10 Wedding Slideshow Templates For After Effects

A wedding is such a magical time for all involved. Capturing and sharing
perfect, precious memories is always high on any
wedding plan priority list. Whether you’re a hired professional, a creative friend of the bride and groom, or the now happily married couple, using Envato Elements templates makes putting together a wedding slideshow an effortless task with
a beautiful outcome. Here are our top 10
favorite wedding slideshow templates for After Effects from 2019. All items featured today are available with a subscription to Envato Elements. Find a link in the description below. Number 10: Romantic
Slideshow by VersaStock. Minimalistic, light,
bright, and beautiful. This simple template really
allows your special moments to shine with room for just
a small amount of text. You’ll see your photos
become the centerpiece of an amazing slideshow. A subtle, yet gorgeous glare effect provides a wonderful
touch during transitions. This template is also perfect
for showcasing an engagement or newborn photo shoot. Number nine: Romantic
Slideshow by Media_Stock. Our number nine wedding
slideshow template features falling rose petals,
a lovely glare effect, and animated transitions
that flow beautifully from one slide to the next. This template allows for customizable text in a font of your choice
to outline details of the pictures being shown. The artist of this template
has offered their support to the template’s users,
which is a helpful touch. Number eight: Wedding Slideshow FCPX or Apple Motion by Motion4. The slide transitions in
our number eight video today are absolutely stunning. This template is the
perfect way to share moments from any relationship and
would be a beautiful addition to a wedding ceremony or reception. Not just suitable for
weddings, it could be utilized to create an amazing
product showcase video for a bridal store or florist. Number seven: Wedding
Slideshow by Cream-Motion. A beautiful pairing of blossoms
and pastel decorative pieces fluttering in the breeze
makes our number seven slideshow template one to remember. Also available in nighttime
and clear sunny day versions, you can choose the exact setting you need to make your images shine. Number six: Wedding
Slideshow by MotionMediaGroup Polaroids laid out on
a timeless background of warm parchment is t&he
direction that Envato Elements contributor, MotionMediaGroup,
has taken this template. The parchment style backing
is perfect for making beautiful bright photos seem even brighter in the most natural way. Number five: Wedding Parallax
Slideshow by George_Fx Uplifting and upbeat,
this template includes pronounced transitions
from slide to slide, but still manages to preserve
a certain air of subtlety. Text animations that are
reminiscent of scrapbooking stamps add a wonderful touch
as they flow beautifully across the screen. An elegant filter adds
magical touch throughout. Number four: Lantern Night
Wedding Photo Gallery, by Cream-Motion. Our number six template
featuring lanterns and blossoms hinted that a nighttime
version was also available. Well, here it is. With a very similar animation,
this nighttime version has a darker, slightly more
intimate presentation style. Hanging light bulbs and a
starry night sky peeking through softly lit lanterns
seem to provide a beautiful glow to the suspended images as they float by. This template is a beautiful
take on a photo gallery set in a natural environment. Number three: Love Story
Slideshow by Proskurovskiy Magnificent floral and
decorate arrangements set atop neutral wooden
backgrounds set the scene for this beautifully
crafted Envato Elements wedding slideshow template, the perfect slideshow for any celebration. Your viewers will be surprised
by how simple yet stunning this slideshow actually is. Your pictures will look
beautiful as they elegantly animate across the rectangular frame, made to look as though they
are gradually developing in front of your eyes. Number two: Wedding Gold
Slideshow by piktufa. So, here we are: Our second from the
top slideshow template. A rustic charm surrounds
this entire template, as gold text and wooden
panelings intermingle, complimenting each other
in a brilliant way. Your photos will shine as they slowly make their way into view
and across the screen, dazzling your audience,
whoever that may be. The most notable attribute
of this slideshow is how much the color
scheme allows the pure white of a wedding dress to
absolutely take the spotlight. Number one: Wedding
Slideshow by Nullifier. If you’ve been searching
for a way to tell your story and showcase your love, search no more. Your tale will easily be told
when you use our number one wedding slideshow template of 2019. With the perfect text-to-image ratio for engaging storytelling, your viewers will be captivated
as they see your love blossoming on the screen. Pastel tones and a natural
theme will help bring your amazing photos to
life within this template. A beautiful wedding deserves
a beautiful slideshow. Would you consider using
any of the templates featured in this video for your wedding or another occasion? Let us know in the comments. You’ll find a link to every
wedding slideshow template for After Effects mentioned in this video in the description below. Make sure you subscribe
to the Envato channel for more content put together specifically for creative people like you. Make our day special by
using Envato Elements to make your day special. It’s a win-win.

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