange them like this. But you shoul know that it is not very convenient.
and then there are the results of the month. I write everything that is important to me, I put it a
score on a ten-point scale (if I have it good or bad), and then
I give an overall assessment of the success of the month. Well, now there is a task from Varya. 1st one is a turn of
the channel by her example, and the second is a turn, which will be sealed
The most vivid memories of 2018. For the spread of the channel I
used these brushes from aliexpress. In the special compartment you can
pour some water and paint with no dipping the brush each time in the water. Highly
handy thing, but you need to adapt. I used it here for the first time. I
decided to make a page like the colours on my channel – it has blue, pink and purple, so I tried to do something similar at my page of a diary. I write here “youtube” with big
letters and, by the way, I planned everything first with a pencil, and then painted all that with a black marker. On this reversal I have windows for
video filming, editing and publishing. I will write here the terms to which I plan to
do all of this. And to the turn with the most bright events of 2018… I don’t know,
why, but I designed it one-on-one Like Varya will do, because for
the basis I took her idea with polaroids and then I remembered that I asked her
to do the same in her diary… Yeah, I hope I didn’t spoiled anything… I found the photos of the whole year, reduced
them on the computer, printed and behind stuck with double sided tape – in general
I did the same thing that I did with the stickers, and now I’m posting them
on a turn. 2018 was really an interesting year… At the very beginning of it me & Igor visited the city where my parents live. We did a lot of snowboarding.
And more snowboarding. I bought sneakers of my dream –
pink Nike shoes! Igor gave me the coolest birthday present ever – a bicycle! by the way, pink too. I started doing myself a
manicure with gel polish, began to train in the gym again, I found Job in the center of St. Petersburg City and every day I admired the city. With Igor
we went to Moscow we walked a lot and discovered new places. And
even more new places. Also for the first time I visited the bachelorette party
and a wedding of a friend. I won for the first time in giveaway – a bunch of flowers. And for the second time –
a haircut. I enjoyed the sun in the countryside. I was at a
tulip festival. I spend a lot of time with my friends and relatives. I saw the most
bright and beautiful autumn! And by the way, I forgot to write, that I got red
diploma at the university! But, apparently, this event is somehow didn’t
touch my life a lot ;D Well that’s all! I hope these videos
inspire you to lead your own planner because usually
you buy a diary, you think: “it’s so cool, I will write here everything!” Then
you write something in it, then you forget about it for a few months, then
you think: “Damn, I don’t care, anyway I finished it, I need to buy a new one! “, then you
buy a new one, and the same happens again! the biggest problem is that you doesn’t
love it enough! You need to love your planner so much? you need to color it, to do everything good there,
so that you adore him, so that you want to carry it every day, so that you
want to open it every time and look how great you are! therefore
be sure to do this, be sure to paint everything,
put your soul right in it, then you willnot throw it, and.. That’s all! Bye! 😀
Go to Varya’s channel and watch her video! Now! 😉 By the way, if you decide to do
some kind of reversal on my idea diary turns then
sendme photos of your turns to my direct (in Instagram) and In my next video about the diary I will publish your photos with your
name and show everyone what beauty did you do! Hmm, now I have a face … like I’m a humster!


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